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Thursday, July 18, 2019

6 Ways to Turn Old and Funky Floors Into Elegant Surfaces

6 Ways to Turn Old and Funky Floors Into Elegant Surfaces

Top quality flooring is an essential feature of beautiful buildings. Real estate professionals point out that the look and overall quality of floors have a significant impact on the appraisal value of a home or commercial space. This is why, among home upgrade projects involving preparations for resale, changing the floors is one that promises a solid ROI.

Therefore, if you are thinking of making improvements in the appearance of your home or commercial space, sprucing up the look of your old floors is always a good idea.

So, what exactly can you do? Here are six great ideas to consider for turning old and funky floors into elegant and impressive surfaces.

1. Use wood
Wood floors are absolute classics. They never go out of style, and they go with pretty much any type of interior design, be it old world glamor or modern futuristic.

Light-colored wood is especially popular these days because it fits beautifully in Scandish and Japanese interior designs, which are both strong trends. But apart from the charming appearance of wood floors, they offer other advantages as well:

● Wood floors are durable
● They are easy to repair
● They age beautifully
● They improve indoor acoustics
● Studies show that wood floors make people feel more relaxed and homes with wood floors are attractive to property investors

2. Install mosaic tiles
Floors with elaborate patterns never fail to attract, especially when they are used in the lobbies of urban establishments. Stunning floors with an artsy design are easy enough to create with mosaic tiles.

Mosaic tiles come in a vast variety of sizes, colors, designs or patterns, and even textures. There's no shortage of possibilities with them, and it really is just a matter of determining what kind of design you want to create with them.

3. Polish old floors
There's nothing like a decorative flooring finish to give old floors a completely new look. Even plain concrete can look sophisticated once decorative finish like Neocement has been applied.

Aside from a more polished look, the decorative finish also offers the additional benefits of making floors smoother and so much easier to clean, as well as resistant to fire. Neocement is even known to fortify the structural integrity of floors and is anti-static.

4. Create the look of precious gemstones
Try Terrazzo flooring to create the look of gorgeous gemstones. Terrazzo flooring combines glass, porcelain, marble, mirror chips, mother-of-pearl pieces, and other materials for jewel-like floors.

If you want your floors to really impress, you cannot go wrong with this flooring solution. You will require expert installers for such floors, though, but all the work and costs will surely yield a high return on investment. Terrazzo flooring stands out, and it's durable, mold-resistant, stain-resistant, and environment-friendly.

5. Paint it
A lovely coat of paint is sometimes all it takes to take old floors from drab to fab. It doesn’t even matter if you have hardwood, concrete, or tiled floors because paint works for them all.

Like with mosaic tiles, there are countless possibilities with paint as a floor upgrade solution. You have the option to paint your floors in a single unexpected color such as fuchsia or cobalt blue. You can also choose to paint images or patterns.

Best of all, using paint to change the look of floors is an easy and quick upgrade. And, if you wish to achieve higher quality results from painting floors, top it off with decorative finish such as Liquid Crystal.

6. Cover it with luxurious woven fabric
Finally, for commercial spaces such as retail stores, you can take a cue from fashion runways. Cover the floors with luxurious woven fabric. Former fashion editor and now space designer Peh Peh did this for her home, and the result is unique and beautiful.

Covering floors with woven fabric will not only bring a nice splash of color and texture to rooms, but it can improve interior acoustics as well by diminishing the sound of walking. At the same time, it can improve insulation, making floors warm to sit on during the cold months.

There are a lot of ways to transform old floors into walking surfaces that radiate complete beauty. Hopefully, the ideas shared here can help you in achieving your desired building makeover.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Best 5 chef training colleges in Pune

Best 5 chef training colleges in Pune

chef training colleges in Pune

Being a cook and being a Chef are two completely different things. You can simply cook the food and serve it without paying heed on its colour, aroma, looks, wholesomeness, etc. But for a chef cooking is not just cooking, it is an art. And a chef, sometimes also known as head cook, is a professional which develops new recipes, trains staff, supervises cooking and makes sure that the food that is going to be serve looks, tastes, smells and feels good. If you want to join the hospitality industry as a professional chef, you will require professional training first. Here are some of the top chef training colleges in Pune, from where you can get best culinary training.

Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts - Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts or SSCA is one of the most prestigious educational institutes in Pune for culinary courses. This institute boasts of experience faculty and a very impressive infrastructure. The culinary labs at SSCA are huge and are equipped with high-end equipments. The courses it offers include BSc in culinary arts, Diploma in Bakery and patisserie skills, etc. The placement cell of the institute is active and has an impressive record.

Magarpatta Institute of Hospitality Management - Magarpatta Institute of Hospitality Management is one of the best chef training colleges in Pune. This institute offers a wide range of facilities for the students within the campus and has a very impressive infrastructure. The kitchens are huge with high-end tools and equipments, library is well stocked, training restaurants and rooms have all modern facilities and are designed to provide best ambiance. MIHM also offers hotel facilities.

This college offer Diploma, Degree and Certification courses. Some of the most popular courses offered by this institute include, Post graduate diploma in Hospitality, BSc Hospitality Studies, F&B Services, certification course in Hospitality and Air travel management, Commis Chef, Certificate course in Cookery and Bakery and Certificate course in Cookery. Visit website and learn more about the institute.

International Institute of Hotel Management- International Institute of Hotel Management, popularly known as IIHM is one of the most prestigious educational institutes in India for hotel management and culinary courses. It offers globally recognised degrees in hospitality management. Campus gives an international ambiance and all modern and high end equipments are there in institute for the training purpose.

Maharashtra State Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology – If you are looking for an educational institute that can offer culinary courses with affordable fee structure than Maharashtra State Institute of hotel Management and catering technology is your best choice. It offers bachelors and masters programmes in hotel management and catering technologies. MSIHMCT has a nice campus, all modern facilities for students, spacious classrooms and modern training rooms. The faculty is also rich in experience. Visit website to learn about eligibility criteria and details of admission procedure in Maharashtra State Institute of hotel Management and catering technology.

UEI Global - UEI Global is again one of the most preferred colleges in Pune for chef training. It offers bachelors courses, masters courses, diploma courses as well as certificate courses in hospitality management and related fields. It also offers diploma in food production, certificate in food production, BSc in catering science and Bachelors in Hospitality Management (culinary specialization).
Importance Of MBA In Shaping Up Career In Management Sector

Importance Of MBA In Shaping Up Career In Management Sector

mba college in india

In today’s existing cutthroat job situation, picking a promising degree programme is very necessary when it comes to making certain a successful career. Currently, an MBA degree has become one of the most desirable and esteemed career options for most graduates. Undeniably, the demand for a degree from a top MBA college in India is very high. This can be calculated from the increasing number of CAT applicants. Students at the time of completion of this course mainly focus to get a job in one of the best companies in the market. If you too are aspiring to pursue MBA then you can opt for the HKBK Degree College- one of the leading MBA colleges in Bangalore.

Recruiting companies in this sector expect their employees to be skilled in different aspects of company affairs, managerial skills being one of the important requirements. Therefore, candidates with an MBA degree are in demand for various job roles in different industries. If you are wondering about why an MBA degree from a top university or college is so valuable in shaping career in management sector, then read more to learn the points to be considered.

1. Various career options
An MBA degree earned from a top college ensures that the student acquires enough learning and knowledge preparing him to work in any area of his choice. It provides range of career options for students. Thus, an individual with an MBA degree, is not restricted to work in any specific sector or area; rather, he can choose to specialise in any field of his choice and interest and use his expertise in that area.

2. Increase salary potentiality
AN MBA degree is one of most internationally-recognized qualifications in the world. An obvious advantage of this degree is that it adds value to your job and potential salary. In this 2-year course, you can learn detail across a number of business aspects and thus land yourself with job opportunities with attractive compensation package.

