How to Make a Good Career Choice

There are so many options before you with regard to choosing a good career. How to decide on the choice is the major dilemma before students. In the beginning, everybody seems confused because if you don’t have any idea in picking the right choice in term of what you want to do, the task may seem difficult and sometime most ticklish. Happily and fortunately, the problem of deciding on right choice of career is easy in present times with the counseling centers emerging all around us.  There are guides and counsellors who work as torch – bearers in leading you to the right path. But before you pick a choice of profession or career, you should adhere to the following ideas.

Self – Assessment about Yourself:  Before you embark upon your career journey, honest self-assessment  about yourself, your values, interests, soft skills, and aptitudes with regard to your personality is a must exercise as it  helps you in making the right  choice in enormous ways. However, how to reach a logical and strong decision is the main challenge in front of a career-seeking fellow. So, in order to gather information about your traits and qualities, applying some practical self-assessment tools, known as career tests, one of the techniques in reaching a logical conclusion.  The career tests help in generating a list of occupations/jobs that can be zeroed in on. Once you complete your research, you will be in a position when you can strike-off the careers from the list you don’t want to pursue. You can draw up your shortlist containing two to five occupations .Of this list, now; the best career option that suits you most can easily be selected. Some skeptics who are not fully confident in choosing the right career based on their self-assessment may visit a reputed counsellor or some career development professional who can guide the candidate in close coordination with him for some weeks or months in aiding him/her, correctly assess the whole situation and guide him to pick up the right choice. Another source for guiding you to select choice of career is the writings and articles published in a famous monthly competition exam magazines. These articles published in competition exam magazines should be regularly read to enlighten you about right career choices.

Identification of long term goals: Any choice of career should be guided by both long and short term goals. It must be mentioned that the short-term goals aim at fulfilling a particular task or mission within short span of six or eight months while long term goals are ambitious objectives laid down to be completed or achieved in five to six year or even longer. For instance, long-term goals may be about completing your education and training, whereas, short-term goals may be related to college, apprenticeships, or other training programmes, and doing internships. But before you decide upon a particular educational or professional career, a thorough research on the said career must be done first. Let the research you did about required education and training be your guide. So, first gather information and collect the details and then set your goals.

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