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Monday, September 16, 2019

Career Prospects after MBA in Media Management

Career Prospects after MBA in Media Management

mba in media management

To many people, Media Management may sound like something that deals only with the entertainment industry which is not completely true. It is a branch of business management that not only deals with media and entertainment but also involves marketing management, strategy management, goal-oriented strategy making, organization management and more. It is a function of business administration that deals with crafting strategies to promote business, organizing events, supervising teams, etc. for brand awareness with the help of various mass media tools. Read more to know more about media management.

Media management professionals are in high demand these days as they help the organization to reach the target customers in the most effective ways. With the help of media management professionals, a company can address both its in-house and external public, effectively. Many institutes like JBIMS, MICA, etc offer MBA in media management course that you help you to get the best opportunities across various roles in the media & entertainment industry.

Here are some of the key job profiles that are offered after an MBA in media management:

PRO (public relations officer): PRO is the person who acts as a bridge between the organization and its public. The public can be internal stakeholders like employees, board members, suppliers, etc of the organization and the external stakeholders are the shareholders, customer or buyer of the product, government, etc. PRO uses different forms of media to convey the messages from an organization to its public. Visit the website and learn more about the public relations job profile.

Advertising: Advertisement job profiles are some of the most exciting job profiles in the media world. Along with the marketing function, the profile calls for the involvement of a variety of media like print media, audio-video media, indoor and outdoor media tools, etc. and lots of creativity is also involved in it. One can join the industry as advertisement manager, media buyer, media coordinators in advertisement companies or the promotion team in marketing firms as promotion manager as well.

Media Planner: The job profile of media planner includes the identification and coordination of best media platforms for the promotion of the products or the brands of the clients. You plan campaigns, pick outdoor advertisements, use press, radio or television for an advertisement to get the best results.

Web Content Manager: As websites have become the most crucial part of any business or marketing these days, the role of web content manager has also become challenging. The job profile of a web content manager is to make sure that the web site is well structured, the content of the site is relevant & accurate while working towards achieving the business goals for the organization.

Social Media Manager: With time this job profile is gaining popularity and is one of the most exciting roles of recent times. The job profile of a social media manager is to develop a strategy to make people aware of the brand & increase engagement through social media. Visit here to learn about the various social media platforms that managers use for promotion and brand awareness. It makes the product, idea or service more and more visible in social media so that the client could reach to a larger number of its target customers.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Eligibility for NATA Admission

Eligibility for NATA Admission

nata admission

Those who want to become Architect and are interested in getting admission in various school of design are required to appear for the NATA exam. This exam is conducted by Council of Architecture. It is a national level exam and is necessary to clear to get admission in a 5-year B.Arch Degree course. This national level exam is recognized by almost all the top colleges and university and is used to give admission to the qualified candidates. But, the question that comes to the mind is that who all are eligible for the NATA admission. One can get all the necessary information right here.

Eligibility for NATA Admission
There is a certain criterion which needs to be fulfilled before one can sit for the NATA exam. These rules are updated from time to time and it is important for the student to thoroughly check the details. At present student should have passed class 12th with Mathematics as one of the main subjects. Graduated students are also allowed to appear for the paper. One can read more about the details online as well.

One should have 50% marks in aggregate in their class 12th to appear for the exam. Even the difference of 0.5 will not be taken into consideration. And to take admission in the undergraduate course of Architecture, it is important to have 40% in the qualifying paper. Clearing the paper does not give any authority to the student to obtain the admission. There are certain terms and conditions of the individual colleges which are mandatory as well. There is no age limit for the candidates to appear for the exam. NRI students are required to register in India before applying for the exam. There is no fees waiver for the student of any category. Almost all the top colleges consider NATA score for admission in their college. The score is valid only for one year. Students are allowed to appear for the paper 5 times since the time of their last score.

How to Prepare for NATA
There are two parts of the paper, one and two. Paper 1 consists of Mathematics and General Aptitude. There are 60 questions in this section. Each question is of two marks. 40 questions are based on General Aptitude while 20 questions are on Mathematics. The second part is of Drawing and is of 40 marks with 2 questions each of 40 marks. The total paper is of 200 marks and one needs 40 percent to qualify the paper.

