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What Will Be The Impact Of Brexit On Indian Students Looking To Study In UK?

Brexit definitely has shaken the EU and the world. However, as an international student, you are eager to know how Brexit will impact them. This post gives you an insight on how Brexit actually will or may impact you as an international student from India.

The first question that might arise in you is- will studying in the UK become more cheaper or expensive? As an international student, you are not required to pay EU rates when you are going to the UK for higher studies. You already need to pay international rates and so your tuition fees will not be affected by Brexit. There may be some factors that will determine the cost of your studies when you are staying there. However, do not make any hasty decision now. Wait for the agreement between Britain and the EU to be made.

You may be concerned about the funding opportunities for Indian students. This is not a cause for worry now as there are independent funding sources available to you and they will not be directly affected by Brexit.

The next thing that you may be concerned about is the restriction of international students coming to study in the UK. Now this decision has not yet been made. You will have to wait and watch to see if international students will be included in the migration targets. You have to check if students from the EU would be classified an international students or not. Now, if they are, there is a possibility that the restrictions of studying at a university in the UK could get tighter. Again, you need to see the number of students from the EU who are willing to come to the UK for pursuing higher education.

The Brexit Vote however is looking for better protection for the status of the international student and this is inevitably very good news for you. However, right now do not make the hasty decision of going to the UK for further studies. It is important for you to keep track of the news and the recent Brexit developments there. This will help you make the right decision in the future. At the same time, you should go and visit skilled and informed study abroad consultants for UK before you decide to study in London or other places. They will give you the accurate details of the Brexit impact when you have plans to study overseas in UK.

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How to Start a Dog Breeding Business in 5 Simple Steps

If you have a natural affinity with dogs and are up to the challenge, dog breeding can be a highly lucrative business that will bring you a lot of joy. If you want to establish yourself as a reputable dog breeder, there are a few steps you will need to take to ensure your business remains profitable, your customers are happy and your dogs are healthy. Some unscrupulous pet dealers give the good breeders a bad name and make many people feel wary about choosing a purebred dog. If you want to make your mark on the dog breeding business and build a successful business, follow these five simple steps for making sure you’re prepared for the challenge.

Choose your dog breed
Whether you’re breeding pugs or poodles, shih tzus or schnauzers, make sure it’s a breed you absolutely love and that you have a good understanding of their specific needs. Although purebred dogs are an obvious choice, there are also some mixed breeds that are proving to be very popular.

Learn the laws
You will want to follow the letter of the law to ensure your dog breeding business is above board. There may be national laws governing who can breed dogs, but you should also check local laws to ensure you are allowed to keep the dogs in your home. You may require permission from your local council to avoid getting complaints from your neighbours.

Do your research
Learning as you go along is not advisable when breeding dogs. If you know another dog breeder, ask if you can work with them for a few days to learn all you can about the business. You won’t only be responsible for keeping your dogs healthy, but you will also be responsible for meeting with customers, marketing your business and managing the administrative side. Dog breeding is a highly competitive and complex industry, and no one should go into it unprepared.

Develop new skills
In the UK, all dogs have to be microchipped by the age of 8 weeks. Many breeders take responsibility for fitting the dog microchips and transferring the microchip registration to the new owner once they are sold. There are dog microchipping courses available to teach you how safely fit the microchips.

Build your network
Establishing yourself as a reputable dog breeder requires a strong network that will include fellow breeders, local businesses and veterinarians. By building these networks early, you will often have the opportunity to gain invaluable insight and advice for free. When it comes to marketing your business, you will also have a strong network to help get the word out.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

College hunt – Career deciding factors

After a student passes higher secondary, they often dream about the college where they can excel in their passion and fulfil their dreams. That is the time when the student believes that they can do anything provided they get a motivating and appropriate college. No educational institute is bad, but the matching of what a college can provide and what the student seeks is of prime importance. Students often have several constraints while choosing the right college, however, the search should not end at the beginning. A student needs to work aggressively to find the right institute for them since this is one step that can either make or mar their future career.

A graduate level educational facility is the place where a student spends most fruitful years of his life. This is the place where he becomes mature and understands what he seeks from his career life. A college provides the right direction to the student to achieve the aims. The most crucial task then becomes on how to choose the right college after the higher secondary. There are various constraints that are put on the student to limit his search apart from what a college can actually return to the student.