3. Opportunity to connect with more people globally
Pursuing MBA from a reputed college will provide you with various the internships, trainings and jobs opportunities, thus facilitating you with an immense opportunity to interact and communicate with business professionals from various industrial domains. This will further help you to up-skill and expand their business network. The managerial job involves business meetings, business travels, and communication, which offer a prospect to fortify your network. HKBK Degree College is a reputed college where you can enroll for MBA programme. Visit here to know more about the college and courses.

4. Increased demand
Today, management has become a core part of each and every company in the market. Hence, top companies across different sectors demand professionals with excellent managerial and leadership skills and an MBA degree thus becomes a ticket to a promising career. Visit the website of the top MBA colleges before you opt for a particular college to pursue the course.

5. More Career Avenues
MBA graduates have vast career options to choose from including Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resource, International Business, and IT. Some of the popular job roles for MBA graduates are Business Manager, Human Resource Specialist, Accounts Executive, and Public Relations Specialists. An MBA can choose a career according to his field of interest.

Monday, July 15, 2019

 Seven Tourist Places In Bangalore Worth Visiting

Seven Tourist Places In Bangalore Worth Visiting

Bengaluru (also called Bangalore), India’s Silicon Valley, is the capital of Karnataka and known for its parks and nightlife. If you are visiting Bangalore on business, extend your stay and if you are an expatriate, having recently moved to this city, mark your diary with the following tourist places in and near Bangalore that are a must-visit.

1. Bangalore Palace
The Majestic Bangalore Palace, reflecting Tudor and Scottish Gothic architecture holds testimony to heritage and beauty of an era gone-by. This regal palace was built in 1878 and spreads across 45,000 square-feet. The carvings on the walls in the interior and exterior of the beautiful wooden structure showcase tales of the extraordinary royal culture. The opulent ballroom, mesmerizing Darbar hall, innumerable exotic paintings, even the granite seats encrusted with blue ceramic tiles on the ground floor, vine-covered walls, transport you to the elegant splendour of a powerful dynasties of South India. Audio tapes in Hindi and English are available to understand its history.

2. Bannerghatta National Park
Located 22 km away from city-centre, Bannerghatta National Park is an asylum for a large variety of flora and fauna. Sprawling over 104.27 sq. km, this park includes the country's first butterfly park, an aquarium, zoo, Children's Park, Crocodile Farm, Snake Park, Prehistoric Animals' Park and a museum. You can spot elephants, leopards, jackals, foxes, wild boar, sloth bears, Indian gazelle, spotted deer, porcupine, cobras, Asiatic Lion and the Royal Bengal Tiger while doing the safari. There are several resorts in Bangalore, but if you are staying at the amazing Discovery Village, be assured that they will organise your local tours, bird watching, nature trails and jungle safaris.

3. Lal Bagh Botanical Garden
Renowned for its botanical artwork, this garden is a haven for nature lovers and a must visit for all tourists. Lal Bagh sprawls across 240 acres in the heart of the city and has nearly 1,854 species of plants including rare species of French, Persian and Afghani origin. The Lal Bagh Rock which is over 3000 million years old is found here and is a major tourist attraction. The garden also houses a number of birds such as Myna, Parakeets, Crows, Brahminy Kite, Pond Heron, Common Egret and Purple Moor Hen.

Source: Goibibo

4. Cubbon Park
Cubbon Park is 300 acres of dense green bliss, housing more than 6,000 trees and an ideal place for nature lovers and picnickers. In addition to being the perfect place to veg-out, you can also visit some of the major structures of the city such as the Attara Kacheri, Cubbon Park Museum, Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Park and the Bangalore Aquarium, the second largest aquarium in India here.


5. Vidhana Soudha
Described by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as 'a temple dedicated to the nation', Vidhana Soudha stands 150 feet tall and boasts of an elegant and truly exquisite Neo-Dravidian style of architecture. It houses the State Legislature and the Secretariat of Karnataka and is one of the most popular attractions in the lively and colourful city of Bengaluru. It prides on being the largest state legislative building in the country sporting four entrances in all four directions and four floors above the ground level and one below it. It is counted as one of the most magnificent buildings in the city impressing and intimidating the beholder.

