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What Makes A Woman Undateable?

What Makes A Woman Undateable?

undateable woman

Let's talk about some things that makes a woman undateable and see how you like it. At least that's what Billie Jean said.

What makes a woman undateable? Our friends from Loveawake dating site put together the list of 18 signs you really are “the undateable girl,” and how to fix it.

1. She's a vegan: Sorry, I like a gal who can polish off a T-bone or, at the very least, half a chicken.

2. She doesn't like Office Space: Get out. Now.

3. She has a voice like Harvey Fierstein.

4. You ask her if she likes Led Zeppelin, and she replies, "Who's he?" (This happened to me.)

5. She constantly slams people behind their backs.

6. "Thomas Kinkade is so awesome!"

7. She refuses to sing or dance because she's terrible at both. Who cares? Live a little.

8. Two words: Drama. Queen.

9. She's never done any kind of manual labor. Daddy always hired people for that.

10. She doesn't laugh at your jokes.

11. Her favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks and Stephenie Meyer.

12. She goes to the beach but never gets in the water. Ever.

13. She carries a little dog with her everywhere.

14. The word vagina freaks her out. I had a co-worker who was like this. Another woman said vagina in a staff meeting and I thought this chick's head was gonna explode. "Ewwww!" she said. "Don't say that!" Which naturally made everyone start saying it to her all the time.

15. She feeds her cat on a dinner plate and puts a sprig of parsley on top like that commercial.

16. She doesn't like ice cream.

17. She won't wear jeans. Ever.

18. She's always perfectly waxed/shaved down there. Aw come on, let the thing get disreputable sometimes. We won't kick you out of bed for having a little winter growth.

Okay, that's enough for now. I could come up with more, but the truth is, I don't really believe one single thing can make a person undateable. So settle down, all you offended vegans and Twilight fans and fancy cat-feeders. None of us is perfect, and if we started ruling people out because of clothes they wear or music they like or words they can't spell, we'd run out of dating options pretty quickly.

Our flaws and foibles and bad taste make us human. They also highlight the beauty of real affection: we delight in the things we like about partners, and overlook the things we don't. It's what makes love interesting, don't you think? I do.

So, like my list, the Undateable book is a lark and meant to be fun -- or at least we hope. Sadly, we've all known people so critical and picky that no one was good enough for them. If I could say something to those people, it would be this: you suck, and if I ever make a real dating deal-breaker list -- which I won't, but if I did -- you'll be number one. Except then I'd be just like you, wouldn't I? So I'd have to put me on my own list.

Wait. What? I'm so confused.

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Best 5 Colleges in Kolkata to Get Admission in Hospitality Management Courses

Best 5 Colleges in Kolkata to Get Admission in Hospitality Management Courses

The hospitality industry has now become a multi-billion-dollar business and includes restaurants, event planning & management, travel & tourism industry, resorts, casinos, sports, etc. Hence, there a plethora of opportunities for the students who want to make a dream career in hospitality industry.

Hotel Management courses offered by hotel management colleges in Kolkata has now become very popular as a career option among students in India and abroad as well. It has also been found in a recent study that the hospitality industry is the second largest business industry in the world currently.

After the drastic growth in this industry, there are many private and government hotel management colleges that have been opened up across the country in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Kolkata. Out of these colleges, there are some that have earned huge popularity among the students in terms of their great infrastructure and placement records.

So, here we have selected the top 5 hotel management colleges in Kolkata that attract students from across the globe -

1. SBIHM (Subhash Bose Institute of Hotel Management)
SBIHM hospitality management college is one of the premier institutes in the field of offering hospitality management courses in Kolkata. Some phenomenal achievements have given this college a great position in the hospitality education sector in the past few years.

SBIHM has geared itself according to the modern and growing world. Besides this, the college has also advanced learning atmosphere in a multi-cultural environment. The main motto of this college is to provide quality education at an affordable price. SBIHM hospital management college is nurturing the talents from all over India and providing the best hospitality education in Kolkata.