# Geographical Location and financial constraints
For many students, geographical location of the college is one of the major constraint in fulfilling their dreams. The families want their children to take up a college which is near to their residing place. Also, one of the major factor that comes into play is of financial support. For the colleges which are far apart, parents need to have a strong financial background which not all the parents can provide to the student. Thus, many parents support taking up colleges in the nearby places. These reasons limit the student to select the most appropriate college and rather take up the one which balances their dreams as well as financial situation.

This is the story of many students across the country. Not all the students are able to settle in new places and take up the college which is of their own choice and can appropriately fit into their career aspirations. However, the life does not end there. A student can make the years spend in the selected college equally fruitful if he is passionate to bring value to his career life. Once the right decisions are taken, they can be fulfilling for the whole life time. A student can enhance his skills while in the college with the help of professors, career counsellors and peers.

Major Factors to consider while selecting the college:
Course curriculum: There may be many areas which could be the point of consideration. For e.g. if we take proximity, there may be reasons where you want to stay closer to your house but there can be n number of others factors which could affect your career like the courses available in a particular college. You need to deeply examine the courses that are available and the modules which those courses cover. These days, most of the colleges release their course curriculum even before the start of the session. This helps students to understand what is expected from the course and if they are fit to pursue that course. In addition to that, there is need to verify if you are eligible for the selected course. Most of the courses have some well-defined pre-requisites which a student needs to fulfill. The student needs to check them before applying for the course.

Fee structure: Another major factor that comes in front of the student is the fees of the course. The student needs to understand whether he or his parents would be able to finance him throughout the tenure of the course. In addition to the course fees, there are charges for hostels, food, stationary which are to be kept in mind before starting the college. Many a times, these expenses make a larger portion of the overall expenses. So, the student needs to plan the course and college according to the expenses that will be incurred over the course of 3-4 years which is the duration of the course.

Reputation of the college: One of the main reason for doing graduation for a student is to secure a job after that. If the college is not reputed enough, then there comes constraint in getting a job afterwards. However, some of the students may neglect this factor based on their own aspirations.

# If you wish you can, you definitely will!!!
A huge pain is required to search the college and if someone really wants to choose the right one, he will definitely do it. Sometimes we are totally oblivious about the college name where desired course is available. Hence a rigorous search needs to be carried out in order to meet the requirements. It becomes really very difficult for a student to search for such colleges who has just passed his higher education and hence there is a demand to find someone who can help one in finding the right place. Career counselling is one of the medium where one can choose its path. Students can take the help of expert career counsellors who can guide them on how to plan the right path to fulfill their passion.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

How to Choose the Right Futon cover?

Futon has high importance in Japanese routine as it not only provides a platform for sleeping but also offers significant health benefits. Futon bed is incomplete without other elements associated in making a futon bed. One important factor of the futon set is a futon cover, without which the futon mattress does not have an appeal.

Futon mattress has become a part of the American society and now, you can find futons and futon covers in various styles and sizes. Traditional Japanese futon covers were made of 100% cotton which adjusted perfectly to their climate.

According to a famous myth, authentic futon covers should be made of 100% cotton. Well, just as we mentioned above, futon covers should be chosen according to your climate conditions. Most of the futon covers used and made in America are a mixture of cotton and polyester, which works fine for them-providing organic and raw feel of cotton, and offering durability and strength of polyester fiber at the same time.

You have many fabric choices to consider but do remember to take your location into consideration and select accordingly. When you order from an online futon store, confirm the reliability and authenticity of the store before purchasing the product. Some of the 100% cotton futon covers available online is thin, can shrink easily, and can even fade out on colors. Try visiting futon beds from Japan for handmade authentic Japanese futons and futon sets.

You can both keep your futon set very traditional like Japanese and choose the same futon fillings and coverings-with traditional Japanese styles, colors and design schemes, or you can pick the east-west fused western appeal. The western style futon covers are available in denim fabric, leather futon covers such as suede, as well as high synthetic materials.

Here’s our Futon Cover guide to help you choose your futon cover:

Which Fabric is best for your Futon Cover?
Whether you choose the contemporary style, southwestern style, floral print, or a leather covering-pay more attention to the futon mattress than it’s covering. If your futon is of good quality, even a simple cover would complete the comfort of a futon. The property of a futon cover simply means; perfectly fit on your futon mattress, has to be strong, and should be able to bear the high traffic environment.

