365 Days of Post-Graduate Diploma in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management

Certainly, tours can never be penned down & so is tourism, but have you ever thought of being trained to live a dream, which can be transformed to reality!!!….Yes you read it right, THE SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE, exactly a place, rather a platform made to train dream wanderers like you & me who constantly are in search of an opportunity to grab….

It all began with the thought of unremitting passion to teach & an idea to groom an army of young & dynamic professionals to enter the challenging industry of tourism & aviation. Mrs Smita Gulvady, Mr. Pritesh Prabhu & Mrs Divya Edvankar, 3 Pioneers of the travel trade industry, form an organisation which can take a flight to many such hidden dreams. “I remember the day when I came across TSOE, I merely was a graduate with a few months of work experience just like an ordinary girl, it barely took me an hours session to create a path & a clear idea as to what would I do to develop as an individual. Well not only me, but also I met a group of similar individuals who were on mend of a similar shelter”. To count on fingers we were only 12, never thought that only a few strangers could be nit into a strong web on a tree of TSOE, ever heard an institute teaching you to be friends but yes we were taught, because that’s exactly the first step of touring or tourism, “Coz, though alone, u always travel with strangers, who never stay strangers, strange but true”.

Like each & every institution, we did have a schedule, well that may seem like a school but ultimately so are the corporates, we did recognize the importance of time but with fun, heading to subjects we covered many destinations, presentations & projects which of course kept us engaged just as any & every Institute does but here comes the twisty turn, a project with graphics & presentations with interesting quiz games & destinations with Google maps & live experiences as discussions, well that just was the beginning, A bunch of 12 Idiots, managing & organising events for an staff of 80 people, shocking isn’t it!?, no celebrity, no glamorous designers or fashion artist, it was 12 of us who were the entertainers & organisers, from Anchoring to back stage management we all made it happen & the show stopper of the event a FLASH MOB performed by us for the entire staff of BCD on completion of 17 successful years of the brand, ohh!!! I can never forget the happy & cheerful faces of the staff as well the higher officials, especially the overwhelming speech of Managing director Mr Bali….remarkable…….

To elaborate on hotel visits, it was a crucial part of our curriculum; interactive sessions with the big hotel chains helped us develop our communication, presentational & interpersonal skills, we could grab a brief on functionality of the hospitality industry.

A couple of visits were organised by our institute to popular chain of hotels including, Hilton Mumbai, Hyatt, ITC Maratha, Holiday Inn, Taj Santacruz, Keys & a few more. Especially ITC Maratha organised a special training session for our batch covering different aspects of hospitality industry. Wow, well that was a great session, at the end of which we got a chance to taste the best of the chefs culinary. Soon we were surprised with a lunch invitation at the Taj Santacruz soon after our visit & that one of the luxurious dreams which we could live-up to…..

We were taught many destinations both Domestic & Outbound, including:
India: theoretical, followed by a two day practical work shop.
Europe, Asia, America, Ocean Asia, South-East Asia including Cambodia, Laos & Bali, A brief on South America & South Africa, as well off-beat European destinations in –depth.

The best part about completing our given tasks, included a huge amount of market study followed by presentations on the same, this technique gave an idea on understanding the market functions & work pace, “it may seem easy but was hell of a task, now that was something, which indeed we had to learn, as we possibly would start working in the market soon”.

Beginning with the 2 innings, post Diwali Holidays, it was time for some serious work & exams, well that’s the phase which every student eventually has to go through………
Well it was time for some competitions, Fun events & more interactive lectures by professionals. I remember on world tourism day it was the first time for TSOE to participate & to win it, being honoured by India tourism board was indeed a great honour, we later had poster competitions & many in-house events which kept us engaged also different tourism boards, airlines & cruise companies including Philippines, South Africa, Canada, France, Australia, Royal Caribbean Cruise, Malaysia, United & Lufthansa came-over & briefed us with the destination with a couple of goodies at the end of the sessions.

Exactly the way it sounds, the big trip is a major highlight of the course as it was an exclusive idea that was put forward by Mr. Pritesh Prabhu the class in charge & bought in limelight by all of us, it was we 12 who planned the entire trip so as to exactly understand & drape into the business we were striving throughout to enter. Now this is definitely something that you can be looking forward for a fun at work & work with fun concept.

6N/7D Madhya Pradesh
Jabalpur…………..Kanha National Park…………….Jabalpur……………..Mumbai
From the beauty of a nature safari to the delicacies of Jabalpur, from the lights Narmada Arti “हरि ओम” in the dusk to the falls of dhuadhar & some “घाट के किनारे” shopping, to the late night antakshari to self-organised awards arranged within us which was similar to a mini award night & many clicks of the unexplored places & regions in just a week took us onto a different world whole together………definitely an unforgettable journey & a bunch of #tripdiaries#MadhyaPradesh#Colledgetrip#
Excursion, a bunch of memories to relish throughout our lives. Soon after our return journey to Bombay we all went through a bunch of on-campus interviews, which is an important feature of our course, eventually we all got selected in top-rated companies in the market, but the journey of TSOE was truly a rollercoaster of different flavours of a platter & a mesmerising journey of a year which will always be a part of each & every one of us…………..

Rightly said by 36th President of USA,
Lydon. B. Johnson,


So come live your dream not for today but for a better tomorrow so that you don’t regret to not give yourself a chance,

The School Of Excellence,
always has a door open for
Passion seekers, Explorers
& Travel Lovers

To create the best, to give the best

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