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Ready To Study In Canada? Here Is A Packing Guide For You!

Higher education from a good university will enrich the mind and when you have decided to go abroad for further studies in a foreign locale, you will find that your horizons are broadened as well. Canada is an excellent foreign education abode where you are exposed to a large number of courses in some of the top universities across the globe. There are 12 universities of Canada that are listed in the Times Higher Education Supplement 200. The tuition fees here are cheap and you will get the chance to work post studies. Canada will help you kick-start your global career after attaining your degree or diploma.

Preparing To Travel To Canada
Once you have chosen your university and completed the procedure for enrolment and admission you should ensure you pack

appropriately for the journey ahead. Given below are some simple tips on your packing guide to Canada-
1. Pack all the essentials- It is important for you to ensure that all your essential documents like the visa, passport, plane tickets etc are put in a small bag. It is prudent for you to receive all the copies of the documents you are to take so that they are assured of their safety and security. You should also carry with you at least $100 of the local currency that will last you for the few days before you finally discover an ATM for the withdrawal of money.

2. Pack additional eye -glasses and contact lens- It is wise to carry an extra pair of glasses and contact lens when you travel to Canada.

3. If you take prescription drugs, it is prudent for you to bring genuine documentation that needs to be presented.

4. Carry a backpack with the essential documents- It is important for you to pack a bag with all the essential documents so that may find things in one place.

5. Keep your computer and charger together- You should keep them together so that you do not lose it. Apply the same with your adapters and converters. The camera along with chords and chargers should be kept together as well.

Pack the right clothes
Pack clothes for one week and include woolens as Canada is cold. Keep swimming gear with you if you are fond of swimming. Carry essential toiletries as well like toothpaste, soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner etc. Ensure that you keep money, important documents, prescription drugs and medicines in the carry-on baggage while you travel. This will prevent you losing them.

Attend webinars
There webinars on studying in Canada and before you leave, you may get your questions answered by professional overseas education consultants for Canada and other professionals. You get the chance to interact with them and have all your important queries answered.

Study Smart- Relocate To Canada With Confidence!
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Time Management While Taking The IELTS Exam

When you are appearing for your IELTS Examination, it is important for you to ensure that you have excellent time management skills. Specialists in IELTS test preparation will help you achieve the above with skill and practice. They say that most students face the issue of not being able to finish the paper in time. This is where they step in to help you with a time management strategy that works!

Common issues faced by students when appearing for their IELTS Test
Given below are some of the common time management issues that students face when they are appearing for their IELTS tests:

• hard questions that take time over others to answer
• wasting too much time reading the text and guidelines
• spending too much time just looking at the type of questions

Top IELTS coaching Experts Recommend-
• Managing time between the 3 texts, individual questions and general questions
• Trial and error to find the right time management skills for yourself. Practice till you make it perfect.
• Though spending one and a half minutes on each question looks sensible, it is not practical.

The Tips are-
• There is a common misconception among candidates taking the IELTS test for the first time that there is extra time after answering the questions. This is a wrong notion, there is no extra time at all.

• Fill out the answers as you proceed in the paper. There are some candidates that leave out blocks of questions thinking that they will come back to them at the end. Unfortunately, the time flies and sometimes these blocks of questions remain unanswered.

• Do not spend more than 20 minutes on each text.

• Roughly spend about one and a half minutes for each question. Yes, this is a tight deadline however, you need to stick to it if you wish to finish the paper.

• Skimming the whole text does take a lot of time. It is prudent to practice the skill of making sensible guesses.

• Develop a strategy on how to tackle hard questions. An average time and a maximum time for all the questions should be calculated for performing well in the test.

• When it comes to reading skills- practice till you are perfect.

The above are just some of the practical and easy tips you can embrace to take better control of time when you are appearing for the IELTS Examination.

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Most Fashionable Ways to Dress Up Your Boots

In preparation for fall and the beautiful, snug fall garments, J-Bees online Shopping Store wanted to share with you the fashionable ways to dress boots. (Fall, the finest time of the year!) The delightful outfit promises with boots are boundless and this should give you amply of outfit motivation for the fall and winter season.

