Top 5 Commercial Video Production Studios with Data Security

Implementing data security measures not only helps avoid data breaches but also shields the organization against unnecessary financial costs, loss of public trust, and potential threats to the brand reputation and future profits. Every single commercial production studio mentioned here in the list is taking care of data security.

So, go through the names of these 5 top studios from where you can get excellent animation services.

List of Top Commercial Production Studios

Toolbox Studio

Toolbox Studio is an imaginative hub for visual effects and animation, TV commercials, motion graphics, corporate video production, and so on. They are experts in offering audio-visual solutions to a range of industries including entertainment, IT, education, hospitality, manufacturing, and so on. They create on-screen magic with a wide range of specialized VFX series. This creative VFX studio was founded in the year 2008 and from then the company has been a front runner in the world of VFX outsourcing. It is also one of the leading animation studios in India as they have a team of multi-speciality 2D and 3D artists and technicians. The team is dedicated to appreciating the culture of storytelling through mesmerizing animation for industrial or commercial projects of any genre. Visit the website of Toolbox to know more about their company goals and services.


MotionGility is another top-notch company that offers quality services. In the past 5 years, this company has collaborated with countless start-ups, MSMEs, and giant-industry leaders and matched their vision with the awesome videos. They believe in serving organizations of every shape and size with quality. They craft animated explainer videos that are combined with digital storytelling skills to give the business new heights.


Studiotale is another top-notch company that offers unique as well as handcrafted videos that link ideas to emotions, connect the brands with the potential customer and also help you to get where you need to go. You can explain different ideas with ease. They also help in transforming plain product demos into engaging experiences and generate buzz on social media like never before.

Transpixel Studio:

Transpixel Studio is another design-driven studio that creates videos that tells a story about the business through quality graphics, engaging storyboard, and captivating animation. They have created more than a thousand explainer videos for small, medium, and large businesses. The main motto is to create the perfect video that can convert the audience into customers. They can understand that what sets you apart from the competitors is the uniqueness of your product and the video that focuses on showcasing the untouched part of the business to target customers so that they can see the business differently.


Ripple is another animation studio that creates beautiful videos for brands. Their core strength lies in creating animated explainer videos that drive business growth. They ensure that their videos can significantly increase sales as well as create efficiencies. You can work with experienced writers and visualizers who can deliver animated explainer videos that connect with the viewers. The team also believes to work within an approval-based process that ensures your animated explainer video meets the expectations.

So, these were the top-notch companies that offer quality commercial animated videos. If you also want to look for professional services, contact them.

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