Understanding the Importance of Holistic Health and How Reiki Can Help to Achieve It

A term that comes from the word whole, holistic health or holistic healing has no one universal definition. However, people who adhere to holistic healing, consider their entire self—mind, body, spirit, and emotions when seeking optimal health and wellness. According to the philosophy of holistic healing, the key to optimal health and wellness is gaining popular balance in life.
Understanding Holistic Health and Healing
Two primary requirements of the modern life, holistic health and healing are necessary because of the incessant emotional and mental stress, and physical activities that people experience at the workplace and in their personal lives. Health is wealth; eating right and exercising can improve one’s quality of life and increase its length.
Contrary to popular belief, taking care of your health does not translate to taking care of your body or physical self. Instead, it means taking care of whole-self i.e. mind, body, spirit, and emotions. This is exactly what the concept of holistic healing promotes. Following are some reasons for achieving holistic health is important:
1. Increased Energy
There is an aspect of holistic healing that many people fail to understand and see with a lot of skepticism. It is the possibility to change physical health without any physical touch or putting anything into the body. Once you start to regularly practice holistic healing, you’ll have more energy and will start to feel better. However, the reason for this may not become immediately apparent to you. However, that is not the important thing. The important thing is that your energy levels will increase, and you’ll start feeling better.
2. A Better Body Image
Change your thoughts and change your life. You may be surprised to know this, but most people have a negative image of their body in their mind. If you’re someone who’s super critical of their body, then you need to stop doing that right away. A good way to halt this self-body shaming is adopting holistic healing and health practice.
Since you can’t achieve holistic health without a healthy mind, you need to adhere to the principles of holistic health and healing. This will help you to have a better image of your body in your mind and experience moments of total satisfaction with your body.
3. Less Addiction
To overcome the mental, emotional, and physical pain, many people consistently turn to things that bring them temporary relief. This includes carbohydrates, sugar, nicotine, coffee, prescription drugs, and even marijuana. More and more people today are turning to marijuana to overcome pain because it is now legal to use marijuana in several states. Despite these laws, you should not develop a habit of consuming marijuana. The same is applicable to all the things mentioned above.
For holistic health, you need to lower your use of these things to temporarily relieve yourself of physical, mental, and/or emotional pain. In short, holistic healing and health lower your addiction to things that are detrimental for your physical, mental, and emotional health.
4. Natural Healing
By allowing you to naturally heal yourself, the practices of holistic healing and health eliminate or lower the need for prescription drugs to treat diseases. Following are the things holistic healing focuses on to naturally heal a person:
• Diet
• Exercise
• Relationships and spiritual counseling
• Environmental measures
• Bioenergy enhancement
These are the four main reasons why adhering to the practices of holistic health is important. If you’re looking for holistic health, then a great way to achieve it is through reiki healing. What is reiki healing and how can it improve your health? let’s find out.
How Reiki Can Improve Your Health
A Japanese word, Reiki means ‘Universal Life Energy’. The universal energy is the same energy that keeps us alive and healthy. For this reason, Reiki is not only critical for our well-being but also for our survival/existence. In short, the importance of Reiki can never be over-exaggerated. Despite this, the concept of Reiki remains vague to many. Moreover, some people believe the concept is ‘too good to be true’!
Understanding Reiki and Its Health Benefits
The energy that exists in every living being, Reiki is omnipresent. This means that Reiki’s source is everywhere in the universe. To access and channelize the source easily and effectively, one needs to get attuned by the Reiki healing practitioner. By attuning a person, a healing practitioner permanently connects them to the source of Reiki. Once attuned, a person can channelize Reiki to heal themselves or assist the healing of others. Moreover, the person will be able to use Reiki energy whenever they wish to use it during the rest of their life.
Reiki helps a person to heal quickly by increasing their ‘life-force’ energy supply. Reiki healing helps to reduce stress while ensuring peace and promoting relaxation. Reiki ensures your spiritual, mental, and physical balance and allows the healing mechanisms of your body to function optimally. This healing practice is administered via hands which are positioned gently on or near the patient’s body.
The ‘universal energy’ of Reiki flows from the practitioner’s hands and body to the patient. Once this happens, the patient starts to experience decreased anxiety, pain relief, mental clarity, feelings of relaxation, and a sense of well-being. Following are some of the health benefits of Reiki healing:
1. Reduces Stress and Increases Relaxation
Proven health benefits of Reiki healing include relaxation and stress reduction. The healing practice is designed in a way to reduce stress and trigger the relaxation response of your body. Whether it is emotional stress, work stress or environmental stress, the stress factor assists the development of several diseases in humans. By eliminating or reducing your body’s stress, Reiki minimizes your risk for many ailments.
2. Alters Your Mood to Reduce Depression and Anxiety
Anxiety and depression are linked to changes in mood and this is something no one can deny. According to several studies, Reiki improves the overall mood of a person. This means that Reiki healing can change the negative mood of a person to a positive or cheerful mood. Also, it is proven that once Reiki improves your mood, your anxiety levels automatically decrease.
In addition to lower anxiety levels, you experience in a decrease in confusion, anger, and depression. All this improves to combine your positive energy and ultimately your health.
3. Treat Cancer Symptoms
If you, a family member, or a close friend suffers from cancer, then consider Reiki for relieving the health condition. While this healing practice cannot cure cancer, it can significantly alleviate the symptoms of cancer such as inflammation, fatigue, and depression.
As seen above, Reiki healing can provide you with many health benefits. So, if you want to achieve holistic health, then you may want to consider using Reiki healing for it.
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