Top Careers in Hospitality Industry – Hospitality Management Colleges in India

Working in the hospitality industry is a dream for many as many hospitality jobs offer the opportunity to earn a high income and advance to even the higher-paying positions. When you are looking for a job in this field, it is important to look for jobs that can help you earn a good salary. There are many top hospitality management colleges in India that offer courses to help you work with the hospitality industry. They not only provide quality education but also cater to the needs of every student so that they can climb the ladder of success easily.

Here is the list of high-paying jobs in the hospitality industry

Event Manager: Event manager is one of the best jobs and it can help you earn great remuneration. An event manager’s duty may vary depending on the industry and the company for which they work. The main duties of such a profile include planning, organizing, and managing different events of all sizes. In a corporate setting, an event manager needs to plan different meetings with the clients and the companies to generate awareness about the brands. With the best placement opportunities provided by the top-notch colleges, you can put your step forward to become an event manager.
Travel Manager: Travel manager is another amazing job opportunity that can be exciting. A travel manager works for a travel agency or large corporations to direct, operate, and administer a travel program. The primary duty of the travel manager includes making travel arrangements for business executives or other staff members.
Sommelier: Sommelier is a person who works with a restaurant or a hotel to manage the wine offerings. The major duty of a sommelier is to create wine lists, maintain and rotate the stock of wine, make suggestions of wine pairing to the customers and waitstaff, and order wine from the vineyards and the other provider. However, to opt for this job, it is important that you have a passion for wine and great communication skills.
Restaurant Manager: There is a wide range of job opportunities available, but being a restaurant manager can be challenging. They need to look after all the operations of restaurants such as managing the staff, planning the staff for the kitchen and wait staff, planning and developing the marketing strategy of the businesses, hiring and training new employees, evaluating staff performance, managing and updating the menu and so on.
Hotel General Manager: Becoming a hotel general manager is a dream job for many students who pursue hospitality management courses. The manager is responsible for all the aspects of the operations at the facility which includes managing the staff, overseeing the guest experience, ensuring that all the guest’s needs are met, and so on. The job description includes a wide range of duties but by doing a great job, one can gain a lot of recognition.
So, these were the top 5 job opportunities that you can eye on when you start pursuing a course in hospitality management. There are many top-notch colleges that offer quality education. Visit the website to know more about the admission process, infrastructure, etc. You can apply now to make your dreams come true.
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