Things to Know for Admission to Best Boarding School in Dehradun for Girls

For Indian parents, enrolling their kids in the good school has always been a matter of great concern. And, when it comes to finding the right school for a girl child, the task becomes tougher. Like every child, each boarding school is different. Most of the parents are worried about the safety and security of their girl child while choosing the boarding school. Dehradun, The capital city of Uttarakhand boasts some of the best boarding schools for boys and girls offering international standard of education. These schools put a special emphasis on the overall growth and development of the students. Best boarding schools in Dehradun for girls maintain a high standard of education and provide best security and protection.

Finding the right boarding school for girls

The best boarding school in Dehradun for girls like Doon International School Riverside Campus, Ecole Globale and Welham etc. offers the world-class education, best facilities and utmost security to the students. These schools ensure the best security and safety of their kids 24×7 and perform random checks on the girls to make sure that no one is involved in any offensive activity. These schools also make sure to maintain discipline for moving in and out from the school and hostel campus.

Another major concern while choosing the residential schools for girls is the lifestyle. And, keeping all this in mind, the best schools provide all the safety concerns and agreeable living conditions to the girls. Apart from all this, what you actually may need to do is a bit of research and comparison of different schools based on the below factors to find which one is the best:

1. Helping the overall development: We all want our kids to become a socially responsible citizen of the country and a good human being with all good virtues and the best residential schools in Dehradun helps in all-round development of the kids. They offer best opportunities to the students to grow with exposure to a variety of people and different cultures. They let students involve in various academic and co-scholastic activities to make them responsible, self-reliant and confident. The best girl’s residential schools in Dehradun nurture the girls’ child to realize their true potential.

2. Know more about the faculty: A school may have all the modern facilities for the students but it is more important to check that the school has the best teachers. Besides academic qualification, a teacher needs to work towards the emotional and psychological well-being of the children. It is always better to check the teacher-student relationship. Moreover, you must also ask about any violence or abuse against students to make sure that the child is safe in the school environment.

3. Admissions: Knowing about the school admission process is also an important step if you are looking for the best boarding school for girls in Dehradun. After choosing the right school, go through the admission process. Register yourself for the best schools and submit the application form. Most of the schools in Dehradun take the entrance tests of the students and admissions are done on the merit basis.

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