Though it is not a tough paper, students take help and guidance of the coaching center as well which are widely available both online and offline. Some of the leading institutes in Ahmedabad are Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio (BRDS), Explora Academy of Design, Pre Cept, Skyblue Institute of Design and many more. One can select any as per their need and preference. These institutes boast of best results and help students to gain confidence and get rid of exam fear. To get more information about the course and other details, it is suggested to visit the website.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

A guide to looking after your business online

A guide to looking after your business online

Most businesses fear the prospect of losing their reputation or information in a cyberattack. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all business owners are equipped with the knowledge to prevent such an event. Educating yourself on the basics of cybercrime is one of the best approaches you can take for your business. Not only will this save the time of retrieving all your information, but also money in terms of time wasted and reputation.

Create a culture of safety
Of course, expertise is one of the best weapons you will have in looking after your business online. There isn’t any real replacement for a firewall or anti-virus software. However, a hugely important step to take is to educate everyone on-site. This is a preventative measure to stop fraudsters and cybercriminals from attacking your systems from the inside. Here are a few ways you can inform your employees:

• Host meetings to remind them of the most recent methods of cybercrime
• Alert them to what phishing scandals look like
• Prohibit BYOD (bring your own devices) unless they have company-approved anti-malware software on them

Don’t forget your use of apps
Online security isn’t often talked about when it comes to apps. However, in the era of smartphones, almost everyone is using an app of some description. It is therefore crucial that you use software that is primed to filter out any untrustworthy download sources and you are aware of what is mobile application security.

Password safety
We’ve all been guilty of relying on a less-than-safe password from time to time. While shorter, less complex passwords are easier to type in, they’re certainly less effective at protecting us against cyber-crime. If you want to protect your company through your use of secure passwords, be sure to install a policy that ensures:

• Passwords must be incredibly complex (upper-case, numbers and special characters all included)
• Employees have to change their password every month or so. This stops their password choice from becoming predictable.

Update your software
If your computer system is constantly reminding you to install updates, it’s a good idea to get on with downloading these. Software updates are often trying to outrun cybercriminals to keep your computer safer. In turn, this means that cybercriminals are also trying to keep up with software companies and their updates. Not updating your computer means that you have just become vulnerable to hacker’s established methods of penetrating older software versions.

Backup everything
If the worst were to happen, what would you do? If you don’t back up your information regularly, the event of a cyber attack could be detrimental to your business. Remember to back everything up on a regular basis (ideally on cloud storage) to ensure that if your business is the victim of online crime, you will be able to stay afloat. Recovering lost information is costly both in terms of time and money.

Looking after your business online is not only important for retaining sensitive information, but also your reputation. Keeping your business and employees safe ensures that your company can run like clockwork, without the threat of a cybercriminal interrupting the process.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Here’s How to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Here’s How to Improve the Quality of Your Life

It is said that life is one and live it at its best. But life is not the same for everyone. To someone, life is just a bed of roses, and for someone, it is a tiring battle to win. But it is possible to improve the quality of life a person deals with. Life can be changed within its limitations. The thing you want is to know the technique to extract the best from it and also to make each and every moment enjoyable. If you think that you are in a hard situation in your life, just think that some others may not be as blissful as you with life itself.

The most essential things to live life are food clothing and shelter. Now if you have to struggle for these things, you can make your life beautiful. You just need to priorities your needs and accordingly, you have to strive for. Just eat properly what you get, sleep enough, and stay fit. That’s what you need to say happy.

Stay Happy

Stay Happy with What You have
It is our expectations from our life that brings the constraints to stay happy. If you have expectations then you should have to get prepared for it from the very early days. But nevertheless, if you can learn to stay happy with what you have, you can still stay happy. What if you don’t have a big car? If you have a cycle, you can roam around here and there on it. If you can find happiness with the tea in roadside tea stall along with your friend or your dear ones, you have no need to go to the big cafes to spend time. Whenever you feel that life is hard for you, just think that it is much harder for somebody else.

