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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Top 5 Benefits of Installing Security Doors at Home

Top 5 Benefits of Installing Security Doors at Home

security doors

The security of the family inside home is the top most priority of every parent. With all the news tackling about burglars and incidents involving people who try to get into the property of another, it is of grave importance that everyone considers installing security doors at home. This is not only for parents who have to go out and leave their children everyday to work but also for everyone.

Security doors can keep the burglars outside your home
No one can claim that they are one hundred percent safe in the place where they live. Even the heavily guarded and exclusive villages are confronted with issues involving stealing and burglary. This is one of the crimes that many people are afraid of. You worked hard for whatever property you keep inside your home and here are some people who do not respect your right to privacy and property. With this, you need to consider the installation of security doors. It keeps the burglars out because of its complex and effective features that does not allow intruders to come in. No matter what tools these burglars are using to get into your home, it will not work when you have an installed security door.

It increases the level of security
The traditional padlocks no longer scare the people who have intentions of entering someone’s private place and home. This is why security doors are introduced. It can help you secure your properties as you also strive to keep your kids safe at home. Relying on traditional practices and manual locks is one of the mistakes that a lot of people commit. Increase the level of your security at home. Technology has introduced this new level of security that is designed for strength. It is durable and it can make you feel safer and more comfortable whenever you are not there to guard your home.

home security

It can help you maintain privacy
As private individuals, we all strive to maintain a life that is not open to the public. We want to spend time with our family and enjoy every moment knowing that there is no one trying to steal these moments from us. However, there are some products of technology that are created to help out those intruders to make an easier access to the lives of other private individuals. With the biometric entry system of security doors, you can make sure that the people who will be entering your home are those who are only authorized by you and your family members. You have the right to secure your home and to make it only available for people who are close to you except of course if you want to accept a home service and automotive service. Security doors are made for this very purpose.

It adds value to your property
You work hard to get that home. You worked harder to make the value of your property increase over time. These are efforts that we do not for ourselves but for our kids. This is why security doors are invented because the creators know and respect the value of everyone’s property. Installing a security door in your office, in your factory, in your store and at home will add value to whatever property you are trying to protect.

It beefs up security with the features you can choose from
There are different features that come with the security doors aside from those core characteristics that it already has. You can always choose according to the level of security that you need. You do not need to be paranoid and think about other possibilities on how burglars can penetrate your property. All you need to do is to check out the features and you will see how this product can protect you.

Every person’s life matters. Every property has a value. Protect your home and your properties and you will surely live a life that is full of happiness and peace.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Choosing Between Live and Animated Videos – Weighing the Pros and Cons

Choosing Between Live and Animated Videos – Weighing the Pros and Cons


From tutorials to funny animal videos, most likely, you have watched at least one online video today.

And it is easy to understand why. Videos are not only entertaining, they're easier to digest. It can only take a few minutes to watch a video compared to reading the same content as a blog post.

Quite simply, every business must take advantage of videos when promoting themselves online. The question is, which should you choose: live or animated videos?

The Pros and Cons
There is no clear answer to this question. More often than not, you will have to factor in a few critical considerations like your target audience, your campaign goals, your production timeline, and your budget.

In order to make an informed choice, it is worthwhile to know the pros and cons of each available option.

Animated Videos

Animated explainer videos are effective in breaking down even the most complex of subjects into easily understood ideas. Simply put, if you are trying to explain a complicated or groundbreaking idea, animated videos should be your number one option.

Animated videos can be customized. This makes it easier to use these videos for your branding efforts. Whatever animated style you choose to use, your chosen animated studio can seamlessly blend your brand's identity.

Animated videos can easily overcome live production challenges. Those concerns include budget, location, or in some cases, the safety and well-being of actors. You do not have to worry about those with animated videos.

Animated videos are easier to revise. Whether you want to add something to your video or update the information it contains, it takes fewer resources to make changes with an animated video.

Animated videos can lack a personal touch that consumers sometimes look for when interacting with an unfamiliar brand. Humans are hardwired to look at a person's face and evaluate the emotions it expresses.

Animated videos can spoil you with the sheer number of options they offer. While, more often than not, that is a good problem to have, that can be overwhelming in some cases and may lead you to analysis paralysis.