Stick to two rules: How does the covering feel? And how easily can it be cleaned and maintained?

The material that meets standards of quality, durability, and resistance to frequent usage should be a perfect choice.

Futon Covers For Families with Kids and Pets
The most frequent question asked and inquired of is “which material will be suitable for my futon as I have children and pets?” Numerous inquiries are based on cats and dogs scratching through the cover-simple solution to this involves properly manicuring your pets otherwise no material will be perfect for the selection.

The choice precisely has to fit into either of two questions: How does the cover feel to the touch? How easily can it be cleaned? The first concern is very important whether you have kids or even if the futon is laid out for guest’s including old aged people. So, a futon cover that is vinyl mixed is more suitable for families. This material can easily be wiped and cleaned with paper towels and it is easy to maintain. The second choice is for a futon cover made from Faux Suede and microfibers; the velvety soft feel is a choice of every person.

The high density of suede weaves the appeal of colors, and the luxurious appeal, can simply embellish the simple futon set up. Although, the washing of velvet covers can be hectic and especially when you have pets that shed hair, you will need to do brushing and more.

Tip for Buying the Best Futon Cover: When you purchase the Futon cover from a physically available store or an e-store, check for the “medical grade mattress protector”. This is like a fitted sheet that goes on the futon mattress and is waterproof, dust mite proof, hypoallergenic, and allows ventilation as well as keeping the mattress cool and dry. To protect the futon from accidents and biohazards, a protector can be the best choice.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ways to Enhance the Efficiency of Ducted Gas Heating and Cooling Systems

A ducted gas heater or cooler with efficient performance would consume lesser energy compared to the traditional system. By selecting the best sized ducted gas heating and cooling system, you can easily avoid the unwanted expenses of monthly utility bills. However, before focusing on the different ways to explore the best systems, let's understand what exactly is a ducted gas system and how does it work.

Ducted Gas Heating and Cooling Systems

What is a Ducted Gas Heating and Cooling System?
A ducted gas heating system, works as a central system that offers effective warming at different rooms of residential or commercial spaces. The ducts are specifically designed for even distribution of temperature, across every nook and corner of the room. The essence of this system is the gas, which is reckoned to be its powerhouse. This is because the gas heats the broiler as a result of which warm air is produced and this air is transferred to different parts via ducts. One of the most common gases that are utilized for this purpose is natural gas.

This was only the heating operation of the system, what about cooling? The ducted gas heating and cooling system work in two ways; first as a heater and second as an air conditioner. For cooling the targeted area, they make use of reverse cycle process, where a heat pump extracts the heat present indoors, and maintains a subtle and comfortable temperature.

Benefits of Reverse Cycle Ducted Gas Systems
One of the most important things about these systems is that the reverse cycle ducted gas systems are energy efficient. This is because they consume only 1/3rd of the average electricity to cool and heat the rooms, in comparison to any other traditional equipment. Moreover, they provide several benefits like:

• Flexible control option, where you have the opportunity to select which area should be cool or warm in particular

• Dehumidify the air, ensuring optimal cooling even during extremely hot and humid summer conditions. 

• They help you in maintaining perfect weather conditions all-year-round, where with just one simple ducted gas heating and cooling system and you are good to go.

How to improve the efficiency of Ducted Gas Heating and Cooling System?
There is not just one, but a plethora of methods that can be implemented to enhance the efficiency of ducted cooling and heating system some of them are:

• Insulation: Almost 60% of your entire cooling and heating can be lost because of absorption by walls and ceilings. In order to avoid this, you need to have a well-equipped insulation that would prevent the transfer of heat or cold, hence reducing energy loss. If there is no sort of insulation in your walls then consider installing them.

• Operate only in required areas: As mentioned before the system can be targeted to a particular area. Therefore, when the focus is on making the ducted gas heating and cooling system efficient, then you can have them only at those areas where they are required the most.

• Draught Proofing: Gaps or cracks that are often seen in windows or doors can be a major reason for energy loss, affecting the performance of the system too. This is why simple changes like having draught excluders under sealing strips, window frames or doors can help you save a lot of energy that you had never expected.