We have made this post a rodeo of our desired boot outfits; the whole thing from how to dress booties with jeans to wearing ankle boots.

Boots are our favorite footwear all through the fall. With the so many boots option accessible, over-the-knee, flat, wedge, heeled, ankle, pointed toe—there is a boot to go with each clothing and event. You can wear jeans with boots, a dress with boots, and even ankle boots with trousers.

Dependent on your bravura and your individual preference, brown riding boot or a classic black might just be the only boot you want. But if you are a boot fanatic, then you will need to wear flat overstated ankle boots, heeled ankle shoes in brown and black, some black suede over-the-knee boots, and furry boots for the snow.

There are not a lot of rulebooks that go along with exhausting boots with dresses or skirts. It is impeccably suitable to mix and match lots of skirt and dress lengths with all boot heights. And that is upright news because you cannot really muddle this look up too badly.

Here are 10 tips to dress them this fall, as well as 15 easy ways to making each look pulled organized and well-adjusted.

Dress with Jeans
The number one method to dress your boots this fall is with jeans. So informal and classic!

Trick #1. To fashion a balanced fall, look when it is still not super cold, try a vest for a charming layered look. Then add a big necklace in a pretty shade to add a bit of softness and girlishness, as well as drawing heed up toward your face.

Dress with Socks
Socks covered underneath boots can be a charming look for winter and fall, in addition to keeping your tootsies pleasant and warm. Nevertheless, adding another line down there at your knee can simply cut the line of your leg up in strange places.

Trick #2. Do not let more than an inch of your socks display to evade weird color blocking and segmenting of your legs.

Trick #3. Keep the socks an unbiased color so they add a little somewhat but do not draw a lot of curiosity. Keep the observation up at your face where you need it with a patterned top.

Dress with Colored Pants
With all the colored jeans everybody possesses these days, we are sure you will be coupling them with your boots this winter and fall.

Trick #4. Select your duskier colors of jeans, as compared to your neon pair. This will benefit the boots blend into your leg well and fashion a long lean look.

Dress with Patterned Pants
We were kind of anxious to endorse pairing your boots with patterned pants for the reason that we thought it would be totally silly, but it turns out that we love this look.

Trick #5. Couple your boots and patterned pants with a neutral, oversized tee to help balance out the business in the bottom. Trick #6. Add a glowingly colored necklace to help draw attention up toward your face and away from the busy design on your legs.

Pencil Skirt
Pencil skirts are a great amalgamation with boots, but you have to be watchful with the proportions.

Trick #7. Choose pencil skirts that hit at, or right above your knee so that you have quite a few inches of open leg. Do not let the skirt and boots touch!

Dress with an A-Line Skirt
A-Line cut skirts are another great decision. But yet again, make sure there is space amongst the top of your boots and the hem of your skirt.

Trick #8. Pick a top that is darker, to help balance out the big dark segment on legs and keep the clothing from being bottom hefty.

Dress with a Dress
Boots and dresses are a great combination for fall, and a visible bare leg is a perfect provisional look. Yet again, make sure you have plenty of space between your boots and your dress hem.

Trick #9. Use a scarf to add a bit of bulk on the way to the top of your outfit to balance out the weighty boots at the bottom. Trick #10. Do not be anxious to pair brown and black – they are both neutrals so they go organized just fine!

Wear with a Dress and Tights
As you get into the cooler months, boots with tights are a great amalgamation. Since there are only a few inches of tights visible, try a fun lively color like gold or blue or pink!

Trick #11. A jacket, like denim, is also good way to balance out your boots.

Trick #12. Try coupling your tights with the A-line skirts and pencil skirts!

Dress with Leg Warmers
Leg warmers are a fun boot embellishment, just like socks. You can dress them over jeans. You could even layer them over tights with a skirt or dress!

Trick #13. Attempt a pair of patterned ones, like an attractive argyle or striped, but make sure the rest of your ensemble stays more impartial to create balance.

