Best career options after B.Sc. In Biotechnology

B.Sc. in Biotechnology is a 3-year bachelor degree program gaining huge popularity among science students after 10+2. This is a career-oriented program offering a multitude of options to the graduates in various public and private sectors. Often students are directly recruited by top MNCs after completion of the course.

Biotechnology is one of the emerging sectors in India offering amazing opportunities to the graduates. This field aims to produce desired health and medicinal benefits for the human beings by means of using life sciences and the living organisms like bacteria, plant cells, yeast and more. B.Sc. in Biotechnology program teaches students the application of life sciences and living organisms to produce the products which are beneficial to the mankind. Well, if you have a deep interest in this field, you will surely have a promising career. Here are the top career options after completion of Biotech courses from a reputed college:

1. Go for higher studies in Biotech and Life Sciences: After completion of the course, many students are confused in choosing their future career aspects. A candidate with higher degree in Biotechnology has a great career scope ahead and with a master’s degree it will be easier to grab lucrative job opportunities in different areas. With right educational qualification from one of the best colleges for biotechnology in India, one can find immense career opportunities in this field.

2. Get a job in research and development: If you have decided to take some time before proceeding to post graduation, you can apply for a job in research and development sector. This is one of the best and interesting career options which a candidate may consider for a bright future ahead.

3. Become an assistant professor: If you have a passion for mentoring students, considering a teaching job is a great idea. Job security and low pressure at work are the key reasons many candidates choose this option. The salary structure for freshers is quite low but one can go for masters’ to get the promotions later.

4. Apply in government/private sector jobs: Health and life sciences are the part of Biotechnology. There are a lot of job opportunities available in government sector for the biotechnology graduates. Drug companies like Dabur, Ranbaxy and Hindustan Lever have their R & D units offering handsome salary packages to the fresh graduates. Ample opportunities are available to biotechnologists in chemical, food processing and bio-processing industry.

5. Sales jobs in Biopharma sector: There are some non-scientific jobs available for the graduates where they can work as sales agent or a medical representative.

6. Work as a laboratory technician or assistant: This is the easiest job which you can land right after your B.Sc. in Biotechnology course. Top private and government universities offer a variety of jobs for the technical assistant.
A biotechnologist can find good career opportunities in different fields including:
• Bio-processing industries
• Chemical
• Environment control
• Energy
• Waste management
• Food-processing
• Drug and pharmaceutical research
• Research and development
• Colleges/universities
• Testing laboratories

A wide range of career opportunities are available to the graduates in both public and private sector after completion of biotechnology course. One can choose his career path as per their interests, career goals, satisfaction and abilities.

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