Do remember, choosing an incredible system is not enough, rather the emphasis should be laid on the various precautionary steps that you can take for saving energy and ensuring that the system functions at its best.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Lenovo Vibe K5 Note Killer Note Price in India Buy Online


3GB Varient Price    11,999

4GB Varient Price    13,499


Lenovo Vibe K5 Note Specifications :


  • Release date August 2016
  • Form factor Touchscreen
  • Dimensions (mm) 152.00 x 75.70 x 8.49
  • Weight (g) 152.00
  • Battery capacity (mAh) 3500
  • Removable battery No
  • Colours Silver
  • SAR value NA
  • Screen size (inches) 5.50
  • Touchscreen Yes
  • Resolution 1080×1920 pixels
  • Processor 1.8GHz octa-core
  • Processor make MediaTek Helio P10
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Internal storage 32 GB
  • Expandable storage Yes
  • Expandable storage type microSD
  • Expandable storage up to (GB) 128/256


  • Rear camera 13-megapixel
  • Flash Yes
  • Front camera 8-megapixel
  • Operating System Android 5.1
  • Skin Vibe UI


  • Wi-Fi Yes
  • Wi-Fi standards supported 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac
  • GPS Yes
  • Bluetooth Yes, v 4.00
  • NFC Yes
  • Infrared No
  • USB OTG Yes
  • Headphones 3.5mm
  • FM Yes
  • Number of SIMs 2
  1. SIM 1
  • SIM Type Nano-SIM
  • 3G Yes
  • 4G/ LTE Yes
  • Supports 4G in India (Band 40) Yes
2. SIM 2
  • SIM Type Nano-SIM
  • 3G Yes
  • 4G/ LTE Yes
  • Supports 4G in India (Band 40) Yes


  • Compass/ Magnetometer Yes
  • Proximity sensor Yes
  • Accelerometer Yes
  • Ambient light sensor Yes
  • Gyroscope Yes
  • Barometer No
  • Temperature sensor No

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Is mobile technology helping education system?

When mobile phones were discovered, many argued that this will ruin the peaceful life of people. No one ever thought that this small device could one day prove to be supporting the social issues. With the advent of smart phones and new technologies involved with them, these can be used for solving several issues. Mobile phones can be used to remain aware of the surroundings, keeping oneself safe and also in imparting education. Now days, a person sitting at his home can download several apps and can get knowledge and information of the whole world through his mobile phone.

Where in olden times to hear someone it took months and years, with the help of mobile technology we can be anywhere with anyone. Mobile technology has grown to that extent where each and every thing can be managed through it from sending money to finding a job. It’s the major mode of communication used these days. Such small device has several features imbibed in it; starting from entertainment to magnanimous education. Everyone is talking about how to increase the economy of the nation; the key factors for effectiveness of it may be education. Education plays a vital role in individual life starting from moral values, to being respectable in the society. Though we have improved a lot and an increasing number of people send their children to school for gaining knowledge instead of asking them to do petty jobs for money. Economy is without any doubt improving a lot and it’s happening due to the society and youth contributing a major role to it by spreading awareness among all.

# Apps have made it easier
With the growing technology things are turning out to be simpler with each passing day. In early days when students wanted to clear any competitive exams, after preparing for it they had to go to their teachers and ask for the test exams on a regular basis. Teacher used to manually check the exam and let them know the mistakes. With the advent of educational apps, the competitive exams’ preparations are just an installation away. Students can now get the study material, test preparations and their progress reports through the apps which have been introduced in the education system of the country.

# Lesser cost
These apps have not only made all the study material and education in access to all the students but have also worked in providing these services at a much cheaper cost. The private tuitions, books and study material cost a hefty amount of sum for the parents. However, with the help of these apps, students can access all the necessary things at much lesser costs. This has also made it possible for the middle class and below middle class parents to afford the quality education for their children. In addition, government has taken steps t provide all the study material online by uploading the books on the website for the use of students. Now students don’t even need to buy the books, rather they can easily access them for free from the websites.

# Coaching has become easier
Sending children to coaching institutes is no more than a dream for middle class people. However, with increasing tuition fees at these institutes, it becomes difficult for parents to afford one. Along with the fees of these coaching institutes there is an extra burden of books and other study material with the students which parents have to provide. It is generally portrayed that if you can’t afford to buy competitive books, you lack behind and then there will be no chance you could make up with the syllabus. These hurdles can be easily countered with the availability of online coaching classes which are available through various apps and websites. Online coaching is advantageous and helpful in its own way. Firstly, you don’t have to bear that tuition fee; secondly, you can watch the entire video again if the session is not clear and much more. Life has become much easier with technology.

