5 Best English Language Lab Softwares for Digital Classroom

Language labs have brought a considerable transformation educational landscape. Introduced almost half a century ago, they were a futuristic idea back then. The technology successfully passed through tough phases of hardware limitations, and it continues to thrive today.

With technology advancement, digital English language lab software has found its way into the classrooms. Language educators can leverage this smart technology to improve their speaking and comprehension skills in the language. Fortunately, there are some great options for multimedia language labs available today.

Let’s explore the most popular English Language Lab Softwares:

1. FluentU
The software provides exposure to the students to the multiple versions of the English language. The unique thing about FluentU is that learners can take advantage of the subtitles to conform to every word mentioned in a clip. Plus, the tool offers instant access to the pronunciations, definitions, and usages of the terms therein. It allows the teachers can generate video content to make the learning sessions more engaging. Plus, visualizations help students to grasp the concept better.

2. Spears Language Lab
Language lab software is the next best language learning technology equipped with some of the best features. It is ideally designed for students who want to develop excellent English communication skills. They can achieve better results with the in-built practice exercises featured in this software. Unlike a traditional classroom, the installation offers the opportunity of active participation in the virtual space. Plus, it provides the benefit of individual monitoring to the teachers. Feel free to contact us to know how Spears can help you better.

3. OpenSim
OpenSim allows the teachers to create an interactive, virtual classroom where learners can creatively learn language skills. The program enables students to develop their avatars so that they can meet their fellow mates without hesitation. The software will take you into the world of creative learning, where you’ll learn things through game education.

4. Words Worth
This English language lab equipment is suitable for adult language learners. The software features three levels, with each learning session of approx. 70 hours. It helps build pro-level skills in the language and allows learners to create a strong foothold in vocabulary and communication. If you prefer compiled language learning lab content, then Words Worth is an excellent option. There are lessons such as pronunciation practice and listening comprehension that provide a professional level learning experience.

ODLL software is perfect for visual learners as it designed especially for collaborative learning. It allows the students to communicate with each other or host a virtual classroom session using the lab setting option. The platform offers video streaming facilities from YouTube, DVD, and other digital/analogue sources. Additionally, it supports student speech visualization. Visit the website for detailed information.

Concluding Word
So this was all about the best Digital Language Labs that have empowered the teachers to offer a seamless learning experience to their students through interactive virtual language classes. The system provides countless opportunities to bring creative learning ways on the table so that both students and teachers are motivated with more productive learning and teaching experience. It is recommended to visit the website for detailed information.

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