Think of Cost, Think of Value: 5 Tips for First-time Home Sellers

If you try to search for real estate tips and tricks on the internet, there are a lot of impressive contents available for first-time property buyers. However, that is not the case if you search for tips and tricks for first-time property sellers.

When a person or a homeowner decides to sell his/her property for the first time, there is usually a stage of uncertainty and confusion. Nearly all first time home sellers lack understanding and knowledge of how or where to begin the property selling process.
So before you decide to sell your property for the very first time, ensure that you know some of the most crucial tips for first-time property selling. For a little help, listed below are some important tips. Follow these tips, and you will surely have a smoother and easier selling process.
The Right Price
By pricing your property accurately, you will attract many buyers with varying bids. However, before you can price your property, you must sign up for the help of a trustworthy listing agent. Go for a reputable real estate agent who markets various listings because you will get a much better price. Ideally, the one who completely knows your neighborhood.
A listing agent will help you examine and compare sales and formulate an estimated value called Comparative Market Analysis or CMA, for comparative pricing analysis. If you don’t like hiring a listing agent, then you can do a CMA at Zillow’s Zestimate. It gives accurate answers when done precisely.
Know your Agent’s Standard Commission
Before you hire a listing agent, be sure to ask him or her about his/her standard real estate commission. If the rate is fair and practical enough, think about the benefits that you can get if you hire this individual.
Review the agent’s history and performance. Never expect to get a discount if you hire a full-service real estate agent. Signing a contract is only the starting point.
Of course, your property will not market itself, regardless of what you hear, read, or the disposition of the real estate sites to make the selling process seem as easy as clicking the mouse. It is not.
To be able to gain more money from your home, hire professionals such as Rose And Jones. As a reminder, don’t try to set a competition for commission among agents because you will just end up with a blabbermouth.
Pay attention to Home Updates
More often than not, you will hear your agents blabbering about home updates, clutter, and curb appeal. Don’t take it very lightly, take it seriously. Even though some properties are getting offers, your property still needs to look enticing and inviting to be able to get the right price.
Of course, not everyone is capable of doing grand renovations such as replacing countertops or installing hardwood floors, and that is all right. The most profitable home updates are those small changes like ensuring a pleasing entry space, clean yard, and uncluttered rooms.
By doing so, you drive the customers to concentrate on the home’s features and not on your stuff. Make the buyers feel like they are walking on a mansion because for sure they will bid higher than your price.
Property Showings
Properties that are not open for people who want to see the place has less chance to get sold. If property showings are a burden for you, think about showing your property for the first week that it is on the market.
Well, it may feel a bit invasive and meddlesome to allow buyers to stroll through your property. But the best and advantageous way to quickly sell your property is to allow a buyer with his/her real estate agent to see the place quietly and peacefully.
So, if it’s okay with you, it is best to leave the property while they are touring the property. Most of the time, the buyer’s agent favors touring the place without intrusion and interference.
Take out Your Private Things
De-personalizing your property is one of the most crucial things to do when marketing it. Because if you have more personal things in the house, the lesser the chance that the buyers can envision themselves residing there.
Pack all your special things such as memorabilia, family photos, religious decorations, and keepsakes, and place them in a safe place. Strategically stage your property in a way that your potential buyers can visualize your house as theirs.
Selling properties for the first time can be a very exhausting, tiring, and stressful experience. But if you have a skilled and knowledgeable real estate agent with you, you will have a better chance of having an easier, smoother, and successful home selling process.
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