Ways to Expand Your General Knowledge

General Knowledge and Current Affairs are an integral part of our daily lives. Besides improving your personality and making you a better conversationalist, General Knowledge (GK) is also an important component of various prestigious competitive exams. Thus improving your GK and Current Affairs goes a long way in your life. These days there are numerous ways that can help you boost your GK.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Read Newspapers – This is the most tried and tested method of knowing what is happening around the world. Though it is an old method of learning, it still is the most efficient. Read more than one newspaper, one of which must be in English. Editorials are important as they give in-depth analysis and focus on current affairs as well.
  • Year Books – It is a great idea to buy a popular year book like Panorama Year Book 2018. The year book contains topics covering all major occurrences over the year. There are certain topics in year books that provide information on events that you might have not read in the newspapers.
  • Books and Magazines – these are the best source of knowledge. There are many good books and magazines available on almost every topic and issue. You can easily gain a lot of knowledge by finding good books and reading them.
  • Internet – the Internet is, without doubt, an ocean of knowledge. If used rationally, it can provide you knowledge on each and every topic that exists in the world. You can also participate in online quizzes and free mock tests that are available on the Internet to evaluate yourself.

Improving your General Knowledge is not a rocket science. You just need to read, read, and read on absolutely anything you can lay your hands on – books, magazines, newspapers, current affairs and you will surely gain a lot of knowledge.

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