Tips for Choosing an Online Major

online major

If you’re ready to take the plunge into online learning, you’ll want to think about picking a major. Here are some things to consider as you make this important decision.

What Do You Love?

It may be a time-worn cliché, but there is truth to the notion that if you do what you love the money will follow. People who pursue their passions tend to be more dedicated in their chosen fields, which can often lead to greater financial success. Even if money is not that important to you or you aren’t certain that you’ll embark on a career in what you study, you will probably get more out of your education if it’s in an area you enjoy. The great news is, there is an online degree available in just about any discipline you choose.

Which Jobs Are in High Demand?

If your main objective in studying online is to prepare for a career, it may be wise to consider a field with high demand and growth potential. With the technological boom of the last few decades, several familiar occupations are becoming obsolete. Some experts project that bookkeepers, financial planners and even architects will be replaced by artificial intelligence and further advances in technology.

Lest you be worried that all jobs will disappear in the wake of AI, there are still plenty of career choices with bright futures. Jobs in healthcare fields such as nursing and physical therapy are likely to boom for years to come, as are many occupations in network security and software development. Scientific disciplines like physics, chemistry and biomedical fields also represent great opportunity for growth.

Can You Afford Your Education?

While scholarships and grants are available for online learning, the reality is that most advanced educations aren’t free. The fee for online studies will probably be a factor in determining the major you pursue. To make an informed assessment of what your schooling will cost and whether or not you can afford it, it can be helpful to weigh the expense of your studies versus the potential earnings in your field. It may be worth scraping together the funds for a more expensive degree if you will be able to pursue a high-paying career down the road.

Although it’s smart to consider these questions when picking your major, it’s ultimately an individual decision. Your choice should be based on your unique needs and wishes, and thinking it through can be a learning experience in itself.

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