12 Ideas for the Perfect Housewarming Present

Housewarming presents can be one of the toughest gifts to buy. With a birthday, you’ve at least got some vague idea about what the person likes. Weddings are easy these days thanks to the invention of the wedding list whereby the bride and groom will tell you what they want. No thinking is required there.
When it comes to housewarming though, you need to find something special. After all, if all goes well then, the person receiving the present won’t be needing another housewarming gift in their life.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of 12 housewarming gifts that will liven up any new home.

Welcome mat
It’s an obvious present but also one of the best. The welcome mat offers two purposes when given as a gift to a new household. The first is that it reinforces the fact that you are welcoming them to their new home. The second is that it will provide a warm welcome to every guest who visits for the foreseeable future.
Stylish dip bowls
Dips are in. Americans have become obsessed with avocado over the past few years, and that means that no household can host guests without providing guacamole dip. Then there is hummus, thousand island, jalapeno dip, salsa; the list goes on. To serve all these dips, you need dip bowls, and that makes them a perfect housewarming present. Even if they’ve already got some, you can guarantee that they’ll welcome some more.
Elegant candlesticks
Sometimes, it’s nice to live as our ancestors did – we’re talking in candlelight. Candlelight provides a different mood of an evening, whether it’s being used to help relax or for romantic ambiance. It can even have a practical use should there be a power cut. Help the new homeowners experience the joy that comes from a candlelit home by gifting them some elegant candlesticks.
Metal straws
Plastic waste is one of the most significant problems facing the world in the 21st century. According to a 2018 study, 91 percent of plastic waste isn’t effectively recycled, meaning that we are slowly poisoning our planet and our oceans. If the new homeowners are environmentally aware, then they’ll love reusable metal straws to cut down on plastic waste – and if they’re not, they’ll appreciate them all the same because of how cool they look.
Miniature studio plants
Nothing brightens up a new home like plants and flowers. While big bouquets might look beautiful, they’ve got a short shelf life and will only last about a week from moving in day. With the new homeowners likely having so much to do as they settle in, they won’t be able to appreciate them truly. If you want to head down the floristry route, then get some miniature studio plants instead. They will last much longer than flowers and are small enough to take up a position in any room in the house, from the lounge to the study to the bedroom.
When people look at glassware, they often see just a practical use for it. Yet, glassware can go far beyond being used as a vessel for drinks or for holding flowers. The recipient doesn’t have to be a big drinker for a classy decanter to look good on a sideboard. They don’t have to enjoy vaping for a whacky quartz banger to be used as an abstract ornament. There are all sorts of glass products out there that can make the perfect decoration for a new home, practical use or not.
Electronic corkscrew
After a hard and tiring day at work, the last thing anybody wants is to have to come home and embark on a battle between human and cork with an old-fashioned corkscrew. Help the new homeowners save their arms with an electronic corkscrew which will do all the work for them. It’s so simple; you’ll be wondering why you don’t own one yourself.
Marble wine cooler
The wines have been uncorked with the electronic corkscrew; now it needs to stay cool. That’s where a marble wine cooler comes in. Not only does it look great on a table, but it also means that nobody needs to get up and go to the fridge every time they need a refill.
Jute or wicker laundry basket
The last thing anybody wants in a new home is to have it instantly filled with dirty laundry flung all over the place. You can help avoid that fate by purchasing a jute or wicker laundry basket as a housewarming present. It will help keep clothing that requires washing all in one place, and if the recipient already has a laundry basket or a foolproof system for their washing, then they can use it for storing bed linen or blankets instead.
A warming throw or blanket
Speaking of blankets, what better way is there to spend a freezing Sunday in the depth of winter than under a blanket watching Netflix? 60 percent of Americans now subscribe to a streaming service, and if the new homeowners are in that club, then they’ll love the gift of a blanket or throw to keep them comfortable while they watch Breaking Bad, Stranger Things or Orange Is The New Black.
Metal serving tray
We’ve all been to that house where the host needs to bring six drinks through from the kitchen to the lounge but only has one pair of hands. That means they have to take three trips backward and forwards. You can help ensure that it never happens in your friend’s new house by giving them a metal serving tray. Parties become much more manageable with one, and even if they aren’t the socializing type, they can use it to carry dinner, documents, in fact just about anything you can think of when they are home alone.
Spice rack
Every good kitchen needs a selection of spices for the chef of the family to work their magic, and that means that every good kitchen needs a spice rack to store those special ingredients. A spice rack means that all the tools that the family needs to season and flavor dishes are right on hand and will also help keep the new kitchen tidy too.
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