Tips for Successfully Traveling With Young Kids

Traveling with small kids is tough. It includes a lot of planning and preparation if you want to do it right.

Older kids and teenagers easier to manage, but toddlers can be a handful. As a guardian, you might feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of looking after a young kid in a different place, or on the way there.

Make your trip easier by following these useful tips for successfully taking a vacation with young kids.

Make reservations in advance
Arriving at a hotel or resort without a reservation can leave you waiting for a room, especially during busy holiday seasons. Make sure you book your place to stay well in advance and have everything planned out for your arrival.
You don’t want to make a mistake and find yourself driving or walking around with small kids who are slowly getting more and more agitated. Or worse, you could end up with nowhere to stay. Have every detail of your accommodations ironed out. Know how to get there, what amenities you’ll be offered, and when you’re supposed to be checking in and checking out.
Know the climate
Before you go to another place, make sure you are familiar with the weather conditions there. Your kids need to be comfortable while traveling and there is nothing worse than feeling too hot or too cold, and not being ready for it.
You also have to pack all the gear you need, depending on a location. If you are going on a ski trip, your kid should be warm and dry. Beach vacations are a different story and you don’t have to pack bulky clothes which is a plus. However, don’t forget the basic things which are often overlooked such as sandals and hats.
Use the technology
Gone are the days of packing a pile of toys for a family vacation time. Now you can fill out an iPad or a tablet with kids friendly apps and they will have something to do while you travel. This device will provide your little ones with hours and hours of endless entertainment.
It is best to install a variety of apps, including kids’ books, quizzes, and drawing boards. Games that allow players to compete against each other can be amusing as well. Just make sure they have plenty of choices. The apps will keep them occupied while you are on the move.
There are also apps that can help you with the logistics of your vacation. Find places to eat, destinations of interest, make an itinerary, and communicate with technology.
…and use a locator Kid locator is one of the smartest inventions in the last couple of years.
It will give your little one enough freedom to feel independent while making you less stressed. It is a small device which can be placed on your kid’s shoe or any piece of garment they are wearing at the moment.
So if you can’t see your kid in a crowd at an airport, simply press a button on a transmitter you have on you and you will hear an alarm. Follow the sound and find your kid in just a couple of seconds.
Healthy snacks
Kids can be grumpy when they are hungry. However, don’t give them sweets because they will likely experience a sugar rush. Luckily, there are many healthy options which are both tasty and fun for the whole family.
You can purchase fresh fruits such as sliced apples or nectarines. Nuts and dried fruits are great as well because they are filling and have plenty of vitamins. And if you have some extra space in your handbag, try freshly squeezed juices. They are thirst-quenching and perfect for traveling.
Pick the Right Place
Some places are easier to travel than others for parents with children.
It’s probably not the best idea in the world to take your young kids sightseeing in New York City. Wait on that until they’re a little older. Some places, like all-inclusive resorts, are perfect for family vacations. If you go this route, just know that some resorts are for families while others are adults-only. Know the difference and pick the right one.
Some other family-friendly trips include simple hiking and camping trips, theme parks, or even Disney World if you have the budget.
The importance of medicine
Some kids do not adapt well to the stress that comes with traveling and changing their environment. They might start eating less or get a stomach virus. So you have to be ready for any scenario that might happen while you are away from your home.
You should start by putting together some sort of a first aid kit that should include the necessities such as Band-Aids, a thermometer, and bandages. Add some baby wipes, antidiarrheal medication, something against motion sickness, and medicine for fever.
Create a play area
Going on a vacation means that you will be spending the majority of your time outside. However, it is pretty useful to make a small play area for your toddler inside of a room you are staying in. Keep all of their toys in one place and make them familiar with the new environment.
Don’t forget to check your room to ensure that everything is safe for your kid. This includes doors and windows, as well as the electronics in the room. Also, a play area will save you plenty of time when you start packing for a trip back home. There will be no need to walk around the room in search of all the toys and dolls because you will know exactly where they are.
Go slowly
Traveling with young kids means that there will be some unpredictable situations so making a tight schedule is a wrong move. They might want to go to a bathroom or insist to visit a local park right away even though you planned to see a more famous location. Therefore, it is important to be flexible and relaxed.
Family vacations should be stress-free so don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself or your partner. Allow your kid to explore the brand new surroundings and don’t rush them on. Let them explore everything they find interesting and they will be excited throughout your vacation.
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