Who is Cydia?

Cydia, in computer terms, is a graphical user interface of APT (Advanced Packaging Tool) for iOS. It allows its user to locate and install software other than Apple’s own, on iPhones that have been jailbroken. This includes iPads and iPods, too. It can be obtained from the internet. The best jailbreak apps are available online. They will open an iPhone up to a whole new world of greater functionality.

What Does Jailbroken Mean?

A jailbroken device is one that has had its software restrictions removed. It means that it is open to accepting other Apps from different App Stores. It has become a much more versatile phone from a user point of view. Jailbreaking allows for more customization in relation to a mobile phone. A freedom to see beyond what the initial provider has given the user access to. 

What Can Cydia Offer?

Cydia, as a package management system and digital distribution platform, can offer mobile phone users numerous different jailbreaking apps that they can install, and on the newest version of iOS 13. This will bring new and exciting extra features to a device that will amaze its user. Such apps as: Auxo, BitSMS, BitTorrent client, IPA signing app, Merge, NoNewsIsGoodNews, Sparrow+, TetherMe, Zephyr, 3G Unrestrictor, and iFile, along with system cleaner, back up tool, and file manager. All the apps you would by choice want on your iOS device. There are thousands of apps, tweaks, and modifications, available from Cydia. To just talk about one of the above-mentioned apps, Auxo is thought to be the best app for bringing new life into iOS multi-tasking.

Cydia’s unofficial App Store contains content-like ringtones, mods, and iOS themes, among many other items. Apps that add extra functionality, such as: extra lock screen features, improved app switchers, and screen recorders. There are almost limitless possibilities that Cydia can offer the mobile phone user in comparison to what they could access before.

Some apps available from Cydia are emulators. These can run the images of games for old games consoles. So, if you are into gaming, Cydia is a must for you.

Some of UNIX’s command tools are available on Cydia, such as: bash, corerutils, and OpenSSH. This creates the possibility of using your device as a full UNIX workstation.

Cydia does not cost anything – it is free – and is a third-party App Store that has thousands of unofficial games that can be downloaded by mobile phone users. It is a provider of apps yet to be discovered by many.

With Cydia, the packages are downloaded directly onto the iOS device, which means that no computer is required to do it. They can be loaded onto your phone when you are on holiday, for instance.

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What will My iPhone now be able to do?

Downloading Cydia will create what might be termed as the “ideal smartphone”. That is a phone that you want to own and use. Not the one that the retailer sold you, but one customized to your personal needs. The power of Cydia cannot be underestimated and it is has taken the digital world by storm. Its ability to take mobile phones beyond their default settings has not gone unnoticed. It can be said that it provides a user with a mobile phone that is virtually unrecognisable to them. Not aesthetically, of course, but in terms of the features now available.

So, now you know what Cydia is, it might be worth exploring it further to see what it can do for your device. If you like plenty of choice, then this is what you will receive from the multitude of free apps that are available, that you never knew before existed.

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