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Top 5: OkTrends Blog Posts
Social networking and dating website OkCupid has featured millions of netizens looking for love, friendship, and results in its trendy quizzes. What has carried over into the website’s blog, OkTrends (aptly subtitled, “Dating research from OkCupid”), is the quirky statistical inputs and hot-button discussions regarding love, hate, politics and everything in between. And, why not —Christopher Plummer’s thoughts on each post mixes everything from enlightenment to fun, complimented through its wide range of comments from different backgrounds and experiences.
And here it is: the Top 5 posts from OkCupid, in order of comment numbers:

5. Your Looks and Your Inbox
Date: November 17, 2009
Comments: 556
In this post, Christopher Plummer attempts to decode the statistical importance of attractiveness through their profile pictures. Two different charts appear, each of them highlighting the difference of attractiveness between men and women, with two-thirds of men on the site sending messages to the one-third of the top-rated women, with women showing that over 80% of men are less than attractive.

4. Gay Sex vs. Straight Sex
Date: October 12, 2010
Comments: 702
With 3.2 million members regardless of sexual orientation, this post debunks various myths and stereotypes about gay relationships through statistical imports, like promiscuity and same-sex desires on straight men and women. Plummer also devises a map that highlights “gay-curious” projections in North America: while the vast majority of Canadians had or would like to have a same-sex experience, this answer is more pronounced in the West Coast, Northeast, and certain urban pockets in the South.

3. The Case for an Older Woman
Date: February 16, 2010
Comments: 721
A discussion of dating an the mechanics of age (considering age is only but a number) is up next. A first sample features the concept of the male-to-female ratio and that, in theory, men and women in their age group shouldn’t have a problem finding partners within a certain rage. However, this import becomes a springboard for another discussion: the male distortion on female youth, where OkCupid age preferences and first-contact messages reflect this trend against the women.

2. The REAL “Stuff White People Like”
Date: September 8, 2010
Comments: 923
Using a sample of over 526 thousand OkCupid users, 280 million profile essay words, and their self-reported race, OkTrends discovered the differences between race and their preferences. As an example, white men’s top preference is Tom Clancy and women the Boston White Sox, while black men and women favor soul food, and Latinos merengue.

1. How Your Race affects the Message you Get
Date: October 5, 2010
Comments: 1,557
Racism in the 21st Century is still a pervasive, hot topic, and OkTrends defines the current issues that highlight how prejudices are even tinted on the online dating world. The first question reflects how first-time messages are significantly biased towards race; the second, how Zodiac sign matches and responds actually differ. While it may seem far-fetched to consider how even astrological signs offer an actual clue to race relationships and dating, it does illuminate an unwritten bias and segregation on dating profiles. Another discussion revolves around interracial marriages and how gay relationships respond to these racial differences.
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