How to Stay Organised During House Renovations

Having your house renovated can be a great way to gain extra space, make your space more functional, or completely change the internal features of your home. The downside is it can be very unsettling. Builders, workmen, and equipment disrupting your daily routine can be stressful. So how can you stay sane during renovations?


Preparing for the inevitable chaos is key to not letting renovation works overwhelm you. If you are having major internal work done, you may need to relocate your furniture items to protect them and to provide easy access for workmen. There are many ways you can use self storage, and this is one of them. Storing your belongings in a safe, secure storage unit reduces the feeling of being overcrowded in your home for the duration of the works and will prevent them from getting covered with building debris.

You may need to rearrange certain rooms. Some functional rooms such as the kitchen will still need cooking facilities so you must organise it so it isn’t cluttered and the essentials are in place.  You could spend some time preparing meals and freezing them before the commencement of work, so you limit the time needed in the kitchen when workmen are in.

Organize one room

Even though the house renovation is temporary, keeping one room that is clean and tidy will create somewhere you can escape to if things get too much. Living in chaos can be overwhelming even for a short time, so it’s important you mitigate this by having at least one safe space for yourself and the family.

If you can create separate entrances to the house, you and the workers can stay out of each other’s way. Builders need easy access to get their job done properly and within a time limit.

Get out of the house

If you’re having renovations and work from home, it will be crucial that you get out of the house to escape at least once a day. Fresh air and some exercise can help clear your head and help you regain some calm. If you have kids and pets, make sure they get some much-needed time away from the home where they can play and have some freedom from the temporary restrictions.

Relocation is possible

If you’re having extensive work done on your home and it’s possible to relocate yourself, as well as your furniture, it’s advisable to do so. Your house is going to get very dusty and noisy. Space will be limited and normal things will be more difficult. Sleep may get disrupted if you stay in the home, and without adequate sleep, it will be harder to deal with the madness.  If you can afford to rent somewhere for the duration of the renovation, you will find the experience more tolerable, and your family will be comfortable,  calm, and your home life not compromised.

You can take comfort in the fact that house renovations won’t last forever, so whether you stay or go, ‘this too shall pass,’ and your home will be beautiful once again.

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