Trick #14. If your leg warmers are soft colored and you are exhausting them with jeans, make sure you only let an inch or two be uncovered over the top of your boots. Or else you cut up the line of your leg, just like with the socks. If they are dimmer, you can let a few more inches show.

Dress with Leggings and a Tunic
Leggings and tunic are a certainly useful pair. This getup would be seamless in the summer and spring with a couple of sandals, but also looks great in the winter and fall with a pair of boots.

Trick #15. Meanwhile, there is a lot more leg screening than with the knee-length dresses and tights, go with black or dark leggings to fashion a long thin leg line.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Introducing Yemen Sidr Honey, Remedy for Almost Everything

Sidr honey has been taken as a subject of study by many doctors, researchers and medical scholars, and found that it heals wounds, works against different types of body and organs bacteria, cures a lot of stomach diseases, skin diseases, and have a great positive effect on the brain. Not to mention that Sidr honey is proven by research that it is a very powerful antioxidant, and helps a lot to keep human cells young, which makes it also, contributes as a beauty remedy. Most of these finding are not new to the Middle Eastern people who have always used Sidr honey and other natural remedies to cure themselves from anything.

Here are some of the scientifically proven medical benefits of Yemen Sidr Honey:
One of the researches that mentioned Sidr Honey as a great remedy to heal wounds was Research Gate’s which was conducted by 3 researchers who found that The wound healing effect of three types of honey (Cider –Sidr-, Spring and Thyme) was observed in three groups of animals and their skin burns and wounds were treated with the three types of honey and there was a decrease in the area of the wounds caused by the burns. Also 4 De Gruyter researchers found the same results in their research (Review of animal models used to study effects of bee products on wound healing: findings and applications), as well as researcher Azza S. Zakaria of International Research Journal of Pharmacy ( who has found similar results in her research (Mechanism of Antibacterial Action of Honey on Pathogenic Wound Bacterial Strains: A Proteomic Analysis).

And when it comes to Stomach, the Sidr honey has won against the Lactulose syrup in the research study (The value of Mountain Sidr Honey in treating and controlling chronic constipation: A Prospective comparative study between Ziziphus –Sidr- honey and Lactulose in 1000 Saudi Arabian patients) of Journal of Apitherapy (, and the results were amazing compared to those of Laculose syrup which is also a natural compound (not chemical).

Ziziphus (Sidr) honey
Hard stool
28 (5.6%)
Bulky stool
47 (9.4%)
196 (39.2%)
Soft stool
371 (74.2%)
328 (65.6%)
Loose stool
102 (20.4%)
168 (33.6%)
Watery stool
18 (3.6%)
139 (27.8%)
73 (14.6%)
Recurrent constipation
59 (11.8%)
Need for dose adjustment
128 (25.6%)
Need to completely stop the intake
37 (7.4%)
Abdominal cramp
193 (38.6%)
203 (40.6%)
248 (49.6%)
61 (12.2%)
18 (3.6%)


Sidr honey works also as a great antioxidant according to the research studies performed by:
● Nutrition Research ( researchers who studied (Antioxidant activities and total phenolics of different) and found that the percentage of antioxidant activity of all Yemeni samples as well as the Iranian sample were higher than any other samples tested.

● PHCOG J, studied it from another perspective which is the (Effectiveness of Sidr Honey on the prevention of ethanol-induced gatroulcerogenesis: role of antioxidant and antiapoptotic mechanism) and it was based on the proved idea that Honey has been used for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders including peptic ulcer. And it aimed to study the mechanism of the antiulcer effect of sider honey placing emphasis on its role to block oxidative damage and apoptosis during ethanol-induced gastric ulceration.

The results indicated that Sidr honey significantly blocks gastric lesions. Lipid peroxidation and glutathione depletion were significantly inhibited by Sidr honey. And it also modulated the immuno-expression of mitochondrial associated protein (Bax). Thus, Sidr honey plays a considerable role in gastro protection by acting as a potent antioxidant and antiapoptotic agent. ZUMJ. Researchers, who also studied the work of Sidr honey as an antioxidant, but from another perspective which is (Antioxidant And Antiapoptic Effects Of Combined Sidr Honey And Nigella Sativa Oil Against Paracetamol-induced Hepato-nephrotoxicity In Rats) confirmed that combination of Nigella sativa oil and Sidr honey protect against hepatic and renal tissues changes through their strong antioxidant effects opposing the oxidative damages and thus, could be used as an effective protector against liver and kidney toxicities.

