Top 10 Universities in India

Every individual dreams of getting admission into the top university but we live in a competitive world and there is a dearth of seats! If you have just finished your schooling or you have completed your Bachelor’s degree, you may be looking for the best university to complete your further studies.
Majority of the people send their children to foreign universities but they fail to see that there are top-class universities in India as well! Speaking of the top universities in India, we have created the list of Top 10 Universities in India. This will help you to narrow down your choice and send an application to the best institutions.

Do note that most of the universities require you to sit for an entrance. There are as many seats in a college and you have to keep your options open! You would realize that there are millions of individuals, who have secured the same percentage as you. What sets you apart? The seat may be given to an individual after clearing the entrance test. However, this comes at a later stage. In case, you do not get admission in one of the top universities listed here, you can always opt for a private university in India. 

Let us check out the list! The List of Top 10 Universities in India

1. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay According to various sources, the Bombay branch of IIT is known for its comprehensive graduate program. It has secured the position because the faculty, infrastructure, hostel life and even the curriculum is fantastic. There are student hostels, travel desks, women cell, central library, hospital, guest house, staff school and even KG schools available in the campus. If Engineering is on your mind, you must opt for IIT Bombay. The students have access to a number of facilities which makes campus life enjoyable. There is a study environment and IIT has a brand name as well!

2. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur The university is known for its liberal atmosphere. There is no attendance issue but the students do not take advantage of this liberty. The university was established in the year 1959 and the campus spreads across 1055 acres. There is a dance club, student’s gymkhana, dramatics club, music club, debate club and much more. The students can focus on studies and also excel in a range of activities.

3. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Indian Institute of Technology, Madras is ideal for higher education. There are sixteen academic departments in this university with almost 8000 students and 550 faculties. It is the faculty which is the highlight of this institution. The university is situation in a lovely wooded land which will fill up your senses. One can pursue engineering and pure sciences in this fine institution.

4. Delhi University Delhi University does not require any introduction! There are several colleges under DU. Majority of the students wish to get admission in the North Campus colleges. There are great colleges in South Campus as well which include Lady Shree Ram, Venkateshwara College, Maitreyi College and Kamla Nehru College. There is a cut-off system here. The cut-off system has at least 5 cut-offs and you can get admission in case you have secured the percentage. There is sports and cultural quota as well. Getting a Delhi University degree is considered prestigious.

5. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi is next in the line! It is a fine institution for those, who wish to pursue Engineering or do their PhD. The good news is that the institution offers PhD in humanities subjects as well. If you wish to pursue Engineering or PhD in Sociology then IIT Delhi is the best!  Majority of the students prepare for years to get admission into this top institution!

6. Jamia Millia Islamia Most of the people have misconceptions about this university. Yes, it does have reserved seats for Muslims but it is a liberal university where one would find the most competent faculty.  The campus life is excellent and you would enjoy hopping from one café to another. It is the faculty which makes this university one of the finest institutions for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD. One has to sit for an entrance test to secure a seat in the top institution.

7. Calcutta University University of Calcutta is informally known as Calcutta University. It was established in the year 1857. The public state university is in the list of top 10 universities in India because it is considered to be a five star university. The faculty and alumni include the most influential people like Amartya Sen, C.V. Raman, Ronald Ross and Rabindranath Tagore. One can study fine arts, home science, law, agriculture, science, journalism, engineering and much more. There are in total 14 campuses which are spread over the city of Calcutta.

8. Ashoka University Ashoka University is one of the finest institutions and it is recognized by the University Grant Commission. It is a private university in India which offers 17 options to major in. The university offers Master’s degree in Economics as well. You can choose from a number of subjects such as History, English, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, and much more. There are 715 furnished and air-conditioned rooms for students. One can enjoy their campus life at the Ashoka University.

9. UEM Kolkata UEM Kolkata is the best university for management and engineering. Whether you are living in Kolkata or some other state, you should not miss the opportunity of completing your education from this institution.  It is a fairly new university which was established in the year 2014. The university is near the airport which makes this an institution in a superior location. It has even secured the AAA category in the NPTEL program. The faculty comes from finest institutions like IIM and IIT.

10. Lovely Professional University, Punjab Lovely Professional University is known for its world-class facilities for students. One would thoroughly enjoy the campus life because this university is a literal 5-star property with endless amenities.  There are innumerable courses on the plate for the students. This university is located in Punjab. In fact, it is rated as the best private university by ASSOCHAM. We hope that the list was helpful for you! Our main motive is to help you find the best university. There are many private and central universities in India. Why should you go to another country? There are superior universities right here in India. Make sure you choose the best!

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