Pick your Lip color carefully

Clothes, jewelry, accessories, footwear and of course makeup, everything should match and contrast each other. Your face make up is incomplete without a perfect color lipstick. Some women shy to highlight their lips with lipstick just because they don’t know which color suits them the best. Here are the suggestions to let you know your lip color and highlight your lips as often as you want with utter confidence.
Every woman’s favorite ‘Red’
Red color has a space in every woman’s vanity. It is the symbol of feminine and buoyancy in every woman. But, you should pick the right red color to exaggerate your looks. Fair-skinned women should choose cherry red color while fire engine red is for olive skinned women.
Dark Shade
Women with full, luscious lips should not try dark shades however its picture perfect for women with thin lips. Also match your lip color with other makeup to let it add to your beauty.
Light shade
While choosing light shade women should keep in mind that the shade should be two shades darker than their original lip color.
Nude color
Nude color is perfect for regular use. You can also wear it in office but you should make it clear that it should blend with your skin color. Enhance your beauty and confidence with nude colors.
Gloss Vs Matte/Glitter
Gloss is perfect for evening party where as glitter goes well for theme party. You can use matte in day as it does not add any shine on the lips rather gives oomph to your entire attitude.
You can purchase any of your favorite shade online at discount price. Go online and redeem Purplle coupons to make your shopping frugal and truly feminine. Selecting the best color for lips seems to be a herculean task for many women. Thereore, the tips will get them relieved as well as boost their confidence of wearing lip color.
Shantam Dubey is Content Manager at CouponsGrid and enjoys writing for audience from every walk of life encompassing beauty, home décor, shopping, marketing and kids etc. He loves to write and has been exploring new ideas and thoughts to write for last 3 years.
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