# Career Guidance to students
Another major breakthrough that has come with the help of mobile technology is the career guidance that is being given to the students. Earlier, students used to rely on their parents or teachers for receiving knowledge of various career options. However, these days, several websites have come up which a student can access through his mobile phone. These websites help the student to understand their career priorities and help them choose an appropriate career option. These also connect the students to the expert career counsellors across the country.
Mobile technology has changed the way people used to think about the education. With the greater penetration of mobiles and internet in the country, there are higher prospects of people getting educated and more aware. Education is just one of the facet which the mobile communication has empowered, there are many other areas which have been strengthened by the mobile technology.

Top 5 tips to become a successful project manager

Be part of the team
When managing a team, you need to work on different projects with them. If you become the team player, you will also be asking for help when you need it. Let your team know when you find a fundamental problem, instead of waiting for the issue to get bigger and bigger. Learning from each other is key and if you work with your team, you will be able to achieve anything.

If you are not listening, you are not learning. Learn from your team’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can manage their work, around what they want. If you listen and take action more people will help you from the beginning, and the end of the project. The more you listen the more success you will have, so open your ears and you’ll be on the way for a promotion.

Know your industry
Understanding the industry is a massive bonus when managing a team. Your team needs to know information about how the market works and what goals your company are aiming for. If you know this knowledge, share it with them and let your team understand the main objectives of your project.

Get Certified
If you gain a project management certificate such as PRINCE2® training , you will be recognised by companies worldwide. MSP training, or Managing Successful Programmes can help you learn fully how to manage teams effectively, and will make your team respect as an authority. Gaining a project management certification also helps you to enhance your career prospects and manage bigger teams.

Respect Your Team
Last but not least, to need to treat your team with some respect, be nice to them and be honest with them. If you don’t respect them, they will not work for you. You are all working on the project together so you’ll also need to respect each other.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Natural Remedies Vs Cosmetic Surgery

The decision to have cosmetic surgery is a highly personal one. People often incorrectly assume that the decision is entirely driven by vanity, probably because of the associated preconceptions we all have. When we think of plastic surgery, we think of Hollywood starlets with their faces nipped, tucked and inflated beyond recognition. We think of vanity and unrealistic expectations. And we naturally think of the hefty price tag. This is an unfair assumption which can make those undergoing cosmetic surgery feel marginalised.

It’s not always about vanity
Cosmetic surgery can often be driven by health reasons as much as anything else. Cosmetic surgery can be used to treat low self-esteem, which can often lead to depression; a truly debilitating condition. Cosmetic surgery can also be used to reconstruct parts of the body following an accident, or treat burns and severe scarring. We all carry baggage from our pasts, and if that baggage is more visible, isn’t it natural to look for a way to conceal it? It’s about time we remove the stigma surrounding cosmetic surgery and allow people the room to heal and complete themselves in their own way.

What’s the alternative?
There are many alternatives to cosmetic surgery that include natural remedies to alleviate the symptoms, or therapy to deal with the emotional trauma. There are endless natural skin treatments to deal with everything from scarring to uneven skin tone. Cocoa butter is a miracle ingredient for reducing the appearance of scars, and more unusual products like snail mucin can be used to treat uneven skin tone. On the more expensive end of the spectrum, there are electrical impulse treatments that will mimic the effects of a face lift.

Treat the emotional symptoms first
Treating the emotional symptoms is just as important as treating the physical symptoms. Seek emotional support before undergoing any kind of treatment with lasting results. There is often an underlying issue which needs to be addressed before making any permanent changes to the body. Your cosmetic surgeon is not the best person to offer advice or emotional support, as they have clearly vested interests.

What if something goes wrong?
Dealing with the outcome of a surgical mistake can be incredibly traumatic. These kinds of mistakes fall under medical negligence, so you should seek the advice of a qualified negligence lawyer to make a cosmetic surgery claim. When using natural alternatives, don’t assume there are no risks involved because it is natural. You may discover you are allergic to the treatment, or you might not get the desired results you were hoping for. If you suffer an adverse reaction, you should stop using the treatment immediately and seek the advice of a doctor to make sure you don’t cause any lasting damage.

