9 Top Tips to Renovate Your Home on the Cheap

Renovations are not always easy to do cheaply, with many families finding that they are soon out-priced, and some even find that they run out of money before they can complete the project. For ways to renovate your home on a tight budget, read on.

  1. Find Coupons

If your renovations involve investing in new furniture and appliances, you should look around for the best deals on these features. For instance, Valpak offers competitive Home Depot coupons that can allow you to get the new furniture that you are dreaming about for much less than the RRP.

  1. Restore Old Features

Instead of replacing the prominent features of your home with modern alternatives, why not restore its old features yourself? For instance, you might be able to excavate an old fireplace rather than invest in a gas or electric upgrade or varnish up your old wooden floors.

  1. Spruce Up the Paintwork

Rather than carrying out huge renovations, you should consider sprucing up your paintwork. This can help to cover any wear and tear that your home has sustained and make your home look as good as new, without the disturbance and cost of larger renovations, such as bathroom and kitchen remodels.

  1. Choose Your Materials Wisely

It can be easy to fall in love with luxurious materials such as marbles and limestones. However, you need to choose the materials for your home wisely, as options such as wood can be much cheaper- and much more durable. You should also look for alternatives to popular materials, with laminates giving your home a similar feel to high-quality wood and yet being extensively cheaper.

  1. Transform a Room

Many people equate renovations to building an extension or a conservatory. However, these are extremely expensive and can cause disruption for months. Then, you should consider transforming the rooms that you have for a different purpose. For instance, you could transform your attic space into an additional bedroom or home office.

  1. Spread the Work Out

If you are worried about covering the cost of your renovations at once, you should consider spreading the work out over a period of months or years. This will allow you to save for each task while also ensuring that you have enough money to sustain your everyday lifestyle.

  1. Change Your Soft Furnishings

Switching up your soft furnishings is one of the most simple ways that you can cheaply rejuvenate your home as different patterns can be rotated every so often and can give a completely different feel to the room that they are in.

  1. Add Tiny Luxuries

If you are worried that investing in only the basic solutions will affect your home’s appearance, you should consider adding in tiny luxuries that will trick the eye and make your home look expensive. For instance, you might consider buying fancy doorknobs and handles for standard dressers and cupboards.

  1. Get More Than One Quote

Although you might find it easier to settle for the first quote that is given to you, you should look around for more than one professional quote if you are having work done by an external company. This will allow you to find an option that is within your budget and will minimize the risk of being ripped off.

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