3 Reasons To Choose Handmade Jewelry

Shopping fashion jewelry for women is fun, especially when you are in the market to purchase your finds. Diamond solitaires that sparkle in the light brighter than Edward Cullen are timeless and classic; however why limit yourself to such simplicity? Accessorizing with custom design jewelry and handmade fashions is trending and grows daily with unique, one-of-a-kind finds.  Explore three reasons why you should choose handmade jewelry selections below. 
One-of-a-Kind Unique Finds
Have you ever gotten together with your friends, only to discover you are wearing the same earrings or charm bracelet piece? You run the risk of this fashion no-no, when purchasing mass produced jewelry from chain market retailers. Handmade jewelry ensures that every piece is in fact handmade, hence their name. This means that no two pieces are identical. Adding unique jewelry pieces to your accessory collection is a great way to truly express yourself and create your own, personal style. Several handmade jewelry selections utilize intricate beads, gemstones and interesting materials such as paper or clay. Paper jewelry is making a statement with Japanese origami collections this year. Many handmade jewelry collections offer a variety of fashions, while others are dedicated to creating pieces all composed with a similar theme or decorative charm.  
The Story
Handmade jewelry pieces typically have a story behind them. Many collections were inspired because of a love, passion or experience in the designers life that assisted in their desire to make their jewelry pieces. Several handmade jewelry collections are made from things like recycled products, telling their eco-friendly story. Some handmade jewelry fashions have a historical story or are made in support or remembrance of an event. There is also a cultural aspect to many handmade selections such as: Czech glass beads, Japanese folding papers and Mediterranean gemstones and beads. Much like wearing a pin to support Breast Cancer Awareness or Aids Walk ribbons, many handmade jewelry collections feature stories worth wearing for support. Do a little research or simply ask what, if any, does your jewelry selections story tell. 
Supporting The Designers
Not only do the jewelry collections have a story, but often times the designers have a unique story on how they got their start and why they decided to start making their jewelry collections. Many of their passions have derived from travel, culture from where they were brought up or lived for some duration of time, artistic classes or natural artistic skills and many other resources. A lot of handmade jewelry designers have a real compassion for a specific culture or purpose such as going green and other eco-friendly causes. Supporting handmade designers means you are supporting these causes and their vision, while looking altogether fabulous. Often times, you can find local jewelers that produce quality handmade pieces and showing support locally is always a kind neighborly gesture. When shopping online, look for a designer bio with the product that will give insight into who they are, how they got their start to help in determining if you want to show them your support. 
Handmade jewelry collections are growing and a click of your mouse away. Further explore these three reasons while choosing handmade jewelry.
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