Ways To Speed Up Your Divorce Procedure

When going into marriage, couples are usually extremely happy and sure that the union will last a lifetime. But, after the wedding ceremony, reality sets in and sometimes the relationship becomes tense owing to a number of reasons. Couples may then choose to go for therapy but when that fails, the only solution left is legal separation through divorce.
Divorce proceedings can drag on for longer than expected with some taking more than one year before finally getting resolved. A long divorce settlement adds more tension and bad feelings to an already ruined relationship. That is why it is advisable to expedite the process. If you are in the process of getting a divorce, the following are ways in which the intended end-result can be achieved in a swift manner.
Get the Right Attorney
While getting an attorney seems easy, the process is a bit complicated and therefore requires you to be very careful and not hasty. It goes without saying that you should not just get any practicing lawyer but rather a professional divorce attorney. A divorce lawyer understands legal proceedings quite well. He or she will be able to navigate through the confusing court process quickly, thus getting you in and out of court in a much faster manner.
As you choose an attorney, you should base your decision on experience and reputation instead of cheap charges. Choosing a cheap divorce attorney in an attempt to save money can be a huge gamble when it comes to divorces, especially when division of assets is involved. This could lead to problems that could haunt you for the rest of your life or force you to pay more money to rectify your mistake, and not to mention the ensuing prolonged of divorce proceedings.
Divorce lawyers charge for work done, therefore some of them intentionally drag out the case. That is why you should be careful when selecting a divorce lawyer and very observant of how they proceed with the case. When you notice your lawyer is dragging the case fire him or her and get another one.
Do Not Wait
Once you are sure you want a divorce, do not procrastinate. Get started with the procedure as soon as possible. Give your lawyer all the necessary documents and urge him/her to go forward because the sooner you file for divorce the faster it will be over and done with. The only time you should wait and hold back is if your attorney advices you to do so.  
Put Emotions Aside and be Proactive
Emotions are a divorce’s worst enemy. They lengthen the case because one spouse is attempting to punish the other by placing unreasonable stipulations. It is better to be proactive in resolving the divorce. You should approach the procedure with a calm and rational attitude. Keep in mind that aside from having time with your children nothing else is important because material things can be replaced with time. While your attorney can offer valuable advice, only you can personally decide what to fight for and what to let go.
Finally, if you are dealing with a very stubborn spouse, the best way to speed up the process is to apply for a bifurcated divorce or an ex parte divorce.
This article was written by Allen Campbell, a freelance writer and experienced marriage counselor. If you are looking for an experienced divorce lawyer, Allen recommends you try DJP Solicitors.
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