Top 5 Private BCA Colleges in Bangalore

Why BCA Courses Is The Best Career Option

Bangalore is one of the most chosen study destinations by the students due to various reasons. The city provides student-friendly atmosphere, high-quality education facilities and also the welcoming natives. While such factors do exist as charms to other cities as well, Bangalore definitely is attractive in itself. Every year many students across the country come to the city to pursue BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications). However, students aspire to study their chosen subjects in the best colleges.

BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. This is a 3 year Graduation course being offered by many of the colleges in India. There are many other options of pursuing bachelor degree in different disciplines but if you are interested in Computer Science and its application BCA will be among the best choice.

AS a BCA student you acquire knowledge o different topics like programming languages, computer hardware and software, computer networks, World Wide Web, Database Management, Logic, Multimedia etc.
After completion of the course students can go for a master’s degree (MCA) or if not interested in further studies one can take up job opportunities.

Here are some job prospects of BCA students:

System Administrator:  BCA course graduates can become System Administrators for firms/ organizations with massive computer bases. A system administrator is responsible for managing, overseeing and maintaining a multiuser computing environment.

Programmer: After your BCA you can take up a career in computer programming. A computer programmer writes in a language the computer can understand to allow it to solve a problem.

IT Trainer: As BCA will give you all round knowledge of computers and IT you could join training or coaching firm which provides IT training or you could start your own business in the same field.

Getting into e-commerce: E-Commerce and E-business is the future, in the past few years online sales and commerce has grown beyond our imagination. So you could join e-Commerce or e-Business Company, Start-up your own e-Commerce or e-Business Company or Start sales on an existing e-Commerce site.

Web Developer: Web developer is a very good career direction and your BCA will also be helpful in career progression as Web Developer.

Technical Support Professionals: BCA degree holders are equipped with systems and computer knowledge to enter technical support professions, whether at IT teams of MNCs, call centre jobs, or smaller firms.



Here is a list of the best BCA colleges in Bangalore.

1. Adarsh Group of Institutions
SRN Adarsh degree college is well-known private BCA colleges in Bangalore. The college provides a full-time BCA Programme of 3 years with 6 semesters. The BCA programme provided here strives to produce excellent computer professionals with ethical and human values so that they can help to reshape the nation’s destiny. The main objective of this programme is to prepare young minds for the challenging opportunities available in various sectors of the IT industry. The BCA department of the college has a highly experienced team of faculty members with excellent academic records and proficiency. The college provides outstanding infrastructure, computer labs with the latest advancement in technology and comprehensive study material to the learners.

2. Christ University
When we talk about the top BCA colleges in Bangalore, Christ University always holds a position among the top colleges in the chart. It provides a 3 years full-time BCA programme covering 6 semesters. The college with its excellent BCA education and incorporating latest developments helps in bridging the gap between IT industry and institutes. To get admission into the BCA programme at Christ University, one has to clear class 12 Board examinations or any equivalent examination.

3. Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences
Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences (AIMS) is one of the top BCA colleges of Bangalore. The college started providing BCA course in 2000. However, at present, the student strength of the department has doubled to 120 from the time of its inception. The BCA degree awarded by the college especially trains students in the field of manpower requirement for IT industry.

4. Presidency College Bangalore
Presidency College is one of the best private BCA colleges in Bangalore. It started BCA programme in the year 2000. In Neilson Survey conducted by the India Today in 2014, the college has been awarded the 7th rank. The course taught here is highly professional, which assures better placement opportunities in the renowned companies to the students.

5. Jain University
Jain University is one among the top BCA colleges in Bangalore. Students with good grades in their 12th standard with Mathematics or Business Mathematics as a core subject stand a good chance to get admitted in this college for BCA programme. The BCA programmes have fast adapted to the ever-changing and ever-growing IT sector ensuring better education and placement to their students.

These are the top 5 BCA colleges in Bangalore. Apart from these colleges, there are many more colleges providing BCA programme. Before deciding upon a particular college, one should make a thorough research regarding the top colleges for studies.

Apart from the above,IIBS in Bangalore that offer BCA Degree:

International Institute of Business studies: IIBS is known to be amongst the top colleges in Bangalore. It encourages quality education and offers world class infrastructure along with experienced faculty members. IIBS Offers full-time BCA for a period of 3 years. The Wi-Fi enabled campus is a boon for the students, through which they can connect to the business world outside and enhance the skills required to be corporate ready. The College has a limited number of seats. Apart from studies, the college offers various classes to enhance skills like foreign language, dance, training and grooming and sports.

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