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Things To Consider Before Taking an Education Loan

Things To Consider Before Taking an Education Loan

Education Loan

Education is a vital part of an every human’s life. Every human being has to achieve a basic education to progress in today’s world; the competition for gaining highest education has always been on the rise in the world. Every parent in today’s world wish to see their child educated with the best possible education available to them, but education now comes with a cost.

The cost of education has seen substantial increase in the recent years, if a middle-class parent dreams that his child would achieve the best and the highest education available around, the first thing that he has to think of is how is he going to finance the education that has a price that is so high and if the child wishes to study abroad the price is going to cost that parent a fortune.

Some people can afford but there are some people who can just dream of such things and even if they try to achieve their target they have to compromise a lot in their life. To make such dreams a reality banks provide education loans to the people who wish to achieve higher education but can’t afford it. But there are some points you have to consider while taking an education loan.

Expensive education loans: Education loans have become more expensive, the interest rate for education loans has been increased due to the huge loss incurred by the banks due to defaulters. The rate of interest has gone up from 9 to 11 percent annum to 12-14 percent per annum. While the personal loan interest rates in Chennai have gone up to 11-24 percent.This has caused the EMI to increase.

To add up more, the loans which have the amount of above INR 5 Lakhs the applicant will have to require a guarantor or collateral for security or in some cases both. While the finance for a personal loan in Chennai is maximum INR 10 Lakhs. In such a case the applicant can apply as co-applicant with his or her parents, but the parents of the applicant need to have a good credit score for that the applicant might need to check the credit score of the parents in advance so that the chances of getting the loan get reduced and the loan gets approved. If the applicant is employed and a working professional he can ask his company for a post-graduation sponsorship opportunity and if he qualifies the loan will be sanctioned for him.

An education loan can affect your Credit needs in the future:
The education loan in Chennai finances up to INR 20 Lakhs is enormous sum of money involved and the repayment of such a huge amount may take a long time but if during the payment of this loan the applicant defaults on the payments then his credit may be harmed and his credit score might decrease and this could create a problem for the applicant in the future if he tries to take another loan so due to the defaulted payment his loan may not get approved in the future.

In this situation, the applicant can apply for a credit card and use a credit card for the payment and keep a track of the credit card payments. The payment of credit card bills will help to increase the credit score and will maintain a balance if the applicant misses the loan payments.

These are the things that one needs to keep in mind while applying for education loans because these loans come with a huge rate of interest and defaulted payments can cause problems for the applicant so the applicant must inspect all the sides of the education loan and should be careful regarding the payments of the loan.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Career in Advertising and Brand Management

Career in Advertising and Brand Management

The business sector in India is growing at a rapid rate and hence a career in marketing has become the top choice of the students. A career in marketing involves formulating the marketing strategies, carrying out intensive market research, providing customer response, devising strategies for business development and structuring different marketing techniques to increase the profitability and ROI of an organization. Marketing is the most crucial element for the growth and development of a business. No matter whether the business is small or big, its marketing strategy will have a lasting impact on its growth prospects. It helps businesses to sustain a leading marketplace and earn profits.

Career in advertising, marketing and brand management
Advertising and brand management are the two mediums of marketing that help to maintain a strong relationship with the customers. The dynamic nature of the business sector is creating a lot of opportunities for the professionals who are creative and have the ability to develop effective business and marketing strategies for an organization. Various job opportunities like brand manager, market analysts, marketing managers, social media managers, etc. are available for the successful candidates. Top management institutes in India are offering several certificate, graduate and post graduate level courses and diplomas in marketing management, advertising communications, digital marketing and in other specializations for those interested in the marketing career.

Brand management is all about representing a product in such a way that it occupies place in the mind of potential customers. It is necessary to devise innovative marketing strategies and techniques to sustain the product in the markets. A course in advertising and brand management develops practical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills in the aspirants. Those who seek a career in this field should know how to deal with different types of brands in the market i.e. fighting brand, corporate brand, economy brand, prime brand, etc. They should know how to manage the budget of marketing for advertising, promotions, packaging, etc. and also understand the strength and weakness of their brand to compete. And only a course in advertising and marketing from a leading institute will help the aspirants to develop into successful professionals.