2. NIPS School of Hotel Management
NIPS School of Hotel Management is also a leading name in the hospitality education sector in Kolkata. This college is accredited from AICTE and is affiliated to the West Bengal University of Technology. All courses of NIPS are designed as per the employability in the toady's environment so that students can get the best place after the completion of their education.

NIPS has also won many awards so far, such as 'Certificate of Honour' among the best colleges in the Hotel Management Category and also got 'Gurukuljyoti Award' for Education Excellence.

3. Camellia School of Business Management
Camellia School of Business Management offers various hospitality courses for the students who want to make their career in the hotel management industry. The college understands the importance of education as per the Indian values as well as the need of the industry.

The Institute aims at producing the best quality of hotel management professionals who are capable to meet any challenge that comes ever in their career and life as well. It offers world-class facilities to its students and also has established high standard in the education field in Kolkata.

4. Barclay College of Management
Barclay College of Management provides various hospitality courses by offering 18 bachelor and master's degrees to the students. It is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

This is one of the oldest colleges in Kolkata and was established in the year 1917 and adopted its current name in the year 1990 in in honor of the 1st Quaker theologian, Robert Barclay.

The infrastructure of the college is great and its campus is spread over the 20-acre land. It has 8 major buildings and 3 residence halls where about 200 students can live at a time.

5. International Institute of Business Studies
Another established name amongst the top hotel management colleges in Kolkata, IIBS is affiliated to Bharathiar University and Mysore University. It offers state-of-the-art infrastructure to its students of hotel management education program.

This college has highly qualified and experienced faculty which has rich experience in creating successful professionals. College also provides scholarship to meritorious students. Additionally, workshops and guest lectures are also organized regularly in the college.

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Everything You Need To Know About Forex Trading Demo Accounts

Everything You Need To Know About Forex Trading Demo Accounts

First and foremost, not everyone is going to fully fathom the ins and outs of forex trading. While you may understand the basics of currency pairing and how they operate, nothing beats testing your knowledge by trading in a risk free environment. With this in mind, you should know that most Forex Brokers give you access to something known as a forex trading demo account.

Rakuten traders allows you to open one of these in a matter of minutes. Once you have you’ve registered as a new Rakuten trader you can now start placing trades in a real money environment but with a supply of forex demo trading credits. Profits made when using a demo account are not yours to keep since they are paid out through additional demo credits. However, the one advantage of having this type of account is that you’ll never risk losing your own money while you try to master the online trading environment.

The basics of forex trading demo accounts
Even though demo accounts are very normal, they cannot be used as real accounts. For instance, you can use your Rakuten demo account to play an online game which you can lose or win multiple games. Regardless of the outcome, nothing will impact the card or the cash account associated online with the particular game. This is because, a demo account is just provided for users just for practice and to understand how to use it when real money is involved.

Forex trading demo account
Ratuken traders provide users with a demo accounts for forex trading. Since they provide you with access to the live site which has real data it allows you to practice and get better at forex trading. Get to enjoy multiple benefits by using a forex trading demo account. Some of them include:

• Since demo accounts are for practice you never gain or lose anything

• You get a more clear understanding of the strategies used in forex trading

• You experience the transition of real data as well as the live speed and pace at which changes in forex trading occur

• You get to understand the mechanism behind forex trading

Features of demo trading accounts

Forex trading demo accounts have a few remarkable features which come appreciated as real forex trading accounts. Some of the features include:

• Trading online throughout 24 hours and 5 days of the week

• Buying and selling prices at real live values

• Bulk virtual money is credited in forex trading demo accounts

Although this type of accounts tend to inherit the features and abilities of replicating in the real markets, sometimes they operate in an environment that is 100% simulated. This is why there will always be major differences that differentiate them from real forex trading accounts.