Understand Your Needs, Priorities Your Wants and Control Your Demands
There are five needs that help a person to live a proper life. As per the sequence, they are food, clothing, shelter, health, and education. If you are not lacking any one of these, you are in a good state of life. What you need to do is to utilize these things at the fullest and then you can stay happy. Quality of life can improve like this. It is your state of mind which keeps you aside from staying happy, not your life.

Betterment of Life

Roll of Food, Exercise, and Sleep for the Betterment of Life
First of all, you need to eat properly and healthy food. You have to understand the difference between necessity and luxury. Food is your necessity, not luxury food. If you are not a multimillionaire, you can’t afford luxurious food every day. So stay happy with the food you get. If you are still feeling unhappy, just think, many people don’t even have food to eat every day. A well-balanced diet for you is enough to live life well. You need not win Leovegas casino jackpot games to win a lot of money to live a good quality life.

If you want to stay healthy, you need some exercise to do. Your body is like a machine and the parts should stay active. If a machine remains idle for a long time, it is attacked with rust. Likewise, your body should have proper and adequate movement every day. It can be your profession of physical work, or it can be a bit of exercise daily. Exercise helps you to keep your account of calorie count active. Along with these two, you need proper sleep of at least 7 – 8 hours to stay in a fresh mood. Sleep refreshes your mind and helps your body to regain the energy that you lose during your daily work. Therefore a proper and sound sleep helps you to stay active for the whole day and makes you feel like the winner of the Megamillions India games.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Books That Make The UPSC Exam Preparation Easier

Books That Make The UPSC Exam Preparation Easier

UPSC Exam Preparation

The world beyond fear is that of success. The truth in this grain of sentence is colossal. More so for the sphere of the UPSC conducted civil services examination. The youth of India who decide to sit for the toughest exam in the nation face their fear of failure and a few come out victorious. Why only a few?

The number of candidates who sit for the exam number in lakhs. The number of students who make it to final merit list, after a long, arduous journey, is pint-sized. On top of that, only the top contenders get the most prestigious position in the civil services, i.e.:


Regardless of the odds, the CSE is one place where fear has no role says the best IAS coaching in Chennai. The advice is to get over the intimidating probability and give your whole focus and attention to preparation. When you are determined to study well and only visualize that, instead of the chances of clearing the exam, you take the first step to winning.

But is remaining focused the only trick to clearing the IAS exam? The short answer is no. Without investing in a few crucial elements such as good civil service coaching centres in Chennai, books, mentors, and strict regime, no IAS aspirant can achieve his or her goal. Though many recipes have proven to be successful for previous IAS aspirants, in this article the limelight is on books.

Without investing in some of the best books for IAS preparation and other material, no candidate stands a chance of winning. The syllabus of the UPSC exam is more than vast. It is humungous. The only way to get through it all and understand every part of it is books and reading the material. Compiled below is a small but essential list of books for the IAS exam.

Divided into the prelims and mains, the first two phases of the civil services exam, it is imperative to read them cover to cover. Besides the books, one more habit that every IAS aspirant has to inculcate is reading newspapers. If not that, then reading through news Apps. CSE is filled with current affairs; it is only be staying up to date with news that you will be able to answer them all.

Books Necessary For IAS Prelims Prep
• Indian Polity – Laxmikanth
• Science & Technology – A. Singh
• Geography of India – M. Hussain
• India’s Ancient Past – R.S. Sharma
• Economic Survey – Ministry of Finance
• History of Medieval India – S. Chandra
• History of Modern India – Bipin Chandra
• Indian Economy – Dutta/Puri or Ramesh Singh
• Environmental Studies from Crisis to Cure – Rajagopalan
• Environment for Civil Services Prelims and Mains – Khuller
• 20 years IAS Prelims (CSAT) General Studies Solved Papers
• NCERT Books on Geography, Science, Economy, Biology and Chemistry from middle to high school
• CSAT Paper Analytical and Verbal Reasoning or CAST Paper 2 by Arihant