Live Videos

Live videos are more personal. If one of the drawbacks of animated videos is that it cannot show human faces and emotions, live videos easily overcome that challenge. This makes live videos more suited for products or services that potential customers like to see.

Live videos are great for showing steps. While animated videos are great for making concepts easy to understand, live videos are best suited for showing how processes are done in a step by step manner.

Almost anyone can do live videos. Most phones are capable of taking videos. Additionally, there are several platforms that enable users to upload or even shoot live videos. In short, live videos are more accessible to creators who may have limited skills.

Generally speaking, live videos are more expensive to make. Apart from the actors' fees, you also have to factor in the costs for the location, equipment rental, and off-screen talent fees.

Budget can also be a key concern in terms of limiting creativity. Unlike animated videos which can expand your ideas to practically anything you desire, it can be difficult to include some visual elements into a live video without blowing up your budget.

Making the Choice
When it comes to choosing which type of videos to use in promoting your videos, there are no hard and fast rules. Often, your choice will be dictated by your goals and your budget.

Apart from that, it shouldn't boil down to choosing one over the other. You can try using both types of videos for different purposes and platforms. For example, you can use animated explainer videos when explaining the concept behind your product or service, and a live video when you want to give consumers step-by-step instructions on how to use it. Or you can use live videos to give customers a behind-the-scenes snapshot of your production process and animated videos for social media and email marketing.

Whatever choice you make, at the end of the day, it’s your story that matters. Make sure that your story remains the focal point above everything else. Also, when the production is finished, you have to ensure your videos are optimized in order to coax more searchers, garner more views, increase engagements, and hopefully, increase sales.

Online videos are a powerful and versatile tool that businesses should add to their marketing toolbox. Ignoring the value of this content platform can translate to a significant loss of opportunities for your business.
Top 10 Colleges in India accept NATA Score

Top 10 Colleges in India accept NATA Score

NATA or the national aptitude test in architecture is an undergraduate entrance exam test in architecture that measures the aptitude and skills of the candidate in the field of architecture. This examination tests the student’s aptitude in the areas like drawing and observation skills, the sense of proportion, aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking.

All over India, various popular colleges offer degree courses in B.Arch and they have managed to rank in the top list of colleges that accept NATA score. Here in this article, we have compiled a list of some of the popular colleges under NATA exam.

1. The department of architecture, IIT Roorkee
The Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee started at B.Arch course of 5 years in 1956. The course offers a wide range of knowledge, learning from the faculty, textbook and other collaboration programs. The program includes an internship program and other joint research activities for the students.

Other Courses offered:

• Master in Architecture M.Arch

2. Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai
The College was established in 1910 and is affiliated to the University of Mumbai. Sir JJ College of Architecture ranks among the top three architecture colleges in India and they accept students bases on NATA and JEE.

3. Chandigarh College of architecture
The Chandigarh College of architecture is affiliated to the Punjab University and was established in 1961. Le Corbusier, the man who developed the master plan for Chandigarh got the college established. The college offers admission based on the NATA scores.

4. The department of architecture, NIT Tiruchirappalli
The college is known to provide deep knowledge of the architectural designs and concepts related to them. The course of here includes the basic architecture skills and knowledge along with the computer software like Breeze, daylight, 3D studio Max and AutoCAD.

5. The department of architecture, NIT Calicut
The National Institute of Technology, Calicut was set up as a regional college in 1961. The department of architecture provides a strong foundation for all students in terms of basic architecture knowledge.

6. The department of architecture, BIT, Mersa
The college was established in 1993 and offers bachelor's in architecture. The students are exposed to theoretical knowledge along with their practical application and in the final year, the students work upon their practical training. The college offers admission through NATA.

7. The RV school of Architecture, Bangalore
The RV School of architecture is affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University and was opened in 1963. The college has 5 Studios with computer labs and the latest architectural software.

8. Sinhgad College of Architecture
The colleges are affiliated to the University of Pune. Even though being a new College, it has established a rank among the top architectural colleges in India. The college aims to provide more practical knowledge with the help of Guest lectures and Workshops.

9. Rizvi College architecture
It is affiliated to the University of Mumbai and is located in Bandra. The huge campus has five Studios, and exhibition hall and computer centers with the latest software. The college also had a special Climatological Laboratory and a workshop and research center.