Key areas to focus in brand management and advertising
If you want to achieve success in advertising and brand management field, you need to focus on various key areas. For this, one needs to understand the market and customers. It is essential to know about the market forces, who are the customers and who are the brand’s competitors while working in advertising and marketing sector. Without this knowledge, one won’t be able to develop a marketing strategy, successful campaigns and making a contribution to the market. After understanding about the target audience, one needs to start constructing a marketing strategy plan to achieve the profitability. Top management institutes also organize different sessions on digital marketing and communication which are extremely important to grow in today’s internet world.

Monday, November 20, 2017

5 DIY Easy Weekend Hairstyles

5 DIY Easy Weekend Hairstyles

Do you want to adorn the most trending hairstyle for your coffee date with your favorite guy? It’s your friend’s wedding and you are still not able to decide the perfect hairstyle for every occasion! If you are undergoing through all such situations, then don’t get panic.

Our hair experts bring you the list of 5 amazing hairstyles that you can adorn in order to look presentable on a regular basis. At the end of reading this post, you will have the knowledge about the 5 amazing hairstyles that will pep up your everyday look!

1. Outward Curls for Long Hair with One Side Placed Behind Ear
Do you wish to adorn the glamorous celebrity look for your dinner date or for a day out with your friends? If yes, then this look is simply perfect for you. This is a perfect hairstyle for those with long locks. It looks perfect for long tresses cascading down from one side while gently swooped back from the other side.

This is one such look that will definitely turn heads. You can plan this hairstyle even when you have a small party to attend, like a birthday party or a kitty.

Things You Need
• Mousse to Increase the Volume of Hair
• Heat Protectant Spray
• Bobby Pins
• 2-inch Curling Iron
• Hairspray for Light-Hold

1. Prepare your dried and washed hair with a volumizing mousse. Also, apply a heat protectant on your hair.

2. Divide your hair into equal sections of 2-inches. Now take the 2-inch curling tool and curl your hair.

3. Part your hair in two sides.

4. Now take all the hair from the side with lesser hair and pull back your entire hair away from the face. Pin them with bobby pins.

5. Complete the look by spraying holding hairspray.

2. Messy Updo with Side Swept Bang
If you have very less time to dress up and still want to bang the day out with your gorgeous, attractive look, then this updo hairstyle is just perfect for you. This is an excellent hairstyle for ladies with varying hair lengths. It is simple yet a chic hairstyle that needs only a few clutches clip and very less to prep up that look.

So, when getting that perfect look is of utmost importance and you only lack enough time, then definitely you will love this hairstyle.

Things You Need
• Clutch clips of medium size
• Texturizing Spray
• Hairspray to Hold

1. Get a haircut into side swept bangs. Color the bangs with some highlights.

2. Wash and prepare your hair after air drying them and spraying some texturizing spray.

3. Leave out few bangs and gather your entire hair at the back of your head.
4. Roll them all together into a messy bun.

5. Secure the bun gently with a clutch clip. Make sure that the ends of your hair are placed well in distinct sections.

6. Comb the bangs to one side.

7. Secure the hairdo at one place and finish off with some hair holding hairspray.

3. Spiral Curls with a Side Braid
Have you ever desired of having a hairstyle that is just perfect as that the look of a Barbie? If you have always desired of such a look, then it is now time to make your dream come true. Voluminous curls always look wonderful and can make you look gorgeous. When they are attached to a perfect braid, then this will even enhance your look further.

This is a perfect hairstyle to get that amazing ultra-girly look.

Things You Need
• Texturizing Spray
• Blow-dryer
• 3-inch hair curler
• Bobby Pins
• Hairspray for strong-hold

1. Wash your hair and then prepare your wet hair with texturizing spray.

2. Pick up 3-inch sections of your hair at a time and curl them properly.

3. Blow dries your curled hair till your entire hair is completely dry.

4. Remove the curler and then gently run a brush through the curls to get soft curls.

5. Part your hair on one side.

6. Now on the other side, take less hair and create a braid at the front.

7. Once the braid reaches the top of your ear, secure it with bobby pins.

8. Now finish off the hairstyle with a hairspray to ensure that it lasts long even when you have a tough day.

4. Side – Swept Bang with Layered Hair
From the girl next door look to a stunning beauty, this hairstyle will definitely go to heads when you will pass by. This is a heart-stealing look that goes well for every occasion. From a special festivity to any special occasion, to any party, you will love this look and might be getting carried away with it.

