Top 5 Colleges for BA in Bangalore to get admission in 2020-21

If you opt for Bangalore to get a higher education, then getting confused is normal as there are so many educational institutes to choose from. You might get lost in visiting different colleges and comparing them with each other. Just so it doesn’t become overwhelming for students and their parents, we are here with a list that will be helpful. For your convenience, we present you with the top 5 colleges for BA in Bangalore. Read more to find out about these colleges.

  1. Acharya Pathshala College of Arts and Science, Bangalore
    One of the oldest and best colleges in Bangalore is Acharya Pathshala College. With experienced lecturers and disciplined staff, this college promises the best education for those who want to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Arts. The merit of this college is that it provides quality education to its students. You can email the college for more details.
  •  Indian Academy Degree College, Bangalore
    Indian Academy College is a private college with a vast variety of subjects to choose from to do your Bachelors. This provides you with options that will lead to a better career in the future. This college is popular for B.A. in Journalism and has produced many fine journalists to date. You can download the application form of B.A. from the website.
  • GR Educational Institute, Bangalore
    If you are an all-rounder and looking for a college that would match your traits then we would highly recommend GR Educational Institute. The state of art facility helps in the overall development of the students. The dedicated teachers ensure that the students get the best understanding of the subjects. Personality development, soft skills and confidence building are given utmost importance so that the students turn out to be the best versions of them self. For more information, you can visit the website and get the information.
  • Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
    Another UGC approved private college that is one of the best is Mount Carmel College. It was established in 1948 and since then it has been giving admission to the finest students and producing the most intellectual people. Mount Carmel College, Bangalore has a reputation for providing the best B.A. education to its students. You can visit the website for more information on Bachelors Degree Programs.
  • Presidency College, Bangalore
    The College that gained popularity among the students and their parents in recent years is Presidency College. It is an accredited NAAC A+ grade College. It is affiliated to Bangalore University. Along with excellent education, the students get a massive opportunity to show their skills and talent through extracurricular activities in the college. You can apply to the B.A. course by directly going to the website. The minimum qualification for taking admission in any of the above colleges is +2. Even though the cut off percentage varies, these colleges never compromise on the quality of education.  The top colleges for B.A. in Bangalore are accepting applications for 2020-21. You can apply to multiple colleges of your choice and take admission to the one that suits your requirements.
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