6. ISKCON Temple
Located in Rajajinagar, ISKCON Temple is a revered shrine dedicated to Lord Krishna. Apart from a religious shrine, ISKCON temple is a cultural complex known for its activities of engagement involving ardent devotees of Lord Krishna, where the temple community organises songs, recitals, lectures and prayer services. A must visit for the spiritually initiated.

Source: Goibibo

7. MG Road
One of the busiest roads in Bengaluru, MG Road is always abuzz with recreational and commercial activities and is a one-stop destination for shopping or hanging-out. Whether you’re looking for traditional handicrafts, silk saris, cutlery, bone china sets, jewellery, clothes or books, you can find it all here. Church Street that runs parallel to this road is a foodie’s paradise, with a plethora of restaurants and cafes offering varied cuisines. MG Road is a must visit when you're in the city, where you can shop by day and party by night, dancing till you drop in any of the high-end pubs in and around this street.

These and many more such attractions make Bangalore a coveted holiday destination. So next time you’re in the city, go ahead and mix business with pleasure, you won’t regret it.
NATA study material and NATA mock test papers for 2020

NATA study material and NATA mock test papers for 2020

Architects are the real brain behind the beautiful buildings, malls, bridges, etc. so if you are admiring the infrastructure of a city, you are actually admiring the work of a group of architects. These are the people who design and plan the construction of these buildings. They review these building for the safety of public as well. As the safety of the public, when it comes to buildings, very much depends upon these architects, they have to go through advance training to get licence which declares them architecture professional. Read more to learn more about this profession.

If you too wish to join a Bachelors programme in Architecture you have to appear in NATA as most of the architecture colleges in India consider NATA ranks for admission.

What is NATA?
NATA is the entrance exam for admission in first year of B Architecture programme in Architecture colleges across India. This entrance test is conducted by a body of COA, National Institute of Advance Studies in Architecture. Visit here to know more.

How to apply for it?
Any student, who has completed its 10+2 with minimum 50 % marks and had maths as a compulsory subject, is eligible to apply for NATA entrance exams. The registrations start from first week of April every year and candidates can register and apply online after paying online application fee. Candidates also need to upload the images of required documents in the online application process. Within two weeks after online application, candidates get their admit cards, dates of examination and examination centre for NATA. Visit the website to learn more about the application procedure for NATA.

What is the right way of preparation for NATA exams?
NATA is one of the toughest entrance examinations in India hence it needs a systematic preparation. Every candidate wishes to get success in very first attempt and to achieve this goal one needs to stay absolutely prepared and focused. To know exactly what is the right way for the NATA exam preparation, one need to understand the examination pattern first.

The three hours long NATA paper is divided into two parts. The first part consists of mathematics and general aptitude questions while the second part is designed to test the drawing related skills of the student.

One can easily find the NATA study material online and a number of books are also available for the students who are willing to self study. But NATA entrance exam is not all about theory and it also tests the drawing skills of the students. Candidates have to transform a 2 D drawing into 3D or vice versa, they have to generate plans, have to draw landscape and so on and that is why guidance of a knowledgeable person is important.

One can also join short term or regular couching program for NATA entrance exams. Coaching centres like BRDS provide study material to students and help them with guidance and expert advises. Coaching centres like BRDS help the students in regular practice of NATA mock test papers, deigning practical, drawing test, etc. and also prepare them for interviews, which take place after the results are out.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

7 Tips to Select Top Management Institutes in India

7 Tips to Select Top Management Institutes in India

The task of choosing a top management institute has become quite difficult these days, as there is no standard parameter. With time, several management institutes have emerged to cater to the growing demand. The reason is that these institutes offer management courses to satisfy the demands of the students. As a mushroom growth of management schools has occurred, it has become essential to understand your needs and select the right business school. So, here are the 7 tips to select top management institutes in India.

Tip 1: Analysis of your goal
Before you select a management institute, ensure you analysis your goal. Generally, people join a college to hone their skills for career enhancement. For a better future, it is important to join the right college which will help you in the process. Once you are clear about your career options, the self-assessment of your abilities and the skills are important to make a decision.