10. The school of planning and architecture
The Institute is located in Delhi and is affiliated to be the University of Delhi. The campus has two blocks completely dedicated to the students. Besides the bachelor’s programming in architecture, the institute also offers Masters and doctoral programs.

For acquiring a seat in one of the 10 architectural colleges you will need to have a good NATA score which you can achieve easily by pursuing a crash course in the BRDS institute which is known to be the highest result producer. So better details you can visit the website

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Best NATA Coaching Institutes / Classes in Lucknow

Best NATA Coaching Institutes / Classes in Lucknow

nata coaching institutes in lucknow

About NATA Coaching Institutes in Lucknow
Architecture and designing are widespread in the city of Lucknow. Every nook and corner of Lucknow boasts of architectural creativity and innovation. Fondness of architecture as a profession is bound to be there in the heart of Lucknowites. And it is this fondness that gave birth to the chain of NATA coaching institutes in Lucknow. Here, they build and design the career of future architects. They provide a creative platform to prepare for the exam which boosts the initiative of the NATA aspirants ensuring the achievement of their goals. The following part of the article deals with the best 3 NATA coaching institutes in Lucknow for you to explore.

Best 3 NATA coaching institutes in Lucknow

1. Vamshi Institute of Fine Arts & Design (VIFAD)
Institute of talented professionals working in the field of media and design for last ten years. VIFAD is the best platform for your NATA entrance preparation as well as Fine Arts & Design. The Institute was established with an aim to provide guidance for the entrance examination of NATA and design across India and Abroad. This orthodox design coaching institute provides solutions to students who wish to create their career in the field of design, fashion, art and architecture. They give equal importance to theory and artworks throughout the training program. The Institute provides updated study material and teaching method according to the current trends of exams. Every area of the exam is covered here, keeping the track of the patterns and all the changing trends are caught up with, based on the questions appearing in various entrance exams. The Institute has trained over 200 students in highly specialized disciplines, who are now studying at leading design and architecture colleges of India.

2. Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio (BRDS)
BRDS is one of the leading learning and training centers for NATA coaching in Lucknow. It has the best tools and teachers to help the students in enhancing their overall efficiency to pass NATA examination. There preparation methods are considered so good that in the past couple of years, the admission rate has been so impressive that the students nowadays will have to really stand out to seek admission in the Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio NATA coaching institute.

3. Academy of Fashion and Arts (AFA)
AFA comes with a main objective of imparting world class coaching programme to meet the requirements of students who are preparing for NATA and other Art and Design entrance exams. It has developed a large amount of quality courseware for the same. The coaching class runs under the hands of outstanding and dedicated faculties from renowned national institutes. The Institute serves to those who aspire for nothing but the best and endows them with systematic guidance and winning methodology. It has trained over 10,000 budding designers and artists and remains added to the count. AFA’s popularity has spread by the positive experience of its successful students, and stands as a leading NATA coaching institute in Lucknow today.

You can also visit the website of the above given institutes to get reviews and more details so that it can connect you to the right NATA coaching classes in Lucknow.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Best 3 NATA Coaching Institutes / Classes in Surat

Best 3 NATA Coaching Institutes / Classes in Surat

nata coaching surat

About NATA Coaching Institutes in Surat
In Surat, coaching classes for NATA conducts classroom training sessions in order to prepare you for the exam. The coaching classes conduct crash courses for the test, which will act as a catalyst to improve your test result. NATA Coaching Classes in Surat has separate batches for students who want to build a strong foundation for a career in architecture. The classes also conduct mock tests and offer relevant feedback on your sketches for improvement. In addition, they also conduct mentorship program, making sure that each and every candidate gets the required guidance.

Best 3 NATA Coaching Institutes in Surat
1. A Golakiya’s Design Studio (AGDS)
This is one of the largest and most successful entrance coaching centers of NATA in Surat. The Institute was initiated with the objective of giving the best-in-class education, coaching, study material & guidance to students. The center offers complete guidance to aspiring students and encourages them in choosing a career in design, fashion, fine arts, and architecture. The AGDS institute also provides exceptional quality coaching programs to enable students achieve success in entrance tests and build self-confidence and bring out the creativity of them. This coaching center makes students aware of the opportunities of career in design and guides through the process of acquiring admission in the top design institutions of India.

2. Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio (BRDS)
One of the leading institutes that offer high-quality coaching classes for NATA entrance exam in Surat. This Institute guides you at each step covering aptitude tests, career guidance, coaching for entrance exams, and admission guidance for creative careers like design, fashion, art, and architecture. The Institute has excelled in NATA coaching ensuring excellent results to help students get admission in top architecture colleges. BRDS provides the best coaching class that will benefit students with many advantages. It offers various classroom coaching options to students to suit their academic schedules involving regular, weekend and crash courses. Self-study material is provided for those aspirant students who could not join regular or crash courses. Mock tests are also taken to evaluate and enhance the student’s creative and architecture ability. The coaching institute also offers outdoor sketch trips for sharpening the sketching abilities of students.

3. Skyblue Institute of Design
It is one of the pioneers in providing professional design and architecture education in Surat. The Institute has been an integral part of hundreds of students’ efforts to learn design excellence. Skyblue provides NATA entrance coaching and preparation with full time and crash batches. This batch is also available for outstation students who are coming from different locations of India. Regular batches are run throughout the year for the coaching of NATA entrance exams. The expert mentors of Skyblue provide high quality and rigorous design training to the students in which creativity, critical thinking, innovative problem solving, aesthetic understanding and professionalism are explored. With the expert guidance and students' own hard work, many students have made to the esteemed design institutes and have created a niche for themselves amongst the design fraternity. The Institute has maintained to live up with the expertise of last 12 years with 100% success ratio.

You can also visit the website of the above coaching institutes and many more to find more details about the NATA exam. Choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Monday, October 7, 2019

5 Reasons to Opt Engineering as a career

5 Reasons to Opt Engineering as a career


Engineering is one of the most popular career choices among students. It is the career field where there is more surety of getting a job. In India, the trend is to pursue a course that can give you the job faster. While the story is not the same abroad. Let us discuss the three not only major but important reasons to pursue Engineering.

One of the most reputed Professional Courses

No doubt Engineering is considered one of the best and most reputed courses. Engineers have achieved so much over the years in all the fields whether it is Mechanical, CS/IT, Civil, Chemical or any other field. E. Sreedharan, Satish Dhawan, Narayan Murthy, Nandan Neelakani are a few of the very long list of Engineers who have brought good name to the profession and country as well. These days we hear so many names of new-age engineers who are changing the lives by solving problems through their innovative ideas and technology.

Better future and Job Guarantee

In the last 15 years, Engineering has become one of the most rewarding careers. Especially with India's emergence as a global IT hub, the Engineering profession in India has achieved the next level. A four-year degree course in any stream of Engineering promises a good job and a safe career. The best part is that students become market-ready just after the course. At the young age of 22 - 23 Engineers get a job and can have a flourishing career by the time they reach 30.

Gateway to post-graduate courses

Since Engineering students get the experience of the corporate world quite early in life the option of further studies remains open. Quite a huge chunk of the Engineers go for M.Tech/MS/MBA. Pursuing a PG course ensures better packages, faster career growth. Techno-Management professionals are in demand and are given weightage over others.

Higher Package and better perks

Companies visit colleges to hire Engineers. There are many companies that offer a very high salary to Engineers. Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, Google, Microsoft are the companies that are ready to shell out a huge amount if they get a suitable candidate. These high packages come with many other perks. The work-life balance is also very well maintained in these organizations. Hence Engineering becomes a very lucrative career for the students.

Availability of Good colleges

Last but not least, the Engineering profession has the support of hundreds of very good Engineering colleges across the country which offers the course at a nominal fee. All most every state has a technical university. For example, U.P has AKTU which conducts UPSEE to admit students to the courses it offers.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Check out these Easy/moderate trekking options near Bangalore

Check out these Easy/moderate trekking options near Bangalore

Trekking over weekends has become the most desirable activity of the millennial generation whether solo or in groups. With so many trekking places near Bangalore, this city has become a trekker’s haven. Here is a list of a few easy to moderate trails you can venture on your coming break.

1. Savandurga Hill
The Savandurga hill is located 48 km. away and is one of the most popular trekking destinations around Bangalore and is extremely popular. The Karigudda and the Billigudda trail are the two trekking trails that run up to Savanadurga. The trek along Biligudda takes you through the ruined fort built by Kempe Gowda and the climb up to the fort tower can be a bit challenging. Adventure lovers, on the other hand, will find the Karigudda trek to be satisfying. People head here for a night trek and to catch the sunrise.

