8 Ways to Rock a Chambray or a Denim Shirt

A chambray or a denim shirt has always been on the heels of the classic white top as a fashion staple. Whether chambray or denim — it is just as versatile and it looks good on literally everybody.
Despite its generally rugged association, styling tricks have made this ultra-comfortable top transcend fashion genres.
If you own this kind of top, you already have a solid foundation for your capsule wardrobe. It offers an abundance of possibilities whether you are heading to a formal shindig or place of worship or a company picnic. This top is timeless as well – you can wear it through the changing seasons.

Need ideas on how to get the most functional and fashionable mileage out of this piece? Here are 8 of the best ways:

1. Look “royal” by pairing it with a tulle skirt

This creates an Instagram-worthy look a lot of women love. It’s the perfect combination of something perceived masculine and something quite girly or princess-y.
If you are leaning more toward the “tomboy” vibe despite the frilly tulle skirt, complete the ensemble with canvas sneakers or cowgirl boots. But if you want to jack up the feminine feel of the garb, wear high-heels and accessorize with statement baubles.
When pairing a fitted or tri-stretch denim shirt with a tulle skirt, there are three ways to achieve a flattering fit.
• Tuck the shirt cleanly into the skirt.
• Unbutton the bottom of the shirt, and then tie the two sides together into a knot.
• Unbutton your denim or chambray shirt and wrap the two sides around your body, tucking into the opposite sides of your skirt. Voila, a classy button-down wrap shirt.

2. Be ready for the outdoors – pair it with khaki

Khaki pants, khaki shorts – it doesn’t really matter. A chambray or denim shirt always looks awesome with khaki for a casual or semi-formal event, and it creates a look that both men and women can effortlessly pull off.
Want to make this classic pairing unforgettable? Channel Taylor Swift who went with this ensemble but amped things up by also wearing knee-high burgundy socks, brown booties, and a darling pork pie hat on her pretty head.

3. Create a business-appropriate attire by matching it with black

A black leather pencil skirt, cigarette pants, or a pair of skinny jeans effortlessly make the rugged denim top look work-appropriate, especially if you wear loafers, Oxfords or pumps.

4. Achieve shabby chic – pair denim with lace

This daytime look is adorable and comfortable. Your chambray shirt paired with a romantic pencil lace skirt, or an above-the-knee lacy one-piece inside your unbuttoned shirt is an ensemble you can wear to church, a date with friends, or to go shopping at the mall.
You can complete this look with a pair of flip-flops or sandals.

5. Denim on denim – top the shirt with a denim jacket

This editor look has a lot of following especially among the young and hip. It is quite reminiscent of the ‘90s, which is on trend.
Many particularly love an extra large denim jacket with embellishments such as big patches, embroidery, strips of lace or fabric with tribal prints, studs, and even buttons.
This “denim-heavy” style is perfect to pair with shorts and Timberlands, or black leggings and Wellies.

6. Wear it as a dress

Oversized boyfriend chambray or denim shirts make great mini dresses. You can “edge yours up” by topping it with a cropped leather jacket. Or, achieve a feminine feel by belting it and wearing a huge felt floppy hat.

7. Put a navy blazer on top for a look that’s called “Hampton Chic.”

If you love the look like you spend your weekends sailing with your family and friends, wear your denim shirt and class it up with a navy tailored blazer. Khaki shorts or white pants are two of the perfect bottoms for this nautical style. And, if you want to add another dimension to the look, wear a silk scarf around your neck.
The Hampton Chic style is something to go with for a brunch among adults and other outdoor meetings.

8. Tie the shirt around your waist

It just makes for an attractive casual look perfect for school or a day spent hanging out with friends.
A denim or chambray shirt tied over a basic outfit like a floral dress, or a white tee and jeans, automatically provides that touch of grunge coolness. But there’s a side advantage to this style trick – the shirt can serve as an instant cardigan or jacket for when it gets cold.
Indeed, a chambray or denim shirt is a clothing piece you can rely on. With multiple ways of styling it, you will find that dressing up for any occasion will be less challenging.
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