How to pick the right forex broker
Shopping around will allow you to actually compare what is being offered by each forex broker. This will enable you to pick the one that will provide you with a fully tailored service. You should know that different traders have their own demands and wants. This is where you are advised to take a step back and go through each of the benefits and unique features being offered to you by different brokers. Here are some of the things you should look for in a forex trading broker:

• High level security – this is the first and foremost character that a good broker must have
• Ability to deposit and withdraw
• Affordable rates of transaction
• A stable and user friendly trading platform
• Good customer service – a broker that can be easily contacted when problems arise

It is important that you open a forex trading demo account before diving headfirst into the world of currency trading because it will help you familiarize with the concepts involved in foreign exchange. With that in mind, ensure that once you have thoroughly gone through this guide, you make use of Rakuten forex traders by opening a demo account with them.

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Do you think Forex trading suits you

Do you think Forex trading suits you

online forex trading

Before you answer this question, there's another question for you. Do you believe in yourself? So now, back to the first question. If you believe in yourself you don't even have to come up with a question like this. Hope you understand what we try to say. If a trader has 100% trust in himself there wouldn't be any doubts regarding his capabilities. However, the traders in the United Kingdom do not have such doubts, so they have done their level best to become professionals in trading. Unfortunately, the traders who enter the market newly have the mindset that they wouldn't be able to remain in the market for a long time. If a person enters the market with this mindset, how will he be able to trade? The above question, whether trading would suit or wouldn't suit could be aimed at Forex naïve traders.

As they are naïve traders, they tend to think that Forex is complex. They just enter Forex to make money in a short time and then to quit trading. Although this is their plan, the market wouldn't let them execute it. The Forex market is for the ones with determination and perseverance. If you have the determination that you can trade Forex, you should give it a try. Actually, anyone can trade Forex, there are no limitations to enter the Forex market. If you still have doubts, you should use the demo account for some time. Once you become familiar with the demo account, you can shift to the live account. However, let us dig deeper to find more information.

If you are a person with a determined mindset
Whom do you think Forex is for? Of course, we mentioned that Forex is for everyone, but everyone doesn't have the capacity to remain in the market for a long time. Most traders leave the market as soon as they enter. Such kind of traders could be the ones with undetermined mindset. On the other hand, the traders in the professional network have the successful online trading account, how did it happen? Weren't they inexperienced traders when they started trading? Of course, they would have started their career as inexperienced traders, but they were capable enough to find their way. If you want to remain in the Forex market as a profitable trader in the expert community, you should have the determined mindset.

If you are a person who enjoys liberty
There are people who don't like to make their own decision. Every time they make a decision they want someone else to approve it. They prefer to stay away from the decision-making process. They don't like to enjoy the freedom of decision making. So this kind of people isn't suitable to become traders. The Forex market is for the people who enjoy liberal decision making.

If you are one-of-a-kind
If you want to trade, you should make it happen. You should do your research on the Forex market. You should try to gather information on trading. You should try to find new techniques and methods. If you are ready to be your own kind, then Forex is for you. If you are planning to follow another trader, we recommend not to enter the Forex market.

You have to take think one step ahead to become a successful trader. If you walk with the herd you will never become a successful trader. Learn to trade the higher time frame data by using the technical and fundamental analysis. Never trade the market with technical data only. If you think you have the perfect skill set, test it in demo account. Though long-term trading strategy is more profitable yet you should know your personality. If you prefer short-term trading strategy, try to master day trading using a demo account. But never trade the real market unless you have a solid track record in demo trading account.
Top 10 Tips to Help You Score 99 Percentile in SNAP 2018

Top 10 Tips to Help You Score 99 Percentile in SNAP 2018

With the national level management entrance exam, SNAP just a few months away, aspirants must have begun their preparation in full swing. Aspirants looking for admission to MBA courses at different affiliated institutes of Symbiosis International University must leave no stone unturned in their preparation for SNAP 2018. Having a moderate level of difficulty, the exam is not considered as tough as XAT or CAT.

However, it is the General Awareness section in SNAP which plays a major role in adding to the difficulty level of the exam. In order to crack SNAP exam with 99 percentile, one has to develop a strategy for the same. And, to assist you in same, we have mentioned below 10 tips to score 99 percentile in the management entrance exam and the paper pattern as well.

