5 Smoking Excuses That Need To Stop

You have decided now to quit smoking for good. Great! It is one of the best decisions you can make for your life, for your health. Smoking is one of the worst habits a person can have, the combustion of tobacco creates toxic smoke that impregnates the lungs of the smoker and leaves residues that harm and damage in the long term.

Many people decide to quit smoking but find it hard to accomplish due to several reasons. These are the most common excuses that people say to cover their lack of success in the process of leaving smoking.

Smoking Excuses

1) Stressful situations make me smoke
This is number one excuse for those who may relapse after a few days without smoking. Smokers claim to feel more relaxed after having a cigarette, but this is due to the environment they create for having that smoke, not to the inhalation of nicotine per se.

There is evidence that shows that smoking increases anxiety levels and quitting reduces them and takes these levels back to normal. So, the next time you feel stressed out and want to have a smoke, take 5 minutes and think again.

2) Wish to feel the pleasure again
Some smokers linked their smoking habits to other pleasant situations, such as drinking and taking a break. Therefore, they feel that those pleasure moments are not complete without having a cigarette. The solution for this would be to create new pleasure moments without having cigarettes involved.

New moments can be recorded in your memory so that pleasure stays in your life and smoke leaves it!

3) Damage is already done
Many smokers think that they cannot reverse the damage they have done to their respiratory system and heart. After smoking for 10 or 20 years, people often think they are already doomed and that it is not worthy quitting so late. But this is not true. The healthy effect of quitting can be felt and seen after one week of withdrawal, and after a year the risks of heart diseases is lowered up to 50%.

It may be hard for a heavy smoker to think about quitting, but the health results are worth the deal. It may be a good idea to start with vaping, to reduce the effect of toxic smoke in the lungs and decrease nicotine consumption little by little. To switch to vaping you have to find electronic cigarettes and the best e-liquid for you, it would be a first step towards eliminating nicotine from your life.

4) Staying in the smoking environment
Staying in the exact same environment that you used to have when smoking is definitively not going to help you overcome the addiction. It is not necessary to move house, but some changes can help you feel less inclined to relapse: going to a different restaurant where smoking is no longer allowed. Changing your working habits so that you don’t spend too much time hanging out with smokers. Little things that can help you stay away from smoking.

5) Gaining weight after quitting
Some people think that after you quit smoking you automatically gain weight. This is completely false. What usually happens is that you quit smoking and you start eating large quantities of candy and chips to lower the anxiety produced from breaking the habit.

Several things can be done to prevent gaining weight: choosing healthy snacks is one of them, instead of chewing gum or eating candies, take a piece of fruit and enjoy the moment so as to feel relaxed just like when you were a smoker. It is definitely worth trying.
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