Vocational Courses in Pune Which You Can Pursue After 12th

Vocational education is a kind of education in which students can enrich their practical skills and expertise. It is an effective way to get practical knowledge that helps individuals to face career challenges easily. Vocational courses provide you with an in-depth study of a particular sphere and people from any age group and different walks of life can gain knowledge in their interested field through these courses. Many vocational colleges are offering a range of vocational courses in India. Magarpatta Institute of Hospitality Management is considered as the best college for vocational courses in Pune. It offers vocational courses in Pune, which you can pursue after your 12th examination.

Pursuing a vocational course of your interest is the best way to prepare yourself to get the desired job and build a successful career. At present, this system of education has become an important tool of education for individuals who are already working. Working professionals can learn and gain expertise in their skills while earning and thus give better performance to get profitable outcomes. It is important to mention that vocational courses are much different from traditional courses and ways of learning. These courses are designed in a way to prepare and groom the learners allowing them to get their desired job for career development.

In Pune, there is several colleges, which provide vocational courses to thousands of students. Among all topmost colleges, Magarpatta Institute of Hospitality Management is a reputed college that offers several vocational courses to many students every year. The vocational courses offered by the college, which you can pursue after your 12th are-

1. Certificate Course in Hospitality and Air Travel Management
This certificate course in Hospitality and Air Travel Management is a one-year course in which you will get knowledge regarding the hospitality industry and the air travel industry. Candidates after pursuing this course can avail job opportunities in airlines, tourism, hotels and service-oriented industries

2. Certificate Course in Cookery, Bakery and Confectionery
It is a one year course and you can pursue it after your 12th. In this course, you will learn about the basics of cookery, bakery, confectionery, Indian cuisine, Continental Cuisine, Italian/ Tex-Mex/ Chinese/Mediterranean and other ethnic cuisines. After this course, you can set up your bakery or Confectionery Unit or you can work in the hotel and catering industries.

3. Certificate Course in Cookery
Magarpatta Institute of Hospitality Management, one of the best colleges for vocational courses in Pune offers a one-year Certificate Course in Cookery. In this course, you are sure to learn about different cuisines including Indian, Continental, and Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean and other ethnic cuisines. After the training, you can set up your catering unit, work in the hotel and catering industries.

You can read more about these courses on the official website of the Magarpatta Institute of Hospitality Management.

Today, the job market is becoming more and more challenging with ever-changing technologies and advances. This has made it important for professionals to acquire proper practical exposure to securing their job. Acquiring vocational courses in your desired field provides you with a license allowing you to start working immediately. Vocational education is an effective way to gain the right career resources within a limited cost.

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