SNAP 2018 Exam Pattern

The exam is divided into the following 4 sections.

Quantitative Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency: Right from the beginning, SNAP exam focused on arithmetic questions. It covers the list of topics like Ratio and Proportion, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Mixture, Percentages, Profit, and Loss, etc. As far as other topics are concerned, data sufficiency has always been present in almost every SNAP exam held till yet. It has been observed that the questions related to data interpretation asked in the exam are fairly easy. An attempt of around 25 questions within 35-40 minutes will make you score higher.

Tip: Revise NCERT math books of class 9 and make sure you practice questions from R S Aggarwal’s quantitative aptitude.

General English: Generally speaking, it is considered as an easy section in SNAP exam. It includes grammar and vocabulary questions and short passages as well. Talking about the section, it includes following from different areas, including grammar, verbal reasoning and vocabulary. Make sure you have more focus on questions based on vocabulary. Keeping this in mind, you must learn words as many as possible. An attempt of 30 questions within 20 minutes will help you score higher.

Tip: Read newspapers and books as many as you can. Also, learn and revise a minimum of 30 words daily with their usages.

Analytical and Logical Reasoning: Coming to this section, it covers questions from different areas such as logical reasoning sets, critical reasoning, analogies, deductive logic, blood relations, visual reasoning, puzzles, etc. To get score more, one should target over 20 questions within half an hour.

Tip: Make sure you practice using puzzle books. You can also benefit from reading R S Aggarwal’s reasoning book.

General Awareness: In this section, the major areas include current affairs, static GK, brand and business GK. Make sure you focus more on new stories, sport events winners, awards and prizes in the last one year. It has been observed that this section has low cut-off than any other sections. Make sure you attempt all questions with certainty. An attempt of 20 questions within 8-10 minutes will help you score more.

Tip: For GK, make sure you study from the following sources.

• The Times of India, Economy, The Hindustan Times
• GK Digest-Mani Ram Aggarwal.
• Manorama Yearbook

Tips that help you score 99 Percentile in SNAP Exam
Give time to basic concepts instead of Formulae: With respect to the analysis of past years, the number of questions is based on the core concepts of the topics. Hence, make sure you have all the basic concepts cleared & understood along with its respective applications. Do More Calculations: Needless to say, many logical reasoning and quantitative ability needs extensive calculations. Although, this year, the facility of the on-screen calculator has been introduced in CAT. However, it is preferable to practice calculations with the help of Vedic Math techniques for SNAP exam.

Focus more on Algebra: The SNAP exam tests your ability to solve questions based on different topics, including Logarithms, Percentages, TSD, Profit & Loss, etc. Make sure you practice a range of questions in order to crack this section with a higher score.

Choose Logical Reasoning and Analytical: SNAP usually includes questions from a range of topics including Venn Diagram, Coding-Decoding, Facts Inference Judgment, Cubes, Blood Relations, Double Line Distribution, Letter Series, Puzzles, Series And Verbal Analogy. This section is quite important as the weightage given to each question is twice the weightage of questions of other sections. Hence, it is advisable to focus more on this section in order to score more.

Most Demanding Section- GK: Right from the beginning, general Knowledge & awareness has always been one of the challenging topics that require your much time. Since SNAP usually surprise students with its unique general knowledge questions, it is better to be prepared with the topics like current affairs with a focus on economics, business, awards politics, sports, and recent events.

Give More Stress on Grammar: This section basically includes more vocabulary questions based on, antonyms, synonyms, idioms & phrase odd man out. If you are facing problems with this section, you need to focus on building a good vocabulary.

Accuracy: While attempting any section, the most important aspect is to keep checking the accuracy as there will be negative marking system in place. Hence, make sure to attempt those questions which you are 100% sure of.

Take Mock Test Daily: Make sure you take SNAP mocks at regular intervals as it the best way to monitor your performance. This will not only help to monitor your progress but also improve your SNAP exam score as it gives you a chance to focus more on your weaker sections.

