5 Tips to Create a Great Business Advertisement

business advertisement
If you wish to promote your business on a larger scale, why not look into nationwide publicity techniques such as video advertisements? Depending on the size of your brand, these types of ads have the opportunity to be shared as far as possible, both online and on TV. Once you have decided that video advertising is the very best way to grab the attention of your target audience, you need to develop a content idea that is destined to make an impact.

Here are the five most useful tips on how to create a business advertisement that will be hard to ignore

1. Think outside the box

People are fed up of being bombarded with mundane ads, due to the fact that it has been a traditional promotional technique for generations and people are very much aware of what to expect. Your task is to break down the barriers, get rid of the stereotypical clichés and force the recipient to engage with your ad. Studies have shown that repetitive messages cause the viewer to disengage with what they are viewing after just three seconds. If you wish to get your brand’s message across effectively, it’s essential that the storyline is unique and has never been seen before.

2. Use a voice-over artist

Choose your voice-over artist carefully, as the tone and style of voice will determine the overall feel of the advertisement. The artist is ultimately your storyteller, meaning they have a huge responsibility to attract the undivided attention of the audience. The type of voice used will go on to become a recognized aspect of your brand and determine how well the advertisement pays off. Luckily, you can find your ideal voiceover artists from deVine Voices.

3. Target a specific audience

Not all advertisements are necessarily geared towards every individual. You need to be sure you have a specific target audience in mind, who will relate to the type of ad you’re hoping to release. Think about the idealized age and gender and the type of ads they relate to.

4. Use a clever tagline

Taglines are specifically used for blogs, adverts or branding as a way for consumers to remember what your brand does. This technique has been used for decades as a way of the advertisement to stick in the minds of viewers from the get-go. The tagline should rhyme, have a jingle or infuse a touch of humor so that the audience can connect with the brand’s message on a deeper level. It should also be no more than six words, so it is memorable.

5. Communicate one message at a time

Most advertisements last no more than 30 seconds, so make sure your message is direct and to the point. As video is a visual medium, it’s easy to believe that consumers have the ability to take in more than one message at a time, but this just isn’t the case. During periods of relaxation, they don’t want to be bombarded with too much information, so are likely to process just one message from a single piece of content.
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