Tip 2: Accreditation
There are so many management schools in the country but all of them are not accredited. The accreditation assures quality education, credit transfer, financial aid opportunities and much more. Moreover, pursuing education from a good college enhances the chances of getting a job in a reputed company. For more information, go to the website of the colleges and read more.

Tip 3: Faculty members
The quality of education depends on the caliber of the faculty members. It is important to get enrolled in a management school that ensures having highly experienced faculty members. They play an important role in preparing the students in facing the challenges of the real world.

Tip 4: infrastructure
Infrastructure is not the sole criteria to choose a management school, but it is one of the criteria if you want to see a beautiful future ahead. A well-equipped library, a modern computer center and a lot of other facilities can help one to learn better.

Tip 5: Scholarship scheme
It is essential to look for a scholarship scheme while choosing a management school. As it can be quite costly, some scholarship schemes will make even costly programs affordable to the common student.

Tip 6: Placement cell
Placements do matter when selecting a management school. Though the institutes are not placement agencies as they are accountable for just imparting knowledge and preparing one to deliver according to the industry, the institutes can introduce you to many companies. If you are talented enough, you can find a suitable company to start your career with. Go to the visit here link of the colleges to grab an idea about the colleges.

Tip 7: Campus Life
Last but not the least, one should visit the college and check out the campus life over there. It plays an essential role in instilling flexibility into the character of a student. Taking classes with a diverse group of students will give you a chance to enhance the whole academic experience. In addition to it, this will also help in understanding the different perspectives the students bring while studying.

These 7 tips can help you choose the right college. You do not want to end up making a wrong decision and thus it is essential you keep these tips in mind. Visit the website of the colleges to gain more knowledge.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Trip to Shirdi with my extended family

A Trip to Shirdi with my extended family

shirdi trip

Most people confuse a trip to a holy destination as a pilgrimage. While it might or might be true some times, a visit to a temple town can also be defined as an experiential trip. Like the one, I recently made to Shirdi with my parents, grandparents, and aunts. It was my first trip to Shirdi and the first ever with my grandparents.

The first hurdle of traveling in a big group is to find an economical transport solution, particularly, when you have elderlies traveling with you. After a lot of online searching, I found the Tempo Traveller price in Pune to be quite cheap.

The road to Shirdi
Shirdi lies at 186 KM from Pune city. We left Pune before daybreak, so we could reach the Sai Baba Temple before noon. After crossing Hinjewadi, we followed NH 60 for about an hour and a half (roughly 140 KM). From this point, the landscape completely changed. The cityscape was far behind and we were passing through the rural interiors of Maharashtra. Although the views would have been much better, had it been monsoon, the pre-summer landscape was quite scenic. We were on the Sangamner – Kopargaon Road and had to exit the highway and take the country roads. The red, dusty tracks were lined with sugarcane fields and sparsely foliaged trees, which was a beauty in itself. I had mostly traveled around the coastal regions of the state and this was a very different view of Maharashtra for me.

We finally reached Shirdi after nearly four and a half hours. We checked into a small hotel near the main temple area and freshened up before heading for the darshan. My aunt had managed to do online registration for the viewing so we could avoid the long queues and make it easier for my grandparents. Fortunately, it was a weekday morning and there was much lesser crowd than what would be on a weekend (or Tuesdays) or any other festival day. But it was not empty either. It was remarkable to see devotees and pilgrims from different parts of the country, traveling all the way to get darshan. Faith is indeed a magical thing.

A tour of the temple
The Sai Baba Sansthan Temple is the main attraction of the town and is what defines Shirdi. The huge complex spread across 200 square meters. The overall structure was quite simplistic in nature but had a very warm vibe about it. Once we entered the premise, it was a stark contrast. The interior walls, pillars, and even the ceilings were covered in gold, with a grand chandelier handing right over the main altar. In the middle of a small marble enclosure sat the stone idol of the holy saint. The shrine was off-limits to visitors but one could get a view up close from about an arm’s distance. With our online booking, we could skip the mainstream queue but had to wait nevertheless to reach the priest who was doling out prasad and blessed the offerings given by devotees. I couldn’t stop marveling at the grandeur of the place. As we drew closer, to the altar, I saw the Samadhi in front of the shrine, also cordoned off from the visitors. It is said that this was where Sai Baba took his last breath and left for the heavenly abode. It was carved out of marble and covered with bright orange cloth.