Solve Previous Years Papers: Although there are very fewer chances of getting repeated questions, your main objective is to be well versed with the SNAP 2018 exam pattern. Solving previous papers of SNAP will help you to get aware of the difficulty level, sections, time duration, etc. Time Management: The only way to get success for SNAP exam is the good selection of questions & time management, especially with respect to questions related to Logical Reasoning, Quantitative, Data Interpretation, and Analytical.

You can score 99 percentile by upholding fundamental management principles like right prioritization, effective time management, a good approach to different sections and a perfect blend of accuracy and speed. Good luck!

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5 Reasons How Online Learning Works Well for Working Person

5 Reasons How Online Learning Works Well for Working Person

online learning

Engaging in other activities and commitments can be difficult sometimes while being a working person. Think of learning a new subject while working, the difficulty intensifies.

We all want to develop ourselves as a human being. Learning new things and earning a livelihood are two of the paramount of our lives. Making a crucial choice between these two aspects is complicated indeed. What will happen if you have to make a choice between Learning and Earning? That is where Online Learning comes to the rescue. A progressing approach for the working people which allows them to simply sign up to their virtual campus with the comfort of their own office or house.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”
- Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein always knew the future that is why his words reflect the fact that the need for effective education will remain constant forever. A rapid increase in the internet connectivity has led to the growth of E-Learning. According to a survey conducted in 2015, India has witnessed a growth rate of 55% in Online Learning.

online test series learning

It is no wonder why a tremendous number of working persons across the globe are opting for Online Learning through the internet. E-Learning from WiFiStudy in the form of Online Test Series or Video lectures can be considered as the greatest revolution in the domain of contemporary education. Online education poses several opportunities to the working people who cannot grant their time to learn from the traditional methods and classrooms. You may find innumerable benefits of E-Learning on the internet but here are the top 5 reasons how Online Learning works well for working person.

Instant Relevance to your Job
The feeling of learning something new and instantly applying it to your profession is simply majestic. Online Learning is comparatively more practical as it allows you to relate what you learn to your job. It makes the class more interesting by sharing relevant work related instances. E-Learning allows you to develop new skills and improve the existing ones. Skill development can instantly boost your earning potential and helps to meet the fluctuating needs of your profession. Furthermore, it also allows you to create new business contacts as you may find a number of people working in your niche.

Course Flexibility
Online learning recognizes the importance of time in the life of a working people, thus, offers the facility of accessing the content 24/7. This facility allows them to schedule their study time according to their job. You, as a working professional, can complete your studies at your own pace and according to your timetable. Furthermore, you can also apply for several courses at once or one by one as per your comfort. The subjects might be different or related to each other.

The fact that Online Learning is comparatively cheaper than the traditional mode of learning makes it more appealing to the working people. The affordability of the E-Learning is enough to convince many of the working people to choose it over the traditional education method. Most of the online courses you find on the internet are inexpensive and easily available. You can also easily save your travel time and expenses. Online Learning also adds to your comfort of studying as the content which you are looking for, is made available to you in a matter of clicks.

There are many YouTube channels that let the candidates learn online for free. The YouTube channel from WiFiStudy is India’s fastest growing study channel endow students with quality education in 18 live classes on daily basis. Along with it, exam strategies, preparation tips, exam pattern and type of questions are slo included in it for the better preparation of exam.

New Career Opportunities
Earning a new degree or a diploma certificate boost your career opportunities. An online degree from a reputed university can enhance the chances of finding new and better career options. E-Learning helps to reinvent yourself if you are in a search of a job change. Apart from the above mentioned benefit, Online Learning also enhances your resume as it reflects your curiosity of learning new skills and your interest in different subjects. An online course certainly looks great on your resume which in turn makes you a suitable candidate for a job promotion.

