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Thursday, June 4, 2020

4 Top Ways to Get a Good Deal

4 Top Ways to Get a Good Deal

Everybody loves a bargain. Being cautious and careful with your money doesn’t mean you’re not spending it at all; you’re just spending it in the right places. Getting a good deal is all about just that – knowing what you’re spending your money on and when and where to do it.

Getting the best price on a particular item will require different methods depending on what you’re buying, but in general there are a few simple considerations to make before splashing the cash.

Know what you’re looking for
Firstly, you’ve got to know what you’re looking for. If you only have a vague idea, then it is unlikely you’re going to thoroughly compare all of your options and look in the right places. This could require some scouting. Initial research or window shopping for the general item you’re after can help you hone in on what it is you actually want or need. Once you’ve identified the specific item or service, your real research can begin.

Get a quote if you can
Research into deals can be done via various methods, but one of the most proven to ensuring you know what you’re spending is to get a quote. A motor trader, for example, may get a trade insurance quote when looking to insure their company, while somebody with a broken car could get a quote on the repairs needed to their vehicle. These are two sides of the same spending coin – whatever service it is you’re shopping for, and a quote always enlightens you a little more.

Shop in the right places
When you know what it is you’re looking for, make sure you’re shopping for it in the right places. A large department store might have one of everything under the sun, but they may also only have a small selection of the exact items you’re looking for. An instance of this is children’s toys. A store that stocks clothes, televisions, food and toys will have fewer toys than an actual toy store. Going somewhere that specializes in the specific item you want will give you better choice and, if you’re lucky, a better price, too.

Shopping online also gives you a vast array of options and allows you to keep multiple tabs open at once in order to cross-check the prices. This is much simpler than having to write down or remember prices in physical stores.

Ask your friends
What are friends for? Helping you out, of course. Ask around your friends if any of them have recently bought the item or service you’re looking for, and find out where they got it from. This can give you a useful starting point when beginning your research.

A good deal isn’t only dependent on the price, but also on the quality of the product. Asking your friends is a good way of determining if they felt the purchase they made was good value, or otherwise. If you don’t have any friends who have recently invested in the item you’re shopping for, online customer reviews will provide the same advice.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Monday, June 1, 2020

How to Minimize E-Cig Dangers

How to Minimize E-Cig Dangers

How to Minimize E-Cig Dangers

Despite what the staunchest supporters of e-cigarettes will tell you, there are some dangers to using e-cigs. Now, it needs to be said that they are not nearly as dangerous as tobacco cigarettes or marijuana. For one, there is no combustion created when using e-cigs correctly. This cuts down on a lot of cancer risk and protects not only the user but also those people around them.
However, there are still risks associated with e-cig usage, and we want to cover what they are and how to protect oneself against them.

Reducing Addition Risks
Once of the biggest dangers of using e-cigs is that the user would become addicted. This is especially true if there is any nicotine in the e-cig. Nicotine is known to be an addictive substance, and it is a common component of most e-cig juices. It’s necessary many times for those who are trying to quit smoking and who use e-cigs as a way to do that to have some nicotine in the product. This gives them their satisfaction for nicotine cravings without some of the harmful effects of smoking, but addiction is addiction.

In order to minimize this problem, it’s suggested that e-cig users try to use as little nicotine as possible in their e-cigs. They can choose the level of nicotine when they buy their products, and it is important to choose the right amount of nicotine, when that choice is available. If the user needs at least some nicotine in order to satiate their cravings and keep them from wanting a cigarette, then they can simply choose as little nicotine as they can get away with. Over time, the e-cig user should be trying it slowly decrease their nicotine intake and get it down to the point where they no longer need any nicotine when you use an e-cig.

Use the E-Cig Properly
Another risk that can occur when using e-cigs is that they could create combustion. Now this isn’t something that is going to kill you right away or cause serious harm immediately, in most cases, but most people do try to avoid combustion with their e-cigs. That’s because combustion can create smoke and carcinogens, which are incredibly harmful to the user and to those around them. The effects of inhaling smoke and all the chemicals it contains may not be readily apparent, but over time, lung cancer and other problem can develop. If a person is using an e-cig properly, then combustion should never occur. There should only be vaporization, which contains no smoke.

The best way to minimize this risk is to use the e-cig on its lower heat settings. This reduces the chance that combustion will occur. The user should also keep the e-cigarette clean. If there is a build-up near the coil, then it can create combustion as well.

Finally, the user should be careful about how they use dry ingredients, as placing them too close to the coil or vaping them at high heats can more easily create combustion than if they were using e-liquid.