Source: Thrillophilia

2. Nandi Hills
There are several resorts in Bangalore, but if you are staying towards the Bangalore International Airport, trekking up Nandi Hills should be marked on your calendar. There are two trekking routes to the Nandi Hills. One of the trails lies to the north of the Nandi hills and the other lies to the south of the Nandi hills. Several trekking enthusiasts regularly come to this hillock before sunrise and trek their way to the top, traversing through picturesque terrain at a tantalizing altitude with the cool morning breeze hitting their face surrounded by unpolluted lush greenery and a landscape that is hard to forget. Given the scenic route, a steady terrain and the enticing climb, this trek is also popular because it is of very moderate intensity and can be undertaken by almost anyone comfortable with walking. If you have time on your side, make a weekend of it with a stay at the amazing resort Discovery Village at the foot of Nandi Hills.

3. Skandagiri
Skandagiri, an ancient mountain fortress stands at an altitude of about 1350 m and is a sought after night trek around Bangalore. Trekkers also go there for camping, bird watching and taking in breathtaking sunrise from the top. The Skandagiri trek is only moderately difficult and has two routes to reach the base of the hill. Take a detour from the road that leads to Nandi Hills or get in from Chikballapur. Hundreds of people gather at Papagni Temple at the foot of the hill on Saturday and Sunday mornings to watch the sunrise. This climb is recommended at dawn or on a full-moon night. On the uphill trek, you will also encounter a cave at the base of the hill and another midway to the top.

4. Anthargange
Not more than 80 kms from Bangalore, Anthargange is a tourist magnet with religious significance, nature galore and a beautiful trekking trail. Famous for the Anthargange Caves and Temple it is a popular pilgrimage site and ideal for night trekking around Bangalore. The temple stands amidst thick vegetation and is a scenic splendor. The Anthargange Caves which are on the peak are about an hour trek from the temple and all the caves can be easily explored by foot. Interestingly, some of these caves are large and provide for a good campsite, with many groups opting to camp here after their trek up the hill.

Source: Thrillophilia

5. Madhugiri
Madhugiri in Tumkur district is famous for the second largest monolithic rock hill in Asia after Savandurga. It lies at an altitude of 3,930 feet and is gaining popularity as a trekking destination from Bangalore. On your climb, you will find the Madhugiri mud fort on the slopes and a temple of Gopalakrishna at the top of the hill. This trek is of moderate to difficult level and takes about 1.5 hours one way, but it is definitely worth your while.

6. Makalidurga
The hill fort Makalidurga is situated near the village of Makali 61 kms from Bangalore. In recent years, this trail has gained momentum, with many trekkers opting for a night trek. You can find a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna at the foot of the hill. This trek is definitely a must-try if only to behold the lakes on either side, the elegantly curving trail and the railway track below, from the hilltop. This is a moderate trek and though the trail is still not very popular, the experience it offers is unforgettable.

Source: Plan the Unplanned

Irrespective of the difficulty level, trekking is an activity for people of all ages. The thrill of scaling the height, feeling nature in all its glory while bonding with your mates makes you want to definitely come back for more.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Eukroma Skin Lightener Cream Review

Eukroma Skin Lightener Cream Review

1. "I've used products with Hydroquinone 4 percent for years. I am currently using a brand with 3% (Hyde). I have a condition called Hyperpigmentation. When I bathe, I slough off more skin than most people do.
This product removes enough to give the impression that I have beautiful skin and I am often complimented on my skins softness and smoothness. I still have darkness under the arms but not unsightly.
My knees, elbows are very dark, and my hands are the darker, especially the middle joint of each finger and my knuckles. All not unsightly because I use this cream. I am 60 have been mistaken for much younger. I avoid the sun now."
2. "I use the over-the-counter HQ 4% skin bleaching cream made by Yash Pharma; purchased online from OKDERMO skin store. I had a spot of corpis tinea (ringworm) on my upper buttock. It was cured but left a red spot that persisted for a year.
Two weeks of morning and night application, followed by another two weeks of once a day, it cleared my spot completely. I did have some irritation, but it dissipated quickly when I discontinued use. Currently, I am trying it for age spots on my hands. I have made a once-daily application for two weeks. The spots have lightened by about one-third."