Your Guide To A Stress-free, Organized Move To A New Residence

Purchasing a house can be a difficult, stressful period. Finding the perfect location, securing a loan with favorable terms, and making an offer on the property are just a few of the steps toward buying a house. Once you’ve accomplished your goal and the house is yours, there’s one more hurdle to overcome: moving from the old house to your new home. This guide gives you a quick overview on how to make the process as smooth as possible.

Take note of repairs and sections that require repainting

The best time to take care of pesky repairs and touching up dull or cracked paint is while the house is empty. Go over your home in detail and take note of any repairs or touch-ups you want to do. Even if you find a repair that you believe you could wait a few months to do, it’s best to get it out of the way before moving in. Once you’re settled into the house, it’s a big inconvenience to reorganize furniture while workers are in your home doing repairs.

Get your home spotless before moving in

Any housrwork is easier while your home is completely empty. Before lugging in your furniture and other items, which may contain dirt or dust, call around and find a professional cleaner. Not only is it much easier to clean areas while the house is empty, it’s a wonderful feeling moving into a clean home. If you move in before getting a thorough cleaning done, you may end up putting the job off for too long. You may also end up paying more money to get the place cleaned, as the cleaner now has to move furniture or maneuver through hard-to-reach areas to clean.

Should you hire a mover?

If you’re simply looking for convenience, then the decision is easy: hire a professional moving company to handle the heavy lifting. However, if you’re looking to save money, don’t have too many large items to carry, and have some friends who’re willing to help out for a six-pack of beer, then doing the job yourself may be a viable option. If you don’t have a large-size truck, you can rent a truck from companies like U-Haul or Budge. Another benefit to moving your belongings yourself, is that no one will provide the care and attention toward your items that you would, so you can rest comfortable knowing your possessions are in good hands.

Take of the little, (yet important) things

Before moving into your lovely new home, make sure you’ve taken care of the little things that many buyers sometimes forget about.
  • Change the locks in the house. While the seller while be the most trustworthy person in the world, you never know who’s out there with a copy of the key to your home. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Make sure you’re not left out in the cold, or burning up in the summer. Contact the utility service providers and make sure your name is listed on all of the utilities.
  • If your neighborhood has a homeowners association (HOA), get in contact with them. You may have to fill out paperwork, or read a list of rules to determine what you are and aren’t allowed to do.
Making the move from an old house to a new home is an exciting venture, and it can be a memorable, fun experience or a troublesome, frustrating experience depending on your level of preparation. By following the advice listed, your move to your new residence should be problem-free, and the move will likely be a process that you look back on with a smile on your face.
Jodi Bakst, a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and Broker Owner of Real Estate Experts based on Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is not only an out of the box thinker, she is trained to showcase and sell executive homes
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