Why is Vintage So Popular with Millennials?

Millennials, the biggest generation since the Baby Boomers, seem poised to take over, lead the way, and influence fashion. Perhaps because they are literally the biggest consumer group at the moment, major companies are looking at what they do, how they think, and how they come to make their decisions. Millennials have proven to be innovative. At a time when salaries are staying flat yet housing, tuition, food, and even transportation costs are going up, Millennials have found simple ways to keep themselves happy. Instead of going out to eat at casual dining restaurants they look up recipes online, then host a potluck with their friends. Rather than buying popular luxury brands, they tend to prefer vintage looks that more succinctly express their personalities. If you have ever wanted to know why Millennials seem to prefer vintage, classic, and even thrifty looks, this article will open your eyes.

Vintage Styles Are Practically Timeless

From Coco Chanel to Gloria Vanderbilt, styles and trends have varied by the decade. When styles are currently in, they are widely known and accepted by the masses. However, contemporary styles also go out of favor fast. So, a pair of booties that you bought from Macy’s three seasons ago might’ve cost you a pretty penny, but you also risk looking dated if you insist on pulling them out of the back of your closet. Vintage styles, on the other hand, always look classic. Wear a pair of high waisted stone washed jeans and people will automatically know that you are channeling the 80s. Your fashion choice will be seen as deliberate instead of you looking clueless. Millennials know that vintage styles will forever be timeless.

Classic and Vintage Pieces are Harder to Price

While the internet makes shopping a lot easier, it has also increased the risk of being ‘clocked.’ Make the mistake of telling someone where you got your new trench coat from and it will only take them seconds to learn how much you paid for it. And while most people don’t care if all of their wardrobe is designer or not, they also don’t want the world knowing that they mainly shop at Walmart. On the other hand, vintage pieces are not so easily priced or sourced. If you choose to mainly wear pieces that are 10, 20, or even 30 years old, most of your wardrobe will be one of a kind. Simply put, Millennials want to look chic and polished but they aren’t going to go broke doing so. Dressing in vintage fashions allows them to look good without emptying their wallets.

Dressing More Maturely Without Looking Older

The age range for Millennials goes from the early 20s to the late 30s. This means that there are quite a few Millennials finding their first grey hairs and subsequently experiencing panic attacks over the prospect of growing older. So, for a crowd that wants to be taken seriously but yet still wants to look hip, trendy, and relatable, dressing in a more mature matter is usually a pretty good solution. People in this generation have been slowly making the transition from being undergrads who could get away with wearing flip-flops all year, to mature and professional adults. Vintage styles simply look more sophisticated, and they are easier to play around with than buying clothes off the rack at a department store.

Vintage Cars Can Be a Status Symbol

Cars aren’t always necessary, especially for Millennials. This age group is most likely to bike, carpool, or take a form of public transportation to work. So, cars tend to be seen a little more as status symbols by Millennials than the average person. In addition, vintage cars bring out a little nostalgia. Purchasing a vintage car made the same year you were made gives you a lot of bragging rights. Buying a stylish vintage leather jacket and wearing it while you drive your vintage car will make you the talk of your social group. Read more here about vintage vehicles and leather jackets if you want to be the most stylish out of all your friends. So, while a car is simply something that you drive to get from point A to B, driving a vintage car says so much more.

Designing the Home in Vintage Styles is Environmentally Responsible

When you were growing up you probably didn’t care much about furniture. In fact, most people don’t have a clue about home interior until they are getting ready to move into their first place. Contemporary furniture stores sell a lot of useful furnishings, but all of them are quite pricey. It is more than likely that you will spend thousands furnishing your home regardless of the material used or the quality. Vintage furniture can be found everywhere. You can get a vintage living room set in good condition for a couple of hundred dollars. In addition, vintage furnishings are a lot more interesting than contemporary varieties. They are also environmentally friendly as they can be reupholstered and repurposed again and again. A lot of people use vintage furniture so that they can have retro themes in each room of their homes. Millennials simply see the intrinsic value of buying vintage for both financial and nostalgic reasons.
Millennials were educated in a way that was different than their parents. They have also seen and experienced the many ways in which the world has changed. So, while Millennials were given a blueprint to success, they have instead chosen to create their own path. They aren’t as influenced by advertisements and they are not afraid to march to the beat of their own drummers. Vintage styles are practical for more reasons than one. A wardrobe that consists mainly of vintage threads is cheaper to purchase, harder to price, and more fun to mix and match. Vintage cars lack all of the technology that more recently manufactured vehicles feature, but they are also sturdier and generally cheaper to repair. Lastly, vintage furniture is timelessly classic. Whether you like floral prints or sectionals from the 70s, vintage is a style that will remain in with Millennials for a very long time.
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