The Logistics of Networking Event Planning – A go to Checklist

When it comes to planning your own networking event it can be a bit overwhelming. There’s so much to think about and remember, it can sometimes feel like an impossible battle! There are a number of questions you have to ask yourself. What is the point of the event? What is the theme of your event? Will there be a special guest at the event? What will make people want to come to the event? The list goes on! Don’t panic, this post will help you make sure you don’t forget any of the absolute essentials when it comes to planning a networking event.

1 – Guest List
Before you can start anything else, you need to ask yourself 3 key questions.
1. Who do you want to come to the event?
2. What kind of people are they?
3. What will get these types of people to you event

There’s no point trying to book a venue, entertainment, or catering, if you don’t know who you’re entertaining! The guest list should be the thing you spend the most time on.

I always find it’s a good idea to search for people local to your area who may be a good fit for your event. You may be able to connect with them through social media or even in person before the event.

You need to invite a wide variety of people, but be careful not to invite anyone who isn’t relevant. Many people invite too many people and have a mismatch of guest that don’t connect or interact – which never works. Brain storm guests with your colleagues or clients and shortlist the ones you really want there. I find having all the different agencies, companies and individual mapped out can really help. LinkedIn and other business networking sites can be a great source of people for this strategy, by seeing who’s connected and who isn’t.

2- Venue Selection
Arguably on of the biggest and hardest decisions is where to hold your event. It needs to be the right size, the right location, and the right spec for the calibre of people your inviting.

Stick to the actual number of people that you’ll be inviting when booking the event. If you book a space that’s bigger being optimistic, chances it will end up looking like no one attended the event! By the same token, if you book a space that’s too small, people may think you’ve scrimped on the budget. Also, people will be cramped and overheat and generally won’t enjoy the day. If you’re inviting 300 people, find a space that holds 280-320 people – most venues will give you this kind of ballpark figure for their space.

Other things to consider are whether the venue offers clean-up service, offers catering, provides chairs and tables, or staff? Be sure to ask all of these important questions, else you may find yourself incurring hidden costs!

3 - Transport and Parking
Most venues have dedicated parking lots for you and your guests to use, but you should also spare a thought for those that may be travelling via public transport. Check all of this before agreeing on the venue. You should include parking and transport details in your invitation so guests know exactly where to go.

4 – Food
Decide from the off if you will have food at the event. Some events do call for catering. If it’s an all-day event, many people will come expecting to be fed. If it’s an evening event though for example, it may not be necessary. If you do opt to feed your delegates, it’s important to find a decent caterer who will deliver to the event, so you don’t have to worry about how you will transport it. This is when it comes in handy for the venue to provide catering.

5 – Security
Any event with a large number of attendees requires extensive and careful security planning. Depending on the facility and the normal procedures for access control, the process for granting admittance to event is important. Some people opt to give their delegate Wristbands or Lanyards. I’ve you’re having VIP areas that are off-limits to some delegates, it’s a good idea to use colour coding.

It’s often a good idea, if you’re planning a particularly large event, to hire a security firm to manage the security for you. Make sure that all decisions and procedures developed during the planning process are visibly documented and communicated to all personnel.

Other things to consider…
• You may want to survey some of the people who you would like to attend the event. This will give you get a sense of what convinces them to go to one networking event and skip another.
• Consider charging for your networking event, even if it’s a small amount. Having to put down cash in order to attend an event can convince prospective attendees that they’re attending a more premium event and that a higher calibre of people will be there.
• Publish the news of your event across all social channels you control. If you have a blog, an email newsletter, social media accounts or any other way people about the event, do so.
• Create an attraction for your event outside just the opportunity to meet some cool people. Exactly what will work depends on your industry and audience. There are some people who will show up any time there are free drinks and others who want to hear a speaker or see an exhibit.
To Conclude

Planning your own networking event is probably the best way there is to make sure that you have the opportunity to meet exactly the sort of people who you want to connect with, and planning a successful networking doesn’t have to be difficult. Allowing enough time to plan the event will mean you’ll be able to avoid becoming overwhelmed. If you stick to your budget and timeline, pick a great venue, hire quality vendors, and invite the right people, you’ll have memorable event.

Are you interested in becoming an event planner? Start your journey here.