The Types Of Food Best Avoided If You Wear Braces

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When you get braces fitted to your teeth, you must adjust your diet as there are foods which are suitable for people wearing braces, as well as foods that are not good. By controlling your diet and avoiding foods which are bad for wearers of braces, you will help to take excellent care of your teeth so that when the braces are removed, your smile will look fantastic. Below you will find the primary foods which are suitable for people wearing braces, as well as those which are not so good, to help you keep your smile shining white, braces or not.

Foods You Can Eat When You First Get Braces

Although it does not hurt to have braces fitted, you may find that your mouth becomes sensitive for a few days afterwards, so you should stick to softer foods which will not cause your mouth any discomfort. Whether you get Invisalign clear braces treatment in Northbridge or you opt for the traditional metal variety, foods such as the following will be good for your mouth and comfortable for you to eat;
• Soft Fruit & Vegetables
• Soups
• Seafood
• Pasta
• Soft Cheeses
• Oatmeal & Grains
• Yoghurt
• Eggs
Any food which is soft in the mouth, such as scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes, will be okay for you to eat when you first get your braces fitted, and over time, you can increase the hardness of the foods that you can eat. Although, there are some foods which are best to avoid until you have gotten used to wearing your braces.

Foods To Avoid After Having Braces Fitted

When you first have your braces fitted there are some foods which you need to avoid and let the braces settle in your mouth first. These are foods which are thick and chewy such as bread and thick cuts of meat like steak. You will also want to avoid ice cream, and spicy foods along with citrus foods as these will help acid to build up in your mouth, which attacks your teeth. Once you have adjusted to having your braces in your mouth, you will be able to eat these foods again, if you clean your mouth thoroughly, but there are some foods which you should avoid altogether until your braces have done their job and you have them removed.

Foods To Avoid Altogether When Wearing Braces


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While you are wearing braces, there are different types of foods which tend to be harder which you need to avoid, as these can get caught in your braces and cause acid and bacteria to form. Anything food which is hard and chewy should be avoided, such as;
• Ice
• Popcorn
• Nuts
• Hard & Chewy Candy
• Crunchy Fruit & Vegetables (cooked soft is okay)
• Hard & Chewy Bread & Pizza Crust
• Chips, Pretzels, & Hard Crackers
As well as foods which are hard and chewy, you should also avoid sugary foods which will make taking care of your teeth with the braces on much harder as you cannot brush your teeth as effectively when you have braces. You do not have to give up sweet foods entirely, limit your consumption and make sure that you clean your teeth thoroughly. When it comes to the time to remove your braces, your teeth will look lovely and straight, and they will also look fantastic.
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