Best 3 beautiful flowers origins and their uses

The Earth is a planet which provides the best natural environment for the all living things. Earth is the only planet which is suitable for every species. The Earth is decorated with the high mountains, thick forest, and long rivers. All these make this planet more beautiful to live.

This planet is also a home for different species of plants and flowers. The flowers are known for their special and attractive appearance in the world. There are more than 3 lakh species of different flowers present in this world. Most of the flowers are used for the decoration of the different occasional places. Some beautiful flowers are dedicated to specific feelings of the human. The flowers are best to express the hidden emotions and feelings of the person. You can get beautiful bouquet of flowers for all the occasions to make it more special from many online portals. You can get bouquet of birthday flowers for birthday person, lovely mother’s day flowers for your mom, valentine’s day flowers for your lover, and flowers for many special occasions to send to your loved ones.

Here are top beautiful flowers with their origins and uses in the world.

1. The roses:
The rose plant is from the family of Rosaceae, it is a flowering plant which lives more than two years. The rose species are more than hundred and other hybrid varieties of this beautiful plant. The rose flowers vary in different sizes and shapes. There is also a variation in different colors like white, red and yellow. Asia is the topmost continent of rose cultivators in the world. This beautiful flower has different cultural advantages. The origin of this rose name comes from French name Rosa.
Uses of roses
The rose flowers are basically used for the decoration purposes. Rose flower is used to make some mixed perfumery products, which are used by humans. The other use of rose flower is to make some medicine.
• The roses are also used as cut flowers, which means the flowers top can be removed from the plant for the decorative use with other flowers.
• Rose perfumes are made with the attar of roses. It is basically rose oil taken from the crushed petal of roses. The rose water is also the best product used for cooking, medicine, and cosmetics.
• The roses are best to express feelings of love and happiness with special ones.
2. The Carnations:
The origin of the carnations came from the Dianthus species. The meaning of Dianthus is also defined as the flower of the God. It is one of the oldest flowers which has been cultivated from many years ago. There are also some traditional meanings of rose flowers like love and affection to the particular community. The white carnations are used to give the good luck and happy wishes. The purple carnations are used to dedicate the loving partner.
This beautiful flower is also a symbol of some organizations. The national flower of Spain is carnation. It is the most popular flower as rose, lilies, and tulips etc.
Uses of carnations:
• This flower is used to make the medicine for the skin rashes and allergies.
• The carnation is used to express the feelings of admiration and enthusiasm.
3. The Tulips:
The Tulip flower is also a historical flower. The origin of this flower has been measured from the 13th century. This flower is basically large and symmetric in size. The Tulip flower life is around 5 to 7 years. The Tulip flower symbolizes the royalty and immortality in life. A flower with the splendid beauty is treated to regard people. This beautiful flower can be in different colors like red, white, yellow etc.
Uses of Tulip:
• The best use of tulip flower is to express some enduring and perfect love between family members.
• This beautiful flower is used for the home decoration with the colorful designs.
• Tulip flower is also used to make edible items.
All these flowers are beautiful with their unique qualities in nature. You can also get beautiful and unique gifts for every occasion like birthday gifts for your near ones, anniversary gifts for your parents, mother’s day gifts for your lovely mother, valentine’s day gifts and many more like these. Make every occasion special for your loved ones with special flowers and gifts.
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