Self Love Hairstyles

Self Love Hairstyles
Self love is something we often neglect. It’s one of the things we leave until “later”, but it should be an important part of our routine – particularly around Valentine’s Day. 14th February isn’t just for lovers, but it’s also for appreciating the loving people you have in your life and celebrating you!
Part of your self love routine can be revamping your look – everyone loves a makeover! You feel refreshed and empowered, and whether it’s just changing your lipstick or trying out new hairstyles, there’s no better time than any to update your look.
Changing up your hair game can boost your self-esteem, and it can truly make you feel inspired. Accomplishing a complicated hairstyle, or even just looking different can give a smile on your face.
Classic Curls
We love the glamour of classic curls that frame your face. It’s a flattering look for all face shapes and all hair types. It’s timeless, sophisticated, and the look can take you from desk to dinner. Luscious hair with volume and bounce is what dreams are made of – and that’s why you should get the curling tongs out and add texturizing spray for a natural feel to them. Simple to style, and elegant to wear!
Brilliant With Bangs
Bangs are the look we are always hesitant to do – but sometimes you just have to go for the chop! Bangs have made their comeback and rocking a new look is the perfect way to show yourself a bit of love. Opt for full bangs for a daring and sophisticated look, or go for side bangs for a rebellious finish – yes, there are bangs for every personality! Our new-found favorite is the micro bang, adopted by hair icon Emma Watson, it’s effortless, yet edgy.
French Twist
French Twists are sophisticated and timeless, it draws attention to your facial features and make you look more defined. The hairstyle can work for the office, for a sleek and chic look, or for a dressy occasion – it’s quite the versatile look! Start on freshly clean hair and grab the back of your hair and twist the ends inwards, pin into place and enjoy! For this look, experiment with hair jewelry for a playful finish.
Top Knot
There’s an art to acing the top knot – it’s perfect for those days you just want to get up and go, but still don’t want to look like you’ve rolled straight out of bed. Whether you’ve having a good or bad hair day, the top knot will be your go-to hairstyle, and perfecting the art of the top knot will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something before 9am and pre-coffee! Create your top knot with day two hair for hold and healthy tresses before pulling your hair into a high ponytail before twisting it around itself. And voilà! Secure it with pins and you are ready to go!
The Half-Up Bun
Sometimes, trying to make a decision between having your hair up or down is a real struggle – but there’s a way of getting the best of both worlds. As a casual hairstyle, we can see you rocking this on Valentine’s Day whilst celebrating being you, or on a summer escape aside sandy shores. It is packed with personality and adds edge to your look.
The beauty of this style is that you have the freedom of having your hair loose and free, all whilst having the top layer tied into a bun. It has a bohemian feel to it, helping you feel chilled and stylish in a matter of minutes. Add a hair accessory like a scarf for a splash of color and playfulness!
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