Books Necessary For IAS Mains Prep
• Essays for CSE by P. Khare
• Pax Indica by Shashi Tharoor
• IAS Mains GS Ethics by Arihant
• Social Problems in India – Ahuja
• Governance in India by Laxmikanth
• India’s National Security by Bajpai, Pant
• Challenges to Internal Security of India
• Contemporary Essays for CSE by R. Singh
• Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude
• IAS Mains General Studies 2, 3 and 4 by Arihant
• Governance for Growth in India – APJ Abdul Kalam
• History of the Modern World by Rao or Jain and Mathur
• Internal Security and Disaster Management GS Paper 3
• India after Gandhi: The History of the World’s Largest Democracy by R. Guha
• India and the World: Through the Eyes of Indian Diplomats by S. Kumar
• Indian Heritage, Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society by Arihant

The reading material listed above is not only the best but also an easier. The reading material listed above is not only the best but also an easier way to prepare for the IAS exam. Let it be the basic formula on which you built upon your preparation.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Give Direction to Your Career with Top Institutes for MBA

Give Direction to Your Career with Top Institutes for MBA

top institutes for mba

MBA is one of the most sought-after courses by graduate students. This administration domain offers multiple job opportunities, this is why more and more individuals are looking for an option to build their career in this stream. If you are also from the same group then you can check the top institutes for MBA across India and opt for the most suitable B School for your degree. However, acquiring an MBA seat in any reputed institute is not an easy task. In order to earn an MBA seat in one of the top colleges, you need to clear its entrance exam and for this, you need to prepare yourself beforehand.

In India, there are many well-established colleges, which provide high-quality education in MBA programs to aspiring students.  Currently, the demand for MBA courses is booming due to the growth of various businesses and programmes in the market. Most of the multinational companies prefer to hire MBA professionals, as they are equipped with knowledge on the different aspects of a business. The B Schools in India are also gaining great popularity worldwide since they help MBA aspirants build a good career in their interested field. One of such institutes is MICA, situated in Ahmedabad. It is known for its quality education, state-of-art infrastructure, student-friendly environment, experienced faculty members, quality teaching, etc. Read more about the institute to know about the MBA programs provided by it.

Pursuing MBA from a renowned college can give direction to your career in your interested field. There are many top-notch colleges that provide MBA programs to aspiring candidates. These colleges attract hundreds of students every year with their quality education and by opening multiple opportunities for future ventures. Some of the top institutes for MBA in India are:

1. MICA, Ahmedabad
2. Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur
3. Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
4. S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
5. Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida
6. Symbiosis School of Business Management, Pune
7. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
8. Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
9. International Management Institute, Delhi
10. FORE School of Management, Delhi/ Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

All these institutes are counted among the topmost MBA institutes in the country and students flocked into these colleges with the hope to acquire a seat for themselves. At present, the demand for MBA professionals is on the rise due to the growth of job opportunities in the administration domain. This has further led to the establishment of new schools and colleges offering MBA programs for the potential candidates. Among the best MBA colleges, MICA, Ahmedabad is counted as one of the top institutes that offers education in the MBA program. Interested candidates can visit here and gather information regarding the admission process of the college.

If you are planning to complete your graduation with an MBA, it is very important to know about the top colleges from where you can gain a quality education. Internet is one of the best platforms where you can find the know more about the different types of universities as well as other details. The top MBA colleges like MICA provide accommodation as well as other facilities for the students. Visit the website of the college to learn more about the program detail, fee structure, placement percentage, etc.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Why Prepare for Nata 2020 Entrance with BRDS?

Why Prepare for Nata 2020 Entrance with BRDS?

nata 2020 entrance

NATA stands for National Aptitude Test in Architecture. It is a national level entrance exam for admission into various architecture colleges in India. NATA is a tough entrance exam and requires thorough preparation. As this is a national level test for admission into leading architecture colleges, a detailed and in-depth preparation is required to crack the exam. Students preparing for NATA 2020 entrance exam should be under guidance of a good coaching institute. This is because result-oriented coaching institutes provide best study material, quality guidance, regular mock test, and comprehensive knowledge on all the subjects.

Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio (BRDS) is one such renowned coaching institute that provides comprehensive NATA coaching for the students. The institute’s study materials are prepared by alumni from prestigious institutes such as IIT, NID, and CEPT. So, if you are preparing for NATA 2020, then you must get enrol at BRDS for extensive coaching and guidance on architecture. Visit the website: and read more about the institute’s success stories.

