3 Handcrafted Jewelry Trends

One of this decade’s most significant personal style trends is to fashion a unique signature look by using wearable art such as handmade jewelry and other small-batch clothing and accessory items. This provides a fun yet meaningful way to develop a strong personal style that exceeds the boundaries of what’s new on the racks of shelves of the usual department stores. Nonetheless, trends and fads exist even among handmade items. Here are three important trends in handmade jewelry this year:


Turquoise and Silver Jewelry
Silver’s clean look pairs well with brightly colored stones like turquoise, and this classic duo has been around for a long time with good reason. It continues to be discovered by new jewelry aficionados on a regular basis. Turquoise is a color trend for this year.


Silver is also one of the more affordable metals, and it has the added benefit of going with almost any clothing style or color as well as complementing all skin tones. Good quality silver and turquoise jewelry also lasts for a long time — the turquoise and silver jewelry you buy today may well become a family heirloom of you treat it right. Fortunately, silver is also an easy-care metal that doesn’t require much beyond an occasional cleaning to keep it looking good.


Mediterranean Jewelry
This is another favorite that is experiencing a renaissance among jewelry lovers. Mediterranean designs involve use of delicate filigree and a blending of traditional and modern elements. Freshwater pearls and coral figure prominently in Mediterranean jewelry because of that region’s’ proximity to the sea. Colored beads are also widely used in handcrafted jewelry from this part of the world.


Different parts of the Mediterranean have their own signature jewelry styles. Jewelry from Greece, for instance, often has a nautical theme and is crafted with materials that come from the ocean, while the jewelry made in the interior of Italy is more likely to include precious metals and stones.


Beaded Jewelry
One of the most appealing aspects of beaded jewelry is that it dresses either up or down really well. It can be worn with anything from T-shirts to formals. Virtually all colors of beads are available. There is a huge variety of handcrafted beaded jewelry on the open market because so many artisans love working with beads. This jewelry is finding its 


way onto online auction sites, crafts fairs, art galleries, boutiques, and even into upscale department stores. Quality beaded jewelry can be found just about anywhere you look these days.Beaded jewelry is everywhere these days, and it provides an excellent way for wearers to achieve a distinctive, personalized look. Anyone can wear beaded jewelry because of the huge variation in sizes and styles. Beaded jewelry can be anywhere from clunky and chunky to dainty and delicate — and of course, anywhere in between. Some of the most well-crafted examples of beaded jewelry incorporate elements of both.


Fortunately, handcrafted jewelry is a trend that’s here to stay because consumers highly prefer it over mass produced personal adornment items.
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