6 Ways You Can Start Growing Your Twitter Following Today

Everyone wants to have a massive Twitter following. Fortunately, it is not a very hard nut to crack. You just need to know some secrets. Here we are going to disclose six very important strategies that can help you improve your followers on Twitter.
1. Give Your Followers Something of Value
Accept this fact. People simply don’t read and share any stuff which is boring, poorly-written or having no value. So before sending a tweet, make sure that you provide people with something really good that they cannot help but share it.
What makes your stuff good? If it carries information that is interesting, exciting and helpful, people themselves will stop for a while and say, “I have to share this!”.
2. Retweet Other People
Looking for more followers? An easy way is to retweet others’ stuff. When they see that you are taking interest in their tweets, they will appreciate and instantly follow you. So your job is to find people and share their content relevant to your business.
You can use Twitter search to find successful people of your industry. Once you start retweeting their content, you are going to collaborate with them and also appearing as an expert in your industry.
3. Use Tweetable Quotes
You can also motivate people to follow you by attracting their attention to your quotes that other people tweet.
Just fill your articles with catchy phrases, small quotes and other exciting stuff and make them “tweetable”. To make pieces of text in your article tweetable, you can use two great tools: ClicktoTweet (a free service) or TweetDis (a premium plugin).
4. Offer Deals Only for Followers
Nobody rejects a good deal, right? If you want more followers, offer them some deals on Twitter that they can’t help but accept. Your deal should be for Twitter users only. Make them convince that you appreciate their attention and repay for it with something rewarding.
As for deals, you can organize contests and set prizes for Twitter users. You can also offer them discount coupon codes.
Another possible deal could be that you provide people with exclusive content and give them an opportunity to look at your business. This will also attract a lot of relevant people to follow you.
5. Tweet Often
It is obvious that if you want followers, keep tweeting. People won’t follow you if you have not been tweeting for a long time or tweet only monotonous things.
If you get a Twitter account and get massive following in the beginning, you should not become complacent; instead, keep tweeting interesting things. Otherwise, your followers would not hesitate using the UNFOLLOW button.
6. Make Twitter Authorities Tweet About You
What if some famous person on Twitter mentions you in his tweets? You are surely getting thousands of followers in the days to come.
There are a lot of effective ways to catch the attention of such authorities and get some place in their tweets. Study them and implement them persistently and you will find authorities talking of you and tweeting your articles.
This is it! I hope you have enjoyed these strategies and in near future you will be keeping them in mind while promoting your business on Twitter.
Tim Soulo used to be a professional DJ till he realised that talent alone won’t bring him thousands of raving fans. That’s how he began studying marketing. Today Tim is a marketing consultant, helping people squeeze more money from their websites. Make sure to visit his personal blog at: BloggerJet.com
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