Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Boarding School for Your Child

Boarding schools bring about altogether a different experience for the students. It has been observed that students of boarding schools are more confident and are able to handle the toughest situations and take the biggest decisions on their own. However, the school chosen for boarding education is of prime importance. The top boarding schools in India shape and nurture the students holistically as well as academically.

Mentioned below are the top 10 tips for choosing the right boarding school for your child:

1. Residential Facility: The most important thing about the boarding schools is the residential facility. The school should have clean and spacious rooms and should have separate facilities for boys and girls and should have the right amount of control by the authorities.

2. Medical facilities: Education is equally important along with the physical and mental well-being of the students and so, it is important to see that the boarding schools and the hostels have medical facilities employed, regular medical check-ups and a hospital nearby for any emergencies.

3. Extra-Curricular activities: Since the students are available for the whole day, so the school authorities should have ample opportunities to involve students in fruitful activities which provide them exposure as well as help in developing their skills. In this regard, the top boarding schools in Dehradun have gained a huge popularity amongst parents as well as students.

4. Sports facilities: It is important to have the facilities for the sports to have physical fitness in the people. One should see that there is a proper infrastructure for the sports which includes a big ground and equipment for sports such as cricket, football, basketball, lawn tennis, badminton, etc. It is good to be involved with at least a couple of sports to develop physical agility and alertness. It is rightly said that a healthy mind resides in the healthy body.

5. Course Curriculum: The course curriculum should be such as it is acceptable in all the colleges. The best boarding schools in Uttarakhand are affiliated to CBSE apart from having link-up to some foreign universities. This helps students get exposure to an advanced curriculum which prepares them for foreign universities as well. Some of the schools also have tie-ups with foreign universities which helps them for the jobs abroad as well.

6. Infrastructure: The schools should have a nice infrastructure with properly ventilated and bright classrooms. Apart from this, schools should also have a proper library with access to all the relevant books, latest journals, and magazines. Schools should also have proper labs with the latest equipment helping the students in getting the practical knowledge of all the subjects.

7. Languages: With the globalization, people are not confined to work in a particular country. It is good to have knowledge of different cultures, religions and know some international languages. The top boarding schools in India have multiple languages in their course curriculum which includes Spanish, French, German, etc.

8. Faculty: More than the course curriculum, it is sometimes important to have good teachers and administrative staff. Sometimes more than the subject, it is the way the subjects are taught.Thus, it is very important to have a good teaching faculty which have a good knowledge of subjects and an industry exposure could be an added advantage.

9. Past Record: The best CBSE schools in Dehradun have been working hard in providing education with decades of experience. They have been providing successful results for the years now. A number of boarding schools in Dehradun are also listed among the top 10 schools of the country. Many of the important dignitaries have passed from these schools.

10. Extensive curriculum: The curriculum in the schools of Dehradun are very well-developed with hobby classes developed, they also have trips planned in the year for certain outside locations. These trips help students in learning about the history and culture of various states as well as helping them provide refreshment.

The above points help parents decide on the best boarding school for the education of their children.

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