Self Paced Learning
Self Paced is a term more related to E-Learning. Most of the online courses come with a label of Self Paced. Self Paced Learning allows the working person to start finishing the course targets at any time and he or she can manage the studies and homework according to the individual’s time schedule. The system of Online Learning does not force the working people to attend the live sessions as the traditional mode of education. The material can be accessed by anyone at anytime on the internet, in a matter of clicks.

These are the reasons which attract the people working in different companies to learn something new and develop new skills to enhance themselves as a professional. With the motivation and discipline of learning something new, E-Learning helps the working people to build their career and open new business opportunities.

"Online Learning or E-Learning is certainly the more effective and convenient option of studying for a working person. Studying through multimedia content not only allows you to learn a subject efficiently but also it is safe for the environment as it saves a lot of paperwork. The Online Learning by WiFiStudy utilizes high-quality content including images, videos, and graphs for a better understanding. Lastly, the fact that online education is comparatively inexpensive compels most of the working people."

E-Learning provides real value to working people as it is flexible and can help build the knowledge.

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Don’t Do These 5 Things an Hour Before Your Job Interview to Avoid Messing up

Don’t Do These 5 Things an Hour Before Your Job Interview to Avoid Messing up

Needless to say, a job interview is crucial for it is one of the main keys (if not the only main key) for you to get the job you are applying for. It’s actually the only way by which the employer or the HR staff assigned to interview you would know things about you promptly -- things beyond your resume-- and would get to feel your vibe and your perseverance and eagerness to get the position -- something they cannot totally grasp over the telephone or over the online application form.

It is very important to know the things you should do and prepare for at least an hour or two before the job interview proper. Getting interviewed for a job is truly nerve-racking, but you must be ready to meet the new faces you’ll be with for a long time or will meet for the first and last time too. It’s important to be at your best! BUT aside from the things that you should do, remember that there are also some things that you must not do, or else you might mess up [only a bit, hopefully]. Take at look at these 5 things you must not do before an hour or two before your interview.

This one may not apply to everyone, but let’s see the possibilities if you sleep an hour or two before your interview. Three things!

First, you might become less energetic! For some, a power nap gives them more energy, but for others, it makes them less hyper and sleepier because their sleep gets suddenly cut and they want to sleep more. If you sleep before your interview, your body might still be in a sleepy or sleeping state wherein you’re too lazy to move and think. This might lead to you being out of yourself and unfocused.

Second, you might forget to prepare some requirements for your face-to-face meet-up with the company. If you fall asleep and wake up a few minutes before the interview itself, you’re doomed; you have no more time left to fix everything including yourself. It’s either you cram and look and feel so haggard, or you just don’t bring those requirements anymore and put your application at risk.

Third and last and also the WORST, you might not wake up on time before your interview if you sleep an hour before it! You will be late and will start with a very bad impression and remark, or you’ll choose not to attend anymore because it’s too late already, and it’s so embarrassing for you.

Eat right (in healthiness and in amount) before your interview. Don’t make yourself too full because your tummy might ache, and that would be so bad! Don’t let yourself starve either because it’s just as bad as the latter if your hunger already has become hurtful to the stomach.

If you starve while waiting for your turn to be interviewed and/or during it, you have no choice but to endure the pain and hunger. It will be very uncomfortable which might lead you to not giving your best because something’s hurting in you. The brain doesn’t cooperate well when the tummy is bothersome. It’s worse if you have an examination together with the interview, which will take some hours for you to finish. Wow, how annoying would that be!

Bring photocopied versions or extra printed copies of all your documents, forms, photos and valid IDs needed. It isn’t necessary for your contact person to tell you directly that you have to bring this and that. You need to be responsible and prepared enough by bringing doubles or triples of important requirements that can be duplicated.

Also bring a flashdrive where soft copies of your documents are saved. Make sure the files are functional and not corrupted. Do not plan to just get the files online before going to the interview. You might get stressed while finding a spot where there are gadgets you can use to get your files or where you can get fast signal for Internet connection or where you can print them out.