Just give this look a try, and surely it would amp your appeal.

Things You Need
• Volumizing Mousse
• Smoothening Serum
• Heat Protectant Spray
• Straightening Iron

1. For this hairstyle, it is essential to cut your hair in layers.

2. You can plan a side swept bang hairstyle with it.

3. Prepare your washed hair by spraying some heat protectant and volumizing mousse.

4. Now take 2-inch sections of your hair and straighten them with help of an iron tool.

5. Place your bangs on one of the sides.

6. Complete your look by spreading the hair serum on your hair to get rid of any frizz. If you have frizz-free hair, then you may skip this step.

5. Loose Curly One-Sided Braided with Side Sweeps
You have not washed your hair and even you don’t have enough time for this. If this is the situation you are suffering from, then you can plan to adorn this hairstyle.

It is an attractive and appealing hairstyle that is perfect for unwashed hair. For this, you need to tie all your delicate curly locks into a slightly loose side braid. The completed look can be jazzed up with exquisitely curved side sweeps. Once you are done, your gorgeous curly hairstyle is ready for you!

Things You Need
• 1.5-inch curling iron
• Heat Protectant Spray
• Texturizing Spray
• Holding Spray
• Bobby Pins

1. Prepare your unwashed hair. Take some heat protectant and texturizing hairspray and spread it evenly on your hair.

2. Pick 2-inch sections of your hair and curl your entire hair.

3. You can either run a flat brush or can run your fingers in order to obtain soft curls and open the hefty curly look.

4. This will also create a messy look.

5. Part your hair with lesser hair on one side.

6. Leave out the bangs and flip your hair all over to one shoulder.

7. Create a loose braid and secure it firmly at the end with an elastic band.

8. Pull out bits of your hair from the braid to give it a messy yet cool look.

9. Pull back the hair bangs and twist them numerous times. Pin them to the back of your head.

10. Do this for both the sides.

11. Lastly, spray some hairspray to hold the hair in place.

You can try these hairstyles, keeping your hair length in mind. Might be initially you may take more time to prepare them, but once you will gain the expertise, you will be able to adorn your favorite look in just minutes.

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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Right Friendship - Relationship, Faith, Accountability
True friendship is involved in a relationship, we have become the foundation mentioned above, in which the recognition is transparent in relations. Friendship takes time: the time of knowing each other, the time to make shared memories, the time to invest in each other's development.

Trust is essential for true friendship, we all need someone with whom we can share our lives, thoughts, feelings, and disappointments.

Its meaning
We are all needed to hear the old adage "friend friends" we have true friends in your life ready for a real or true friend will always help us when we need them. Also, it is our responsibility to be supportive of our friends.

This proverb means that "a friend who helps his friend's needs is a real friend." Proverbs can mean that 'friends trust each other'.

A friend in need is definitely a friend '- mean and detail

Its meaning
All of us have heard the old saying "Friend needs a friend" We need a true friend in our life A real or true friend is always ready to help us when we need them. Also, it is our responsibility to be supportive of our friends.

If someone is our friend, then we should be happy to help him at the time of need and we can assume that this feeling is mutual. This is the truth that friendship is about ‘A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed’ 10 Things do after the engagement and before marriage.

Needed a true friend: We can not live alone in society. We need friends for company and conference. A man can get his friends from his friends and he can not meet his family members. A true friend is considered as the most valuable asset that a person can have. In good times, everyone behaves like they are our friends. The right opportunity to test the friendship of a person happens at the time of need, a true friend learns your need and comes forward to help you voluntarily without any hope of getting anything back. Such friends are definitely rare, but they are there.

