Things that you need to Cross-Check before Choosing PGDM HR College

Choosing the right PGDM College in India is a significant step that you will take in your career. You invest a lot of money, time and energy and thus studying from one of the finest colleges is important. There are more than 3000 PGDM colleges in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and other states in India, and every year, more numbers are added. There is no clear definition of how to go about choosing the right college, but you can take a few steps to ensure you enroll in a college that suits your preference. Follow these steps to narrow down the colleges before you make the final choice.

What are AICTE approved colleges? 

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is a national-level education council of India. AICTE authorizes all the graduates and the postgraduate programs under particular categories of technology for the Indian institutions. The PGDM programs fall under the category, therefore all the PGDM colleges are considered AICTE accredited. In India, universities, as well as educational institutes, cannot offer both MBA and PGDM programs under the same roof as the government eliminates them. While choosing a PGDM in HR colleges in Mumbai, check for AICTE approved ones.

Let’s look for the criteria before choosing PGDM HR College 

Exam accepted and cut off: The first and foremost step to choose the right college in the eligibility criteria is the exam accepted and cut off. Different B-schools consider different national level, state level, or their personal entrance test scores for which a minimum score is approved. Most of the B-schools accept CAT, MAT, or GMAT scores. To make your assessment easier, you should check MBA colleges accepting different exam scores with a cut-off guide.

Placement History: Placements matter so much. Good placements are a mark that a college has a strong reputation of offering good education to their students. Though what the colleges teach you matters the most, placement is also a good measure to determine the quality of the college. The best companies visit only the finest colleges for campus interviews. So, look at the placement history when deciding on a college.

Curriculum: A closer look at the college’s curriculum is important to get a complete picture of the quality of education. Keep curriculum as one of the top parameters for judging a PGDM college, as good education will make sure you succeed no matter what. Look for the right blend between theory and practice. Just domain knowledge is not enough, right application and teamwork should also be taught along with other significant soft skills. You can look for course relevance to current national as well as the international market conditions. You can choose a college that has a high standard of education. Visit the website to understand the curriculum of the college.

Global exposure: If a college can offer an opportunity for you to intern overseas, it is an amazing college. One can work in a completely different country, learning about the work culture and knowledge about international markets, which make you a desired candidate. The best PGDM colleges have global ties and offer their students this prospect. Hence, look for global exposure as a noteworthy parameter for judging a PGDM college.

Alumni: Take a close look at the alumni of a PGDM college. Their career route will provide you with good insights about the college they once belonged to. Succeeding in one’s career is mostly dependent on the person, but your college plays an important role too. You can get in touch with alumni to get an honest opinion about the college. They will be capable of guiding you well.

Location: Yes, location matters a lot when it comes to selecting a decent PGDM college. Metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi are home to the best colleges in the country. If you do choose colleges in these cities, moving to these cities is quite easy and you can find internships and jobs in the same city. There are other educational hubs like Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, etc. that have outstanding colleges for PGDM and other such courses. You can select these cities as well. More than other facilities do look for the quality of education.

Placement Cell: Most people opt for only the preeminent PGDM colleges in India as these colleges offer decent placements after graduation. College placements are still the most favored medium of getting jobs right after finishing graduation. As a management candidate, you must always check out the companies that hire the students for different job profiles each year on the desired college’s official website.

Infrastructure: College infrastructure doesn’t mean how big or grand the college building is. It refers to the required facilities that are there in the college. If you are planning to pursue courses such as business analytics, digital marketing, and financial marketing, you need to have the necessary software and tools to learn different topics. Here the infrastructure of the college plays a major role in offering the students with all the required facilities such as computer labs, library, auditorium, canteen, and other similar facilities. In the about us section, you can read about the infrastructure.

Ranking: It is important to check which college stands at what rank. Many people would like to believe that college ranking doesn’t matter and others contradict the argument. But where your college stands when compared to the other colleges will provide you with a clear idea about what to expect from it in terms of education, placement, co-curricular, and similar aspect. After all, there is a reason why top colleges are considered best by a large segment of people.

To guarantee your research is more location-specific, you can also search for the best colleges in a specific area such as the top PGDM College in Mumbai. You can also connect with a few of the alumni. They can provide you with a non-biased outlook about how the college is. You can reach out to them through college groups on Facebook or LinkedIn.   


Before planning to join one of the finest PGDM colleges in India, make certain that you are suitable for the admission standards set by the college. The eligibility criteria for all PGDM colleges are nearly the same but also differ a bit. You can visit the website of College Dekho to know more about the different colleges where you can apply for PGDM HR.

The general ones are: 

  • The candidate must be an undergraduate from a recognized university with an aggregate of more than 70%.
  • They must qualify for the different entrance examinations including written examinations, group discussion rounds, and personal interview rounds in order to compete with other students and secure a seat in the college.

The top PGDM college entrance examination CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT, GMAT, SNAP, IBSAT. You can start the preparations 5-6 months before the examination. Ensure you score good marks as the higher the marks, the higher the probabilities of getting into PGDM colleges in India.

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