If you ignore this tip because of laziness, you’re giving yourself some self-inflicted problems. If you have already felt that there’s something wrong with your stomach and digestion since before leaving the house, immediately do something because it’s not something that will adjust for you. Yes, you can ask for permission to go to the toilet when you’re already at the interview venue, but wouldn’t that waste someone’s time?

Having a sick tummy will lessen your confidence and make you lose concentration. It surely will distract you a hundred and one percent so let go, and don’t ignore the call of nature before going to your interview. It helps you be more comfortable and less worried the whole time.Find a restroom if you’re already on the way! You have to get those liquids or wastes out of you before it’s too late!

You might schedule a meeting with a friend before your interview, or you might think you want to visit the mall first since there’s still an hour left, but darling, if it’s not very urgent, reserve that after your interview.

It’s so risky to have a commitment hours or an hour before your job interview. A lot of unexpected happenings might come up. Who knows when the public vehicle you’ll ride in will suddenly get broken - the driver asking all the passengers find another vehicle during rush hours? You know road traffic nowadays is unpredictable. Road constructions might also be present. Countless uncontrollable possibilities are there, so it’s better if you won’t go too far if not needed. You might run late, already giving a not-so-good impression to your interviewer.

These are 5 of the most common things people overlook whenever the hour of their interview is coming near. Keep these in mind if you are a job seeker with a pending interview because these will certainly be your important reminders so you’ll avoid messing up before and during it! These will make you confident in all aspects and will make your prior preparations worth your time.

Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for HR Dept AUS, an Australian company providing HR support and services for any kind of business. Before the Communication field, Psychology is Nicole's long-time love and interest because people's behaviour intrigues and fascinates her a lot! As a writer and as a person, she wants to inspire and empower people in many ways possible. Because of the course she took up in college, Nicole has become interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. She is into events hosting and voice over acting and hosting.| Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be the glory”

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5 Reasons To Choose Top B.Tech. Colleges In Udaipur

5 Reasons To Choose Top B.Tech. Colleges In Udaipur

B. Tech is the most demanding under-graduate course among students after passing their 10+2 exams. A good institute for B. Tech should have an upgraded curriculum, a good infrastructure, experienced faculty, a good placement record, and modern outlook towards the changing technological environment. The city of Udaipur has many engineering institutes which are known for their academic record and producing great engineers. It has some of the best B.Tech. colleges in Rajasthan.

1. Infrastructure:
Udaipur has an excellent infrastructure and connectivity to all the states in India. Infrastructure helps in the growth of industries in the place which in turn provides an opportunity for the placements and pursuing internships. Internship plays an important role in B. Tech. course. Apart from the theoretical knowledge, it is important to practice the skills learnt in real life scenarios.

B. Tech. colleges in Udaipur also have state-of-the-art labs with all the latest equipment and machines are a huge source of attraction for students. The other facilities required like the libraries, auditoriums, computer labs, etc. are available and also equipped with the latest facilities.

2. Placements:
B. Tech. colleges in Udaipur have excellent placement records; one of the reasons for this is their harmonious relationship with corporates in big cities. Udaipur is connected by all the three modes of transport which helps in inviting reputed firms to the college. Apart from this, most of the B. Tech. colleges in Rajasthan understand the importance of placement after the course completion. Thus, most of these institutes have a placement cell established to liaison with the corporates on regular basis.

3. Faculty:
B. Tech. colleges in Udaipur have an experienced faculty which is one of the most important criterions while choosing an institute for B. Tech or any other educational course. The faculty continuously engages in self-improvement and keeping embraced with the real time technology and advances in science.

4. Industry Interface:
B. Tech. colleges in Rajasthan do believe in running a program in close collaboration with industry to keep the students abreast with the real-world scenarios and the innovation that is being carried out. Therefore, most of the B. Tech colleges in Udaipur have an Industry interface cell which organizes lectures from reputed industry people who give an insight of the practical application of knowledge students acquire during their B.Tech. course.