These are just a few tips to help people vape safer. E-cigs can be far safer than smoking cigarettes, but they can also share some of the same dangers, if they are not used properly. Hopefully, these suggestions will enable people to be more careful in how they use their e-cigs and be more aware of the potential for danger when using them improperly.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

5 Most Popular Design Colleges in Gujarat

5 Most Popular Design Colleges in Gujarat

bdes colleges in vadodara

If you are looking for a college to do a bachelor's degree in design then there are several B. Design Colleges in Gujarat. The degree is almost 4 years long but is comprehensive and includes all the details about the preferred stream of the student. Following is a list of the popular colleges that you can research as you visit the website of each college. Each college provides options for the B. Design degree.

1. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar: NIFT, Gandhinagar was established in the year 1995. The infrastructure of this college is very good. There are all the facilities for the students who come to join the course. Especially for students who took admission to B. Design, there are labs, and lots of practical space is provided to the students to explore their creativity. The students of the institutes usually get good placements because of NIFT is a popular name in the field of design.

2. Navrachana University, Vadodara: The B. Design Interior program is a full four years undergraduate course with knowledge in interior design. In the first year, the emphasis is on architecture, and later the interior design is taught in detail. For admission in the course, the student should have completed +2 class with at least 50% marks. The admission takes place in the month of June by a test and an interview. So you can fill out the application form on the website and apply now.

3. PP Savani University, Surat: The private university PPSU was established in 1987. Being old and reputed, this is one of the best universities of Surat to pursue any course. It provides B. Design in fashion and textile designing which elaborates upon not just the subject of fashion but also gives proper knowledge regarding the textile industry. The program is a 4-year undergraduate degree.

4. Indus University, Ahmedabad: Indus University is a private university in Ahmadabad. The university provides different courses in design and the course that is B. Design in fashion design is famous among the students. The course is a 4-year degree program that provides complete knowledge regarding the fashion industry and fashion design. The admissions are open and you can apply now by visiting the campus or the website.

5. Design Development Academy, Ahmedabad: Design Development Academy was established in the year 2011. It provides a bachelor of design in four different fields. So, you can choose a course according to your interest. The campus has good facilities for students like labs, free internet, library, and A/C classrooms.  You can check out the website and enquire about the details of the course in which you wish to take admission.

The students today are going for degrees that are somewhat not the mainstream. If you are full of creativity and wish to learn more and explore then you should go for one of these courses. The course not just enhances your creative knowledge but helps you get a good career that would provide you financial stability.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Resuming Construction Activities : Post Covid-19

Resuming Construction Activities : Post Covid-19

The governments of all countries are relentlessly trying to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus and many developed nations have experienced difficulties on several fronts to control it. Coronavirus has hit the entire world severely and industries like banking, IT, retail, auto, real estate are struggling due to loss of customers and cash crunch. As per an analysis by KPMG, construction sector in India is experiencing loss to the tune of Rs. 30,000 crore per day due to the lockdown. Though the country has been under lockdown for over 40 days, its repercussions may last for few months. The industry is set to experience a major change due to reasons directly related to the pandemic as also possible pressure on account of likely non-availability of skilled and unskilled workers, demand for higher wages, bank interest rates, cautious lending by banks and NBFCs and various macroeconomic factors.

However, all the above problems will not fade away unless execution of the construction projects resume. As per a recent CREDAI report, prior to lockdown approximately 20,000 construction projects were ongoing with a workforce of around 85 lakhs in India. With migrant labour returning to their home state, this is likely to change when the situation improves. Hence, there is a need to setup a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to monitor and control the labour and staff movement in and outside the construction site in order to resume these construction projects. The following could be considered when the situation improves for Post Covid-19 lockdown. It may also help companies get into appropriate operating practices when operations commence on the sites.

1. Requirement of medical certificate and worker’s authorisation certificate:
Every labour and staff need to provide medical certificate stating that they are having no symptoms of influenza, ILI, SARI and are found negative for symptomatic and asymptomatic for COVID-19. In addition to this, the organisation also must verify the authenticity of each worker and provide identity card to allow their entry into the site. These certificates will be the first line of defence for maintaining the safety of people within the sites.

2. Compulsory Masks and Hand gloves:
Along with general PPEs (safety shoes, helmets and reflective jackets) washable cloth masks and gloves to be made mandatory. Masks and gloves to be determined based on activities performed by the individual, as every activity has its own characteristics of wear and tear. For example, the housekeeping gang and concreting gang can use rubber gloves, reinforcement and structural steel workers need cut-protective gloves etc.

