How to make eyebrow threading

Eyebrow is considered as an impressed point in the human face particularly in the girls’ face. So, the eyebrow is very important. Eyebrow threading will keep the eyebrow in shape and color, not sparse. Eyebrow threading in the right way may create an attractive face and you look more beautiful. However, there are not many girls know how to an eyebrow threading in correct way.

Here are the instructions in eyebrow threading that the girls should note in their mind to have an impressed face.

eyebrow threading

To do eyebrow threading, you may need some tools such as a tweezers, and eyebrow pencil, an eyebrow brush and a small scissors for the eyebrow. These tools will help shape and make your brows sharper. Of course, these are just the basic tools and the more detail in equipment, the makeup of your eyebrows is easier and more effective.

First step, define starting point
Most recent, if you would not say all the women are first matching with the first head of the mouse. You can use the elements or body of the color screen and open it in straight lines along the edge of the nose. Continuously, use the first penitent brush the way to mark the beginning of the 2 sides in eyebrow. Make sure the bottom of the nose is between the two points of the eyebrow and make eyebrows in the area.

Second step, find the end point
Once you have found the beginning of your eyebrows, another great secret for you to know what is the most appropriate end for your eyebrows. Use tweezers or makeup brushes, sticking from the tip of your nose, through the cheeks, to the back of your eyes. The point where the tweezing body or brushes touch your eyebrows is the perfect finishing point for eyebrows. Take the eyebrow pencil and draw a line marking the end of the eyebrows and pull any hairs beyond this point.

In addition, the highest point of the eyebrow should be the point between the eyebrows and the diagonal from the tip of the nose through the black eye.

Next step, use eyebrow pencil
According to makeup experts, you should be eyebrow with eyebrow pencil before spit out the excess eyebrow. This way you will not be uprooting your hands and excess eyebrows will be revealed quite clearly, making it easier to “handle” them. Besides that, you should also step back a little away from the mirror to look back on your eyebrow; helping to shape the eyebrow is the most accurate.

Then, eyebrow threading
Another very smart tip when you apply makeup on your eyebrows is to use an eyebrow brush to brush your brows upside down.

Use your eyebrow scissors and carefully cut any longer than your natural eyebrow. Cut each eyebrow one by one to avoid cutting too much. There is a sharp eyebrow, natural beauty is always the best, so you pay attention to just trimmed a little.

Final step, frown the mold
Eyebrow shaping makes your eyebrows makeup simpler and more effective.

If you are still confused or want to change the eyebrows, try to find eyebrows. They also help you check whether you have trimmed your eyebrows are standard or not.

Some people like to make eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil while others prefer powder or mascara. You can try to pick the one that works best for you.

As you can see, those are the simple steps to do an eyebrow threading. It is not difficult to perform but it may need the carefulness from girls. With the first and the second steps, you do not need to perform daily, just do once or twice a week depending on your eyebrow growth and your makeup. And the remainder steps, you can do whenever you have making up. You should do eyebrow threading after you skin makeup and before the other detail makeup. It may become your daily makeup step that you cannot skip. Hope the above steps are useful for you in eyebrow threading to have an attractive face.
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