Why and How to Install Window Roller Shutters?

Security and privacy are the prime reasons for buying window roller shutters. Well chosen shutters will offer you exact value for money while it will also safeguard your home from external elements like bad weather conditions, noise and crimes.

• Dressing up windows is important from the point of aesthetics and security. In fact, there are many options available in the market for those who want to deck up their windows. Shutters help in controlling the light which enters, offers privacy and ventilation.

• If you want to install window roller shutters, you may follow do-it-yourself shutter installation steps. Exterior shutters may boost the visual appeal of the front area of home and protect it from rain, storm and snow. Installing shutter is an important part of home improvement project.

Collect all the materials needed for installing window shutter
Before you install the shutter, you must measure out the window. Choose the size of the shutter as per the measurement of the window. As the shutter needs to stay inside the casing, make sure the size is proper. If you wish for custom shutters, provide window measurement to the manufacturer. The next step is preparing the shutter. You may choose the paint as per the color of your window. Paint all the six sides of the shutter. Apart from the shutters, you need the following hardware:

• Hinges are the item you need to swing the window shutter. They need to be 4 in number.

• For the base of the shutter hinge, you need pintle

• Shutter dog or ‘tie backs’ which keeps open the shutter

• To attach inside the shutter, you require a pull ring

• For the inside of the shutter, latches are needed. The latch may be 1 or 2 in number

The steps to attaching the hardware for the customized version of the shutters:

• You need to start with pintles of upper hinge. The pintle here forms the base of the shutter hinge. Hook the parts of hinge together and position them accordingly on top of the shutter. Mark out the location of the screw hole. Now, drill pilot holes on the casing of the window as per the marks

• Now is the time to mark out the location of the screw for shutter’s bottom hinge. You can use a level to draw the plumb line down the casing of the window from top pintle to the lower hinge.

Steps to attaching window roller shutters
• Just remove the window roller shutters and place them on a small area or the sawhorse. When you attach one half portion of the hinge to the wall, you need to attach other half to the shutters. Drill holes on the shutters.

• After drilling the holes, attach the hinge or other half of the hinge. Use appropriate screws in order to strap or fix the hinges into position

• Now is the time to perfectly position the latch. Before you set the shutter, the pull ring must be fastened and positioned properly.

• In order hang the shutters, insert the pins to the hinges. After you assemble the hinges, the shutter is ready.

• Mount the tie backs or shutter dogs

• Attach the lock hardware while marking screw holes and drilling pilot holes

Finally, attach capping to your shutters in order to protect the surface. By following the steps, you will be able to install window roller shutters. It is true that you need to install high quality roller shutters to get the required privacy for your home or for your commercial places. You can search for the designs online and compare the prices from different online portals.

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