The matter of pride: It is a matter of pride with such a person.

‘A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed’
But the real friend is not like that. Selfless service is the essence of true friendship. A true friend proves him by his good deeds. A true friend does not have any selfish motive, he is ready to do anything for friendship, he also wants to save his friend's life. Life can sacrifice such a friend as a true friend.

Misuse of friendship: There are some selfish people who always try to misuse friendship with a selfish purpose. Then try to take advantage of your friendship and get something to serve your selfish interests. They establish a friendship with this purpose and leave you when their goal is achieved. They are wrong friends, we should always be aware of such friends and try to stay away from them. ‘A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed’.

We should always search for good friends. A good friend is always safe even during adverse times. With the help of friends, a person can overcome difficult times problems. Life becomes easier for those who are blessed with true friends.‘A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed’

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6 Tips To Maintain A Healthy Home

6 Tips To Maintain A Healthy Home

Millennials are considered to be the most health-conscious generation ever. We are conscious about what we eat, what we drink and we take care to exercise regularly to maintain our health. But are we really conscious about our home and the health hazards that are lurking in it?

Most of us spend at least half of our day inside our home. That is why a healthy home is indispensable for a healthy body. So, here are a few tips to help you maintain a healthy home.

Ensure Proper Ventilation
Studies have found that indoor air could be five times more polluted than air outside. Hence, proper ventilation is necessary to ensure that the pollutants and toxins inside the home is properly exhausted.

So, what is proper ventilation?
Simply keeping a window open will not help with freshening up the air inside the home. Rather, you have to keep as many windows as possible or at least 2 windows in two ends of your home open so as to facilitate cross-ventilation.

Installing a chimney hood in kitchen is also vital for ensuring the smoke from cooking doesn’t linger inside your home. Moreover, fry food in the right temperature to reduce burning and excess smoke.

Keep Your Home Dry
Damp conditions lead to mold and mildew formation inside home, which can irritate your eyes, nose, throat and cause stuffiness, sneezing and wheezing in allergy and asthma sufferers.

So, how can we keep the home dry?
First of all, check the roof and ceiling for leaks. Even though water might not be dripping down in cases of leaks, the ceiling could be damp resulting in peeling of paint and even fungus growth.

You could also install exhaust fan inside bathrooms and dry clothes outside to prevent excessive moisture built-up inside your home.

Use Natural Cleaners
Check the label of any of the cleaning liquid you use at home and you can see warning that it is toxic and has to be kept out of reach of children. The fumes from these cleaning liquids can cause undesired side effects on your health in the long-term. Hence, resorting to natural cleaners, though expensive, is a safer and healthier option in the long run.

Vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, liquid castile soap are also some of the alternatives to regular cleaners that you could use.

Have A Safety Checklist
Just glance through the newspaper and you are likely to read about at least one fatal incident as a result of negligence at home. Maintaining electrical cords intact, keeping away iron box after use, labelling chemicals and keeping kettles and dangerous goods out of reach of children is pretty important for a safe home. Also, avoid storing kerosene and other chemical liquids in soft drink bottles (especially sprite and 7 up bottles) as small children might open and drink it mistaking it for soft drinks.

Clean Regularly
This is something that goes without saying. Regular dusting, cleaning of exhaust fans, heaters, door mats using non-toxic cleaning supplies is vital to avoid allergies and exposure to harmful pollutants.

Also, take care to wash bed linen on a weekly basis and bath linen every 3-4 days in order to maintain hygiene as well as eliminate dust mites which is one of the leading cause of indoor pollution.

Keep Pests in Check
If you see a cockroach or a rodent inside your home, take action immediately. Fill cracks, seal trash covers and use household pesticides immediately and eliminate the pests. If it doesn’t work, hire a pest control professional immediately. If you wait for long, the pest infestation will simply rise beyond control.

So, which of these tips do you find useful? If you have any more tips and suggestions, please share it for our readers in the comments section.

Author Bio: Parvathy P is a home improvement and parenting blogger who has written for publications like Huffington Post, Kidsstoppress and MyCity4Kids. She also runs her own blog Smart Home Guide