Ways to Increasing the Life and Efficiency of Ducted Heating and Cooling System

Most homes make use of heating and cooling system to maintain favorable temperature indoors. For many people, air conditioner is just a luxury but for others, it has become a necessity. An air conditioning is an equipment which helps in maintaining the proper humidity level in all parts of the building and can free the air of excessive humidity. An AC can supply adequate ventilation to space and may eliminate microorganisms such as soot, dirt, dust and foreign bodies. It may also cool and warm the area in an efficient manner. Now you can install the ducted heating and cooling system in your home and commercial premises to avail duel benefits. Through this central system, you can easily keep your rooms cool during summer and similarly, it can provide you warmness during winter.

Why would you install the ducted heating and cooling system in your home?

Although there are several heating and cooling units, you may opt for ducted heating and cooling which may be used in both office and home. Choosing ducted air conditioning will give you more value for the money.
• Ducted air conditioning is cost effective way of cooling and heating the space. It can provide adequate warmth during summers and cool the space during winters. The unit is also easy to control. You may also zone it in order to decrease the running cost.

• Whether space is small or it is a multiple storey building, you may use it. As the unit can decrease the level of humidity indoors, it can make the space healthier and prevent mould growth as well. Purified air will be circulated all the while.

How would you maintain the ducted heating and cooling system?

There are various ways to get more cool air or warm air from the air conditioning unit. Even if the thermostat is set to the required temperature and the furnace is working, you may scratch your head feeling why it is so cold. This implies that your unit is not efficient and you need to do something about it. To resolve this issue, either you can do the following by yourself or hire professionals from General Air Conditioning & Plumbing services to do the work for you.

• Get your other appliances inspected for efficiency: There are other appliances you are using in your home. It may happen that the efficiency of the ducted air conditioner is affected by the lack of efficiency of other appliances. A lot of considerations are to be made and other appliances can have impact on the working of air conditioner. It is such appliances that determine whether you sweat during summers or freeze when it is winter.

• Frequent replacement of air filters need to be considered: If you want your heating and cooling system to work properly, you may get the filters replaced by a professional occasionally. A clean filter may make a huge difference to the way the unit works. A well functioning filter can also bring down the ac repair cost.

• A thorough system check: While the professional does the filter replacement, you may ask him to check the system thoroughly. An advance investigation can help diagnose a potential problem that may occur in the future. It will save you from costly and expensive repair work. Regular inspection can safeguard you from costly repairs.

• Keep the fan of the thermostat on: This is the best way to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling unit. Make sure the thermostat fan is kept ‘on’ so that the air circulates in a better manner. The air will be much cleaner this way. If it is central heating and cooling system, make sure the outdoor unit is not covered.

If you can increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling unit, you will end up saving on the energy costs. Frequent inspection of the unit is important to consider in this regard.

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