Soon, we finished our darshan and moved to explore the temple complex.
We headed to the Gurusthan – a marble enclosure built under a Neem tree on the premise. Gurusthan, or ‘the seat of the teacher’ was where Sai Baba was first seen. He would sit under the neem tree and share his teachings with his very first followers. Around the corner from that site, was the sacred fire or Dhuni. It is believed that the fire was lit by Sai Baba and is so miraculous that it never dies.

The sun was getting hotter and we decided to head back to the hotel for lunch and some rest.

A divine ending to the day
Later in the evening, we came back to the temple to view the aarti session. This prayer session is said to be one of the most divine experiences at the temple. And when it happened, I could see why. It was followed by a puja and ended with offering prasad to the devotees.

Throughout the trip, my grandfather told me fascinating stories about Sai Baba and his life, and the experiences of people that he had heard of. I was truly awed by the anecdotes, the sight of the temple and the overall energy of the place.

When it comes to visiting such holy places, every season is a good season, and every time is a good time. We had no particular objective but to experience a holy place as a family, which gladly, we could successfully achieve.

Travel tips:
• If you are traveling solo or with a lesser number of people, you can book a dependable Pune to Shirdi cab, which you can keep with you for the day or overnight stay.

• The best time to visit Shirdi is either late winters or after the monsoon.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

5 Ways to Succeed at Computer Science Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

5 Ways to Succeed at Computer Science Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

computer science engineering colleges in bangalore

There were times when students were left with just a handful of options for selecting a career but nowadays, there are unlimited options available in India. They just need to figure that out after the completion of their 10th standard because they have to opt the subjects for higher studies which would be used further during their college and universities for advanced studies. Engineering is one such famous and reputed course among the students. To study engineering, students must opt for Maths and Science during their higher education. After the completion of class 12th, students have to write the entrance test that is conducted by the engineering colleges and universities. After the entrance tests are over, students get a rank based on the score they achieve and accordingly select a college of their choice.

Computer Science Engineering as a career
There are a number of branches like Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunication, Civil, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Chemical, Electrical,  Agricultural, etc available to choose in engineering based on the interest of a student and what they want to achieve as a career. Computer Science engineering is one branch that is highly popular among the engineering aspirants and also very interesting as it is the subject which teaches the basic elements of computer programming and networking. There are multiple jobs or placement offers after the completion of the computer science degree. Some job titles are a computer hardware engineer, computer software applications engineer, computer systems engineer, etc. As Bangalore is known as the IT hub of India, computer engineers are in high demand in this city. There are many reputed and best Computer Science engineering colleges in Bangalore like Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, which offers a world-class education and a record placement over the past years. Visit here if you want a campus tour and know more about this college. There are many ways to succeed at a computer science college. Some of them are mentioned below.

• Before getting admission in the college, visit the website and grab all the details about that particular college. It will definitely give you a rough idea about the college.
• Make your base very strong before selecting computer science engineering as a career option. If the base is strong, you can easily learn and grab things very quickly.
• Improve your communication and teamwork skills while studying your course. This would help you in making your life sorted as there won't be any communication gap between you and your colleagues, bosses or clients.
• Focus more on practical as computer science is one subject that required a lot of practical works. The more practical work you do, the more knowledge you get.
• Don't completely depend on the course which will be taught by the college or university. There might be some languages or other skills that need to be learned and read more to polish the computer science knowledge. These things could be learned through the internet or other coaching centres.

So, when you opt for computer science engineering as a career, keep the above ways in mind which would definitely guide you to get more and more knowledge in the subject and get a good mark in all the semesters which finally would help in getting a good placement.