6 Trendy Doors You Can Install in Your Home

Did you know that doors can improve the appearance of a home? Doors can be bold and inviting. Traditional or modern, they are perfect for staying on-trend. Here are six of the hottest styles of doors to add to your home.

Barn Door

Barn doors are on-trend right now, and they can provide the finishing touch to your home. They are also an attractive transition between two rooms. Choose your style and you’ll have a door that’s both stylish and functional.

Whether you’re looking to create a contemporary or country-style look, barn doors are perfect for your home. The wood-paneled door in a bright blue hue will pop against potted plants. A fun and colorful barn door can make the entire living room look different.

You can also use a classic wrought-iron interior barn door in your home office. Classical barn doors are an option for your primary bedroom, and they have been around for decades and are great for maximizing the aesthetic appeal of a space.

French Doors

These doors are back with a bang! French doors are a great way to create a beautiful, bright living space. These doors can also provide additional access points to the outdoors, and they are helpful for side gates and pathways leading to the garden. They’re a popular choice for gatherings and parties, but they should be secure.

If you’re considering adding French doors to your home, make sure to check the amount of space you have to accommodate the installation. They tend to be a bit pricier than standard solid doors, but they’ll add instant charm to your home.

Craftsman Door

The craftsman door is a more reserved option that will look great in your home. This door style can significantly improve the value of your home. This type of door comes in different colors and sizes so that you can choose the right one for your home.

Most of these crafted doors come with a brass handle set and can be used for the exterior or interior of your home. If you want a sleek and straightforward door without sacrificing aesthetics, these are a good choice.

Princeton Doors

Princeton doors are a great option if you want to add a touch of elegance to your home. These doors are quaint and sophisticated yet work well in any home environment. You can also opt for frosted or tinted glass to minimize the concerns of people looking into your home.

Regardless of the style you choose, a wood door is a good option for anyone looking to stay on-trend. Aside from wood, other popular materials for these doors are fiberglass and glass. Those made of fiberglass are durable, resistant to dents, and high-quality.

These doors are very trendy and are great for every room in your home. There are also several designs for interior doors. Whether you’re looking to update your entrance or ad a new style for your home, there’s a door to fit the mood.

Colonial Doors

The colonial door is another excellent option for your entrance. This style has a classic look and has a brass handle set. The colonial door has a beautiful diamond-shaped extra panel in the center and is a good choice for a trendy, elegant front door.

Its style and functionality make it an excellent choice for your home. Most colonial doors are perfect for a home office or kitchen as they are beautiful and elegant. These doors are also long-lasting, so they’re an excellent choice for any room in your home.

According to Architectural Digest, they have been in style for quite some time and will add aesthetic appeal to your home. And don’t forget to upgrade to a new door if you want to get a fresh look.

Cambridge Slab Doors

The Cambridge style is excellent for bedrooms and closets. But it can also be used for any other interior door you may need. This is one of the many stylish options for your interior home style. These doors are made of wood and have a classic charm, but they are also versatile. These doors can be easily installed and give your home an elegant look.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary door or an old-fashioned beauty, these doors are an excellent choice. The first step is choosing a style that matches the room’s interior décor. You’ll want to select a door that complements the color scheme and style of your room. For instance, a bright blue door will make your front entrance pop against a potted plant. A yellow door will be a bright and cheerful addition to your home.

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