10 Bedtime Tips for Better Hair

You ever look at the girls around you, who always arrive at work on time with their hair looking all neat and perfect with amazing curls, or neatly tied up in a bun and wonder, how on earth do they manage to find time to make perfect hair like that in the morning, and still not get late for office? Well, the secret to perfect hair in the morning is that…..you have to care for it at night too! Hair care at bed time is extremely important unless you want to end up looking like Tarzan coming back from one of his morning swinging sprees the next day.

Here are some amazing bedtime tips to help you get a perfect hair day every day!

1. Brush and Brush!
We all brush our teeth before getting in bed, right? But how many of us brush our hair? Well, most of us don’t and that just ends up in messy and tangled up hair the next morning. Make brushing your hair, a part of your bed time ritual and try not to skip it. This will ensure in the minimizing of tangles and knots in your hair the next morning. But be extra cautious as to not brush your hair too roughly and use a soft hair brush. Brushing your hair doesn’t mean you need to brush it roughly; otherwise you might end up losing hair instead!

2. Smooth Satin!
Get yourself a Satin pillow case. Satin is a soft and smooth material and it helps in reducing tangles and split ends by not catching and pulling your hair when you toss and turn in bed throughout the night. You will definitely see a huge difference in your hair health once you invest in satin pillow cases.

3. Braid your Hair!
For women with longer hair, it is best to braid your hair lightly after brushing it. Braiding will ensure that your hair doesn’t get pulled or tangled when you toss and turn during the night. You can add a bit of fun in your bed time routine by assigning specific braiding styles for specific days like Side Braid Saturdays or French Braid Friday. Get creative and get healthier hair while doing so.

4. No Wet Hair!
Going to bed with wet hair is a very big no if you want to avoid looking like Chewbacca in the morning! Wet hair is very delicate. It can easily break or get damaged. If your hair is wet, use a hair dryer to dry it and then follow your regular bed time hair care routine. If you don‘t like using a hair dryer, take showers earlier so that your hair is air-dried before bed time.

5. Massage the Scalp!
Gently massaging your scalp before bed time can actually help stimulate hair growth. If you have dry hair, you can use a very small amount of any essential oil like Argan oil, vitamin E oil or Olive oil on your dry hair ends or, on your scalp. Argan oil is usually the most preferred oil as it works wonders. Gently massaging your scalp in small circular motions will not only stimulate hair growth but also help you in getting a good night’s sleep!

6. Bun Time!
If you have short hair or you want tangle free long waves in your hair the next day, a good option is to tie your hair in a high bun. It will help keep the hair away from your face during the night and disturbing your peaceful sleep as well. It will also ensure tangle and frizz free hair in the morning.

7. Evil Elastic!
Avoid using elastic bands to tie your hair at bedtime. Your hair can easily get tangled up and stuck in the elastic bands and it can get quite painful. Elastic bands also cause breakage of the hair and my even pull at your hair roots. Instead of using elastic bands to tie your hair, use a soft scrunchie instead.

8. Dry Shampooing at Night!
A lot of people tend to use dry shampoo in the morning when they don’t want to shower. However, using dry shampoo at night is better. If you spray a generous amount of dry shampoo in your hair at night, you will wake up with hair looking way more natural and grease free.

9. Secure It!
Whatever you do, do not let your hair down especially at night. Secure your hair in a braid or a bun at bedtime and this will ensure less breakage and damage to your hair during the night.

10. Stock up on Sleep!
And let’s not forget the miracle beauty tip for glamorous hair and good health- sleep. Getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep can work wonders for your hair and ensure shiny and stronger hair in the morning.

Eugene Gabriel is a passionate blogger. He has always been fascinated by sleep and how it relates to health and wellness. Read his post on Health and Fitness. You can follow him on twitter @eugenegabrielj.

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