Tools Used by Professionals to Survey Trees Thoroughly

Surveying on tree is one of the arboricultural approaches that may offer affordable solutions for all the problems of the tree in any area. BS 5837;2012 Tree Surveys Kent also involved extensive process, which dealt with dysfunction and decay of trees. However, for any tree assessment project, different tools are used.
Sonic Tomograph
It is a device that helps professionals for creating an image of possible decay of tree with the measurement of sound flow rate through wood. The severity of decay may also be assessed. Most of the diseases and damages lead to cavity, fractures and rot in trees. For all these conditions, the wave of sound flow around a part, which has been affected. Sound wave is induced from particular points, and the outcomes are monitored on alternative sensor. A 2-D picture of the side view of tree may be produced.
Sonic Hammer
This special hammer works, just like a Tomograph because it applies the velocity of sound in order to evaluate the possible decay of trees. It doesn’t turn out images; however, it requires only 2 screws, placed on opposite surfaces of the stem. It is quite easy to use this tool and interpret the data at the right time. The hammer may assist in detecting of initial phase of decay or brown-coloured rot, which affects cellulose level of wood.
Sensors for detecting tree motion
This system is installed to deal with trees for a very long time. It is used mainly in the urban areas, and is also able to track data on the deflection of roots and stability of stems. The sensors should be placed on stem portion, and with precise measurements, it is possible to determine tree movements during the strong winds. Such information may also be assessed to give a warning on whether your tree has susceptibility to crash. The compact units may not need to be supervised all the time during the collection of data. Usually, it is placed at the stem’s base. Another one is positioned at a level above the sensors.
Chlorophyll fluorimeter
It has also been used for BS 5837;2012 Tree Surveys Surrey to measure the stress of plants because of negative condition of environment. From the results, obtained from this device, it is possible to implement some remedial suggestion. Thus, the above tools are highly useful and effective to know important information about trees.
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