5 Best Massage Chairs Under Thousand Bucks

Massage Chair
There some great news for you because, even if your budget is under the thousand bucks, there are some massage chairs. And trust them to be absolutely amazing. Now, they may not have the fancy technology and leather material that are luxurious but they are still good enough.

With the tight budget you have, you must buy products at the merchant that will offer the lowest price or biggest discounts. Here are the 5 best massage chairs under $1000:

EC-06 of BestMassage:
This very affordable massage chair has some surprising features that you can normally find in much more expensive products. The best features of this chair include a full shiatsu massage experience, a zero-gravity feature, waist heating, brand quality, and quiet operation. It will also make use of the L-track system. Now you may wonder about the L-track system. Well, the L-track system refers to “track” of the massage chair rollers that go up and down the spine.

This chair is offering a zero gravity shiatsu and is a popular choice for both home and forward-thinking offices. You don’t have to be surprised if you see this massage chair in a spa. It is a mid-range chair that will boast of solid features. The Zero-Gravity Shiatsu consists of three gravity positions, L-track rollers, body scanning, and deep tissue massage.

Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair:
The Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair comes with an array of amazing features for the price it claims. It has 3 zero-gravity positions, customizable massage durations ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. Tog o with them you get 14 massage type combinations, body scanning and 4 massage functions that include Shiatsu, Spinal Roll, Vibrate and Knead. This chair also offers you built-in therapy which is great for tired and sore muscles.

BestMessage Shiatsu Recliner:
This Shiatsu Recliner here is going to give you some serious bang for the buck. The zero gravity feature in this one is advanced and designed to give you comfort and therapy. This heated seat is pretty useful when it comes to aches and pains. The long rail will provide you with stability in the recline position. In addition to this, the chair also boasts of a large massage area, an OPTO sensor that will be able to match different body sizes and types.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave:
This is the most expensive massage chair on the list. If you do have some money to spend and want to buy the best massage chair that your money can buy you, then this one is highly recommended.

This Dreamwave has been built by one of the leading massage chair companies there is in Japan. They are obviously well known for the quality products and great after-sales support they provide. The key feature in this chair is that it includes more than 1000 massage combinations, 8 pre-programmed sessions etc.

Prices will vary from one seller to the other but with a little research you can really enjoy some good savings. And with this, you can be home with the best massage chair you can afford under a thousand bucks and still be content.
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