Not to mention that it also works as an Antibiotic, as studied and found by the International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences (IJCMAS) ( in their study (Antibacterial Activity of Bee and Yemeni Sidr honey against Some Pathogenic Bacterial Species) by their researcher Amal Sabry Othman, who concluded after researching that both Yemeni Sidr honey and Egyptian honey were highly effective against bacteria like Salmonella typhi, Neisseria meningitides, Shigella flexneri, Escherichia coli.

And as studied and found by Research Gate ( in the research they found that all of the planktonically grown bacteria were inhibited by each Sidr and Manuka honey, these types of honey, which are natural, nontoxic, and inexpensive products were effective in killing 100 percent of this bacteria.

Also similar studies were made by Research Gate (, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, and World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology International Journal of Biological, Biomolecular, Agricultural, Food and Biotechnological Engineering, and all came with positive results that Sidr honey could be used as a natural antibiotic and in the formation of medical formulas of antibiotic.

This is not all about Sidr honey, the more it’s researched, the more we find benefits in it, and there is nothing better than natural remedies that helps in curing more than one thing in your body, and even if you’re with perfect health, Sidr Honey will definitely benefit your body one way or another, so give it a chance and try it, you won’t regret it. You can find Sidr honey at

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Thing You Need To Know Before You Buy a Power Bank

All the people today want to enjoy the powerful features mobile phones and other devices can offer. At the same time the mobile phones and devices need more battery power. Because of the battery drain thanks to the numerous apps running in the background, and other device features, it is rarely possible for our mobile device to have enough battery power till the end of the day. Right here the power bank comes in hand. It can help us charge our mobile devices when we have no other option to charge them quickly. More and more companies produce power banks today, but it is highly recommended to buy a power bank of a reputable company in order to avoid some potential problems while you recharge your devices. Here are some important factors you have to take into account when buying a power bank.

The key factors to consider when buying a power bank
Today, having a power bank is considered to be an essential thing for any mobile device user. With its help the mobile devices will do the work without any interruptions caused by a lack of battery power. Therefore it is advisable to buy a high capacity and good quality power bank.

There are several factors that have to be considered when buying a power bank.
1. Quality – This factor depends on the manufacturer so always go with a well-known company with a good reputation in the industry. You can read some online reviews or user opinions on forums to get the idea of the quality of the selected product. Low quality and cheap power banks will generally be much more expensive at the end if something goes wrong.

2. Safety – this is rather important factor. As any other electronic device the power bank can also cause you some serious problems. The safety generally depends on the technology used to make the power bank so it is good to be informed before you make the purchase.

3. Product Design – the many different sizes and designs make the product design an important factor. Smart designs are always a good option. If you have to carry the power bank at all times then it is something worth thinking about.

4. Reliability – When we have to talk about reliability we have to say that it is always better to buy a power bank which is made of stronger materials and which are well protected. Buying a branded power bank usually solves this issue.

There are many places today where you can buy a power bank. Whether you decide to buy it in an online store or an electronic store there are factors that have to be taken into consideration. Size, capacity, design, number of output ports, cell quality, number of recharging cycles are just a few factors which can make a huge difference between different router brands.

If you own a mobile phone or another device then the power bank is the perfect option for you. So, you really shouldn’t hurry and buy a power bank without taking care of all the factors mentioned above. This will save you from some serious headache if problems occur after you buy the power bank. This is another reason why you should opt for a good quality power bank. Where can you buy a power bank?

The prices of good power banks are not too high. The prices generally depend on the capacity of the power bank and the quality. Online stores are a good place to buy a power bank, just make sure to make the purchase on trusted and reputable online stores. Popular electronic stores are also a good place to buy a power bank. However, no matter where you decide to buy the power bank, it is recommended to choose quality over price.