3. Disinfection Timings:
Construction sites are crowded locations where hundreds of people work together in tandem, whereas in some projects the labour count could go up to a thousand. In such risky environment, it sounds logical enough to keep yourself disinfected as much as possible. Providing disinfectants to all labour and having disinfection timing of 20 seconds every 2 hours can be made possible through safety departments of all sites.

4. Aarogya Setu App:
This indigenously developed app by Indian Government is noteworthy in tracing the Covid-19 cases in the country. Many organisations have already made it mandatory to install the app and construction sites should be doubly stringent in making it compulsory to install Aarogya setu app.

5. Quarantine facility:
As the construction sites are heavily dependent on migrant workers, it must identify the provision of quarantine facility for the new labour, in consultation with local municipal bodies. With passage of time, metro cities will again attract more migrants thus adopting a pro-active approach of identifying the quarantine facility near the sites will reduce the rush in eleventh hour. Also, in case of identification of positive patients in or in-contact of site, such as labour, driver of goods supplier etc., protocol for sealing of entire site, labour colony, staff accommodation and other company property should be kept ready and approved.

6. Medical Check-up:
Medical check-up though was mandatory at construction sites, but the time demands to step-up the engagement with local hospitals. Daily recording of temperature of all staff and labours prior granting them permission to enter the site, must be strictly followed in order to minimise risks to team members. Any symptoms certified in point number 1, should be reported immediately and should be taken up as priority. In case of positive result, protocol described in point no. 5.

Post lockdown, while it is expected that social distancing will be adopted in every sector possible but in construction projects it may lead to stoppage of work. Construction projects do not enjoy the ‘production line setup’ status as that of manufacturing firms, where certain work-related discipline can be maintained. Hence, people in construction will have to learn to live and work with the existence of coronavirus. The above-mentioned suggestions will surely have its toll on operational expenditure of organisations. However, organisations will have to find ways to include these measures in their CSR spending, as taking care of internal stakeholders also is an essential social responsibility.

Prof. Mihir Ayyanchira
Assistant Professor, RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University, Mumbai

Dr. Deva Dubey MRICS
Associate Professor, RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University, Mumbai

Disclaimer: The views and the opinion expressed here are that of the authors and do not represent the opinions of any entity whatsoever with which I have been, am now or will be affiliated.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

4 Tips for Winning a Lawsuit Against Your Employer

4 Tips for Winning a Lawsuit Against Your Employer


It’s not a situation anyone wants to find themselves in, but sometimes there’s no other option: you need to sue your employer. Before going down this road, it’s essential that you have the grounds to file a viable lawsuit. While you might have had a heated dispute with the employer, this might not necessarily be enough to win a lawsuit against them.

If you’re not quite sure what constitutes a feasible reason to file a lawsuit, consider the following examples:
• Breach of employee contract
• Discrimination
• Sexual harassment
• Failure to pay workers’ compensation
• Wrongful termination

If you feel confident you have a valid reason to take legal action, here are four important tips to keep in mind for winning a lawsuit against your employer.

Don’t file a lawsuit while still working for the employer

It’s true: you can file a lawsuit and remain working for the employer in question.
However, just take a minute to envisage this situation. Think about how awkward and miserable it would be in this type of work environment. Not only will the employer potentially cause unnecessary issues, but your fellow co-workers could also make you feel uncomfortable.

With this in mind, always try and find alternative work before going forward with a lawsuit. If you cannot quit due to financial reasons, your best bet may be to look for an alternative method to resolve your employer-related issues.

Receive the best representation

It’s essential you enlist an attorney who can fight for you when facing a lawsuit situation. If you don’t receive a helping hand from someone who is well-versed in employment law, your case could crumble within a flash.

With assistance, however, you have a much better chance of succeeding. They will be able to supply expert guidance and will fully understand how the process works. Plus if they don’t feel you can put together a viable lawsuit, they will tell you this without hesitation – and you will save a lot of time, money, and heartache as a result.

Have backup

When building up your case, you need to find as much help as possible. If you manage to get relevant people – such as fellow employees – to back up your side of the story, there’s a much bigger chance your lawsuit will be a successful one.

On the flip side, the lack of support from employees, managers, supervisors etc. could work against you. If they’re willing to side with the employer.

Prepare for a drawn-out process

Now you might be dreaming of filing the lawsuit, having it quickly resolved, and receiving a generous lump sum for your troubles. While that type of compensation is possible, don’t think you will be receiving it any time soon.

