Why Should You Carry a Backpack While Going To fishing

best fishing backpack
Who doesn’t love fishing? It’s a good hobby to have and yet it’s an inherently wet hobby. Obviously you need a ton of equipments by your side when you go fishing. But wait where are you going to keep those equipments? The answer to that question is a best fishing backpack.

Yes, a fishing backpack is the solution you are looking for. Now you must be wondering why you need to have a backpack to go fishing, well here a few reasons why you should:

This is a very obvious reason to buy a backpack. Almost everything we use daily for communicating and keeping contact with people are electronics. You are going fishing obviously you would want to commemorate it by taking a picture and posting on Instagram. But there’s a chance that your mobile device can get wet. Even if water is a damaging thing to phones and despite wide spread production, a lot of people don’t use waterproof cases. Your backpack enters the scene to save you the trouble.

Most gadgets have electronic component:
It’s not just your cell phone that is at risk of water damage. Most gadgets and tools you use when you go fishing for the day have some electronics in them. From the GPS to a fancy DSLR that you might want to use for the occasion, all are electronic equipments. The point really is that there are very few things that we use in our modern lives that don’t need protection for their electronic components.

How water damages phones?
You may wonder exactly how your phone gets damaged by water. Let’s try a basic idea for this. Essentially your phone consists of two electrical poles within it. Usually it is connected to a battery or processor. In impure water, there are a lot of ions composed of salt, magnesium and many other elements. When these two poles are dropped into water, the ions will attract to the poles on the basis of their ionic charge. This in turn can create a closed circuit and cause a short within the battery and processor, assuming the phone is completely submerged in water. Shorts in any kind of electronics are a case of irreparable and cost you a decent sum of money.

Dry Clothes:
You know this to be true for almost every outdoor activity ever. Accidents may happen and when you least expect them to happen. Your boat may get hit by a submerged rock and can capsize or you may lose balance and fall into the river. In either of the cases, you will end up wet, from head to toe.

You may be smart enough to have brought a change of clothes but kept them in the truck. And your truck happens to be two or three miles away. You may risk hypothermia in such a condition. But you can rest easy if you have a backpack to keep all your dry clothes in and it’s even better if it’s waterproof.

Just makes things easier:
When you think about it, at the end of the day having a backpack to go fishing makes things a lot easier. There will be water around you for the majority of the time that you are out there and you can end up getting wet. It’s true that you can keep all your valuables in the car and save some money. But in the end it won’t be as efficient and will probably be bit of a hassle for you. So why take three to four trips back to your car for the equipments when you can have them all beside you in your new fishing backpack?

Now the decision is all up to you whether you want to buy a backpack or not.

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