What Is Conveyancing Quality Scheme And What Should I Know About It?

When you are out to look for an experienced property solicitor to help you with buying or selling a property, you may come across a term called CQS or Conveyancing Quality Scheme. This term may appear on the brochure of the solicitor or law firm. You may see it simply as a logo on the office windows of such professionals.
So what does the term Conveyancing Quality Scheme mean and what should you ideally know about it? In brief, CQS is a standard of quality that is recognised in the UK. This pertains to the services of residential conveyancing solicitors. These standards are chalked out to establish how authentic and credible a property solicitor or a law firm is.
Based on CQS standards, a number of factors influence the quality score of a property solicitor. Let us look at such factors and understand a few other things that may prove handy for you when you are looking to hire a professional for such services.
Integrity of services
One of the most standards that a law firm needs to meet based on CQS standards is integrity of their services. At any point, the law firm or the solicitor can lose their CQS accreditation if they fail to maintain the right integrity parameters when working with clients.
Thus the firm needs to ensure that each and every staff associated with conveyancing cases works responsibly for their clients, be it a senior officer or a junior staff.
Adherence to standards
CQS cites quite a few management standards that professional property solicitors and law firms need to adhere to. It is crucial that a law firm or an individual professional maintains these good practice management standards in order to remain as a member of the scheme.
Efficiency and respect for protocols
The standards set out a few measures for efficiency of services. At the same time, there are protocols and processes that need to be followed at all times. The solicitor or the law firm must bear such protocols and efficiency standards in their mind to enjoy CQS accreditation.
Trained staff
The conveyancing quality scheme requires a law agency to hire and train staff members at all times to ensure they are up to the required standards of expertise and experience. Failing to comply with such standards will result in a revoked CQS status. This is clear a sign that an agency with a CQS logo on their profile is bound to offer efficient and expert services with regards to conveyancing.
Property solicitor law firms like Best Conveyancing Quotes that comply with CQS standards religiously go through regular training sessions for their staff members to ensure efficiency, quality and higher standards for services for their clients.
Data protection
The scheme also requires the firm or agency to ensure at all times that the data shared by their clients is absolutely safe with them. At no point of time should their clients’ data and information be disclosed, unless required legally by during the proceedings.
Once you have been through the above-mentioned pointers, you should understand the true importance of dealing with a property solicitor or law firm with a CQS accreditation.
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