Established in 2005, BRDS is the leading coaching institute for design and architecture coaching in India. It has the record of maintain highest selection of students, and maximum result producer in NATA entrance exam every year. The institute provides exam-oriented and thoroughly researched study materials for architecture programs. These extensive study materials are latest and updated as per recent exam patterns. BRDS’ NATA study materials are finalized by faculties from renowned institutes such as SPA, CEPT and many other leading institutes. The NATA study material contains 19 modules for the students. These modules include all subjects required for the exam. Apart from this, the institute provides extensive methods for NATA entrance preparations. This includes NATA mock test series, NATA 1001 original question bank, NATA sample papers, NATA 10 year’s original papers etc. This approach for test preparation is highly effective because this will give you an idea what would be your final rank in NATA exam. Also, you would get to understand how to manage and utilize time during exam. It would give you an edge over other students appearing the same test.

BRDS provides modern infrastructure and facilities to the students so that the students get the best from their coaching institute. Some of the facilities include lecture halls, audio-visual hall with 500 educational videos and short videos on various subjects, theatre hall, art and crafts workshop, library with over 500 national and international books, magazines of design subjects, teaching materials, technical videos, computer lab with update software and equipment, portfolio room for creating professional portfolio of art and design, fully Wi-Fi campus, and hostel facilities for the students. Also, the institute offers classroom coaching program, and online coaching programs to the students that covers all the stages of design for NATA entrance test. In association with top corporations and educational organizations, BRDS regularly conducts design hunt competitions for students to offer young minds with new opportunity.

BRDS has experienced mentors and highly qualified faculties from industries who are established fashion designers, animators, product designers, communication designers, and architecture graduates and postgraduates from distinguished institutes such as NIFT, NID, IIT, CEPT, SPA, MSU and DCA.

So, if you are planning to prepare for NATA 2020 entrance exam and register for the new academic session.

Monday, August 19, 2019

5 Tips to buy a study table

5 Tips to buy a study table

Most of us who either work from home or work from the office, need a study table. It is a place where you get all the mantra to work harder. A study table helps us to focus and concentrate better. You could any day buy bed online but buying a study table needs a good amount of research. To find time to research a study table seems lame, so here is a guide that will help you buy a study table that is suitable for you.

1. Size:
If you want to buy a study table for students, then buying a gargantuan table is an illogical choice. Most students have a very low span of attention. With a bigger table structure, it would be inconvenient for them to focus on. If you decide to buy a study table for your office work, then a bigger table is desirable. With files and books and bigger office space, a big table would be practical and yet compliment your office.

2. Storage:
For most students, a study table with bigger storage can help them store their books and notepads in the vicinity. It is also a relatively practical option as they can reach out for the things they want to within seconds. A study table that has multiple storage options can always come handy. One can access all their daily needs like pens, bags, diaries all at once. It is not only convenient for students but also for working adults. Apart from stationary, it can also be used to flaunt medals and prizes. However, if you have a smaller room, a smaller study table is more preferable as it would not take up their space.

3. Ergonomics:
It becomes very important to understand the needs of the person who would be using the study table. Most ergonomic furniture has been designed to help people with various bodily problems to ease out their pain. Therefore if a person with spondylosis is using a particular study table, it is necessary to opt for a study table that is part of the ergonomic movement. The height of the table, the height of the bookshelf, all fall into consideration while choosing a perfect study table.

4. Quality:
As important as it is to choose a study table according to its storage or ergonomic requirement, the quality does matter. It is not preferred for you to buy a weak study table just because it is cost-effective. A study table is a long term plan and one should invest in a table made of strong wood like timber, mahogany and so on.

5. Price:
The price of your study table is as important as the quality and material of your study table. If you are planning to buy a smaller table, you would not want to spend a lot of money on it. The best way to get the best deal would be to compare your study tables and the price that is set on it.

Buying a study table is a long term investment and before buying into it one must have a good look at the price, quality, storage, ergonomics and the use it is set for. With this short guide, one can surely get a good deal on study tables. Always remember to tally the offline and online prices before committing to your study table.