Types Of Websites You Should Know About

What we commonly know and understand as the World Wide Web, has established itself as the most quickly growing forum to gain information. Not only has it evolved as a forum, there is seen a constant and ongoing increase in the number of websites being offered there. More than that, it has made it incredibly simple for people to gain access into the web. If there is a question you need an answer for, all you are required to do is enter it in any search engine on your computer and billions of possible answers appear on your screen. These answers are written from people from all walks of life ranging from professionals, scholars to laymen. In order to break it down for the ordinary man, there are many grand categories in which the websites can be labelled in. these categories include commercial, health, social media, visual and other websites.

Following are some of the many gazillion examples of the websites available in the world:

Private Sites

As the name suggests, these websites are owned by private users and they can even hold some information about them that might be confidential. This involves their personal interests and biological data. These websites are comparatively cheaper to establish and run. More so, there are not many ways in which a private website can be expanded.

Business Sites

As the name suggests, these are websites run by businesses to expand their market and clientele. These corporate websites play a very important role in informing individuals regarding the brand and the services the company offers. They also hold contact detail that allows the business to build a direct and personal relationship with a new client. A website is considered the strongest and the most vital marketing tool for any company, business or brand.

Social Media Sites And Photo-sharing Sites

These websites are the most commonly used by laymen. One does not necessarily have to have a lot of knowledge or expertise to function a social media website. These are the ones that are visited and used most frequently. The main purpose of these websites is to act as a social forum and become a platform where people can meet and greet and make new friends, even find old ones. Though there are ways in which even these websites can be used for professional purposes. One the other hand photo sharing websites allows people to share their pictures with their friends. This is a common way in which celebrities keep their fans posted about their own lives. It is also a very visually appealing way for people to connect with their friends and family.

Content Sites

These are perhaps the most basic and the most useful kind of websites available over the internet. These are gained access to when someone requires some knowledge over a topic or two. You can get scholarly articles and even basic journalist articles in this category. These are all based on the kind and extensive nature of the information you require.
Hence, if you know which one you require or own, you can put it in its respective category.
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