5. New Courses:
B. Tech colleges in Udaipur have also included latest courses on cloud computing, rail engineering and engineering of dairy products. Thus, keeping their curriculum is up to date and in pace with the changing technological environment. The colleges in Udaipur do believe in continuous innovation as per the demands of the industry.

Most of the B.Tech. colleges in Rajasthan are established by the owners who have a vision to develop a world-class institution. These universities have been ranked among the top ones by NIRF. Their great infrastructure includes the latest labs equipped with new technology.

The curriculum is regularly updated keeping the technological changes in mind.

They have a placement wing to support the placements and internship programs of the students. Their exchange program with many of the universities in the country and abroad comes under their partnership program. This helps students in enhancing their thought process as they get to know about other programs. They have received high ranks amongst the top universities of India by NIRF and MHRD, Govt of India.

Overall, the infrastructure, combined with supportive government regulations has helped in the development of world-class B. Tech colleges in Udaipur which is now truly counted as the hub for engineering.
Best Colleges in India for Geoinformatics

Best Colleges in India for Geoinformatics

Today’s information society needs a lot of technical expertise in understanding and comprehending to the complex nature of earth sciences and issues related to it. And a very good example of this is increasing number of students enrolling for a professional degree in Geoinformatics in some of the renowned Geoinformatics colleges in India. These colleges are running several post-graduation courses in Geo information Sciences.

Use of geo-spatial data for scientific purposes and analysis for the welfare of society has proved to be beneficial in several ways. Students trained in Geo information Sciences also contribute in improvement of agricultural practices and creation of healthy society. Management of the geo-spatial data requires special training and skills and an understanding of how to interpret the data. All this can be learned by pursuing a professional course in geoinformatics from one of the best colleges for Geoinformatics.

Our below mentioned list of the best colleges in India for Geoinformatics will help you in choosing one for yourself:

1. Symbiosis Institute of Geo-informatics, Pune
SIG was started in the year 2004, with an aim to bring ground-breaking change in the field of geo-spatial science education. A regular program in Geo-informatics helps in developing an understanding of the serious concerns related to this field with the help of information technology. SIG has successfully produced leaders in this rising domain who are now well-placed and contributing significantly in spatial database management, and planning and management of natural resources.

2. Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi
A leader in the field of education related to Geo-spatial Technology, BIT-Mesra has successfully created proficient manpower that has met the increasing demand of the same in this rapidly growing field. Use of Geoinformatics techniques such as Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) has increased manifolds for land mapping and environmental monitoring. So, the best colleges for Geoinformatics, such as, BIT ensure that their programs are structured in a way that students receive complete training in the field and make the best utilization of technology and space science.

3. Bharati Vidyapeeth University (BVIEER), Pune
A University of repute, BVIEER, Pune runs masters degree courses in the technical field like Geoinformatics sciences in order to create a talent pool that can process geo-spatial data into steadfast and workable information. The institute believes that collecting such data isn’t a big concern, rather the main task is correct interpretation of that data. And therefore, it has hired faculty that is highly proficient and has years of practical experience in the field of Geoinformatics.

4. Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala (IIITM-K)
Several new dimensions in the study of Earth’s processes have emerged in that recent past and this has led to introduction of this course. Geoinformatics colleges in India, such as, IIITM-K have taken strong resolution to contribute to the society by simplifying the complex process of data mining associated with Earth resources and also help us understand the spatial aspects related with natural environment. The institute truly offers world-class services in the field of Geoinformatics.

5. Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment, New Delhi
This one is a Government of India sponsored institute that is established to spread awareness and education related to ecology and environment. The expertise of this institute in the field can be realised by the fact that it assists other universities in devising their curriculum for graduate and post-graduate courses in geoinformatics sciences. The experts here make sure that their students are trained enough to handle challenges associated with the most advanced geo-spatial technologies.

These institutes have created highly efficient individuals who are now well placed and serving in both government and non-government organisations. Their best in-class infrastructure, industry exposure, libraries, faculty and research work are the key highlights why they are chosen over other institutes providing this course.