Best Planner Apps for Students

Are you a student who is tired of not being able to meet your study-related deadlines? Or are you searching for an application that can help you chase these deadlines and become more productive? If yes, then my dear friend, you have landed at the right place.

Owing to the hardships of COVID-19, the education system is now totally dependent on technological advancements. Students are now expected to study and give tests online. They are even asked to submit their projects and assignments through online portals. In this way, students can prepare their level best for the respective exam. These advancements are a wake-up call for students to change their ways with changing environments.

Today, students need a meticulous system that can help them organize their life and studies. To assist students with their needs, app developers have introduced several mobile and desktop applications.

Read along to know more about the best planner apps for students.

How to choose the best student application

The best student application is one that caters to all needs of the student. Following are some features that a student must lookout for while choosing a planner app.

  1. User-friendly interface, which is customizable, visually clean & flexible
  2. Must allow users to add and remove tasks and create a to-do list
  3. Ability to be simultaneously accessed by a group of people
  4. It must be designed specially to cater to the needs of students
  5. It should not have distractions in the form of ads, and videos
  6. It must be available to be used on both online and offline modes
  7. Ability to track all your work and progress
  8. It must be either affordable or free of cost

The ability to sync information throughout multiple devices and integration with other applications is not necessary but a bonus.

5 Best Planner apps for Students

1.     Todoist

  • Cost of application – Both free and paid versions are available.
  • Device compatibility – iOS, Android & Desktop versions are available.

Be it a project planner or a to-do list maker, Todoist is an all-in-one app. Furthermore, the app supports one person and group usage as well. Thus, making it ideal for both students and executive’s use.

With its easy-to-use program, one can easily assign and manage tasks with the app. Moreover, the application supports simple task checkoffs once completed.

One of its many features includes a progress tracker. Thus, allowing management to determine the weekly and monthly progress of their employees. Moreover, you can also add reminders, customize the app, and add labels for detailed planning.

2.     My Study Life – The school planner

  • Cost of application – Free to use.
  • Device compatibility – IOS, Android & Desktop versions are available.

My Study Life is a calendar-based application that can help you schedule as well as track your performance. It is a dedicated cross-platform application that helps in making student life easy.

The app allows its user to do several activities, including tracking assignments and homework. Moreover, it also lets you organize your daily and weekly schedule.

Apart from scheduling, you can use it to track your performance. Further, you can also add tasks on a rotation basis. In addition, the app allows offline usage and cloud storage. It enables you to track your schedule on any device, at any time.

3.     Microsoft To-Do (Wunderlist)

  • Cost of application – Free to use with a Microsoft account.
  • Device compatibility – IOS, Android & Desktop versions are available.

Microsoft To-Do is a revamped version of the popular Wunderlist application. The application is one of the easiest ways to manage all your planning needs. That said, it can prove quite significant for students who want to get their things done.

The app especially focuses on keeping tasks synchronized. With that in mind, it syncs the user’s tasks across all his devices.

Moreover, the app supports a ‘My day’ feature. Using this feature, you can plan all your activities for the day. Thus, keeping out the items that you do not plan to complete on a particular day.

Furthermore, it now supports various new features such as recurring tasks, notifications, reminders, adding sub-tasks, and sharing. You can also customize the app using its eye-pleasing features such as dark mode, changing background.

4.     MyHomework Student planner

  • Cost of application – Both free and paid versions are available.
  • Device compatibility – The application has IOS, Android & Desktop versions.

Another app that caters to the requirements of students, the MyHomework Student planner app, will help you stay updated and organized.

Keeping track of your lectures, scheduling homework, and test reminders help its user manage all tasks. Moreover, with its easy to sync features, you can sync data across multiple platforms.

The app offers you to look at all upcoming tasks simultaneously, thus, fulfilling student’s needs. That said, the app’s user-friendly and simple interface will help you plan your tasks without wasting any time.

5.     iStudiez

  • Cost of application – Both free and paid versions are available.
  • Device compatibility – It is available in IOS, Android & Desktop versions.

iStudiez is one of the best planner apps for students out there. The application allows you to schedule your classes, save your professor’s official information. Moreover, you can also use icons or colour code your classes.

All in all, its visually appealing features will help you easily complete all planning and scheduling while making it eye-catching at the same time.

Tips to make the most out of a planner app

These apps can be much more effective if you use them alongside a few smart planning strategies. Some of these strategies include the following:

  1. Tags – It is common news that students get a variety of tasks. Hence, it is almost impossible to complete your tasks without proper planning and task bifurcation. For instance, the application can help you tag tasks according to their subject types or place of implementation.
  2. Projects section – Almost all popular planning apps consist of a different projects section. You can use this section to save important information or links for future use.
  3. Colour coding – It is one of the most effective ways to differentiate and plan your tasks. For instance, you can mark priority-based tasks with Red colour.
  4. Filters – Prioritizing one’s tasks and completing their to-do list is one of the most important factors of one’s life. The filter allows you to categorize and select necessary tasks. Thus, saving you from selecting all necessary options one by one.
  5. Time management – Planner apps are of no use if you cannot complete your tasks within the given deadlines. Thus, it would be best to search for time-management applications that could work in sync with your planner apps.


Today’s busy student life requires one to have detailed planning to achieve optimum results. Planning not only allows students to be efficient but also allows them to live their life without tension.

Choosing the correct student planning application will prove to be the best to keep you focused. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the app that suits your requirements and ace your classes.

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