In fact, it can even take a couple of years for the lawsuit to be resolved. It’s a long process, so ensure your case is a strong one that has every chance of winning. The last thing you want is to go through all this and end up with nothing.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Best 3 Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges in Vadodara

Best 3 Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges in Vadodara

ba in journalism and mass communication colleges in gujarat

Journalism and mass communication is one of the best courses to go with. These courses are quite challenging and prepare the student for an amazing career. There are many B. A. in journalism and mass communication colleges in India that offer quality education to the students. If you are one of them who wants to pursue a career in this field or dream to become a journalist one day, then here is the list of best 3 colleges in Vadodara that offers journalism and mass communication courses:

Navrachana University: Navrachana University was established through the Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009 as the university wants to offer superior education that befits the high educational standards of the Navrachana Educational Society in Vadodara. The University has embarked on a new educational model that emphasized the disciplinary education, inter-disciplinary education, professional education as well as general education. A liberal arts education prepares the students to examine different ideas from multiple points of view, solve different problems, adapt, and collaborate. They combine multiple disciplines of study, school of liberal arts to a wide range of subjects. They encourage the students to think outside a narrow focus and contribute to the original solutions. They provide different programs including BA JMC, BA JEP, BA SPJ, and so on.

Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda: India's internationally renowned Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda (1949) and it has flourished from the Baroda College (1881) which is one of the oldest centers of education in western India. It is the only state university with a residential, unitary character having English as a sole medium of instruction with more than 1200 well-qualified faculty members and 1500 administrative staff to help the learning of more than 35000 students that have cosmopolitan life on the campus. The main objective of establishing the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda provides a distinct type of University that has complete freedom in all academic matters.

Fortune Institute of Management and Technology: Fortune Institute of Management and Technology provides the student with quality as well as career-oriented programs in the field of education. The institute offers different programs in various fields. They give the opportunity to every professional to master in their field through different professional programs. They offer a wide range of degree, diploma, and certification courses in a different field.

These are some of the top-notch universities and colleges that offer quality education to the students. If you are one of them who is inspired to become a journalist or want to pursue a course in this, then get enrolled in one of the best colleges that offer quality education. Before you join any of the colleges, you need to go through all the details available. Visit the website to ensure if the college is good for you or not. Check out the infrastructure, the fee structure of the college, the cafeteria, and the other facilities, placement cell, and all the other details, which can help you, make the right decision. If you want to have a career in this challenging field, then get admission into one of the top-notch colleges.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

How to Prepare for College: A 2020 Guide

How to Prepare for College: A 2020 Guide

How to Prepare for College

For seniors in high school, the next great step in life is college. Moving out and living on your own for the first time is a huge step. It’s time to make new friends, learn something you are passionate about, and finally focus on your career. College is about preparing you for adulthood in almost every avenue possible, and you can emerge a fully independent adult with a job offer, but only if you follow these steps to prepare for college.

1. Know What You Want to Do
The infamous gap year is often taken by students who want to set out and discover themselves and what they want to do. In theory, this is excellent. In reality, it often becomes an excuse to party it out or go traveling. Not only will that sort of gap year not help you determine what you want out of life, but it is also only available for those whose ventures are funded, often, by their parents.

In reality, the best way to take your “gap year” is to work. Internships, job placements, shadowing opportunities, and even short courses can all do wonders to help you understand what you are interested in and what you want to do with your life. So, if you are struggling, taking a year off to try out different things and work in different industries is a must. As a bonus, you’ll already have a great amount of work experience you can use to secure better internships and even have a job offer right out of college.

2. Explore All Industry-Related Courses
All you need to know is what industry you want to get involved in. Your Bachelor’s is a foundation in that industry or subject and will help you enter the job market of your choice or give you the necessary qualifications to pursue higher education.

You can also specialize early on with a more marketable focus in the job market. The point is you won’t know what you can do unless you explore all the courses available in your field of interest. Once you have a shortlist, use this college comparison tool to help you narrow down your options by the quality of school and its environment.

3. Improve Your Application
It’s never too late to get in one last extra-circular into your application. Your senior year is the perfect time to do this. Just make sure that the options you choose will work to help your application at your chosen college.

4. Know the Opportunities
After applying, it is a good idea to look at all the opportunities your top schools offer. This can help you decide on the right one for you if you get more than one acceptance back. Opportunities like internships provided to students in your department, competitions your school will help you apply to, job placements, and even the club and societies available can help you really get the most out of your degree.