Time Management While Taking The IELTS Exam

When you are appearing for your IELTS Examination, it is important for you to ensure that you have excellent time management skills. Specialists in IELTS test preparation will help you achieve the above with skill and practice. They say that most students face the issue of not being able to finish the paper in time. This is where they step in to help you with a time management strategy that works!

Common issues faced by students when appearing for their IELTS Test

Given below are some of the common time management issues that students face when they are appearing for their IELTS tests:
• hard questions that take time over others to answer
• wasting too much time reading the text and guidelines
• spending too much time just looking at the type of questions

Top IELTS coaching Experts Recommend-

• Managing time between the 3 texts, individual questions and general questions
• Trial and error to find the right time management skills for yourself. Practice till you make it perfect.
• Though spending one and a half minutes on each question looks sensible, it is not practical.
The Tips are-
• There is a common misconception among candidates taking the IELTS test for the first time that there is extra time after answering the questions. This is a wrong notion, there is no extra time at all.
• Fill out the answers as you proceed in the paper. There are some candidates that leave out blocks of questions thinking that they will come back to them at the end. Unfortunately, the time flies and sometimes these blocks of questions remain unanswered.
• Do not spend more than 20 minutes on each text.
• Roughly spend about one and a half minutes for each question. Yes, this is a tight deadline however, you need to stick to it if you wish to finish the paper.
• Skimming the whole text does take a lot of time. It is prudent to practice the skill of making sensible guesses.
• Develop a strategy on how to tackle hard questions. An average time and a maximum time for all the questions should be calculated for performing well in the test.
• When it comes to reading skills- practice till you are perfect.
The above are just some of the practical and easy tips you can embrace to take better control of time when you are appearing for the IELTS Examination.

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