Ten things every grown-up should know

things every grown up
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Being an adult is, quite simply, so much harder than you could ever have imagined when you were a child wishing you could just grow up already! Now you are no longer under the protective wings of your parents, you are expected to be competent in all manner of different areas. From handling your own finances to juggling parenthood and a career and everything in between, read our list of ten things every grown-up should know and see just how much you have left to learn about being a successful adult!

1. How to be healthy
Careful not to spit out your fries as you laugh at this suggestion. Right now you are probably still in that stage of believing yourself immortal and laughing heartily at the thought that the latest Big Mac and fries will make any difference to your physique, but in a few years’ time, you could be in for quite a shock. If you don’t invest in your health right now, you could face a myriad of difficulties in the years to come. You may think it’s absolutely fantastic that now you have moved out of the family home and away from the constant scrutiny of the parental gaze, you can choose to eat pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner, but your body won’t thank you for it. As an adult, you should accept that you need to take steps to maintain your health and this includes eating fruit and vegetables and exercising every single day. Staying healthy also includes monitoring your mental health. If you think you may be feeling emotions that are impacting on your life, see a doctor.

2. Do your taxes
Being an adult is hard; being an adult in prison is even harder. Know how to calculate and file your taxes, and if you can’t get to grips with it, hire a professional who can.

3. DIY
Who are you going call if your faucets start to leak, a bookshelf falls down, or the toilet becomes blocked? By all means, call a plumber or a handyman, but do you have the finances to do this every time something goes wrong? Basic DIY skills are a must for any adult so get watching those YouTube tutorials before something has the chance to go wrong.

4. How to change a tire
If you own a car and have no clue how to change a tire, you need to get on top of this ASAP! A flat on a deserted road is no laughing matter, so get practicing in preparation for the real thing.

5. What constitutes a legitimate loan
Ideally, you will go through your life never needing to take out or a loan or use a credit card. The reality is that you will probably have both a credit card and a loan at some point in your adult life. The trick is to ask yourself, is this lender legit before signing any contracts binding you to interest rates you can’t afford. If you intend to take out a loan, research lenders very carefully and always read the small print.

6. Buy your own clothes
Becoming an adult means it’s time to get your own sense of fashion rather than relying on the convenience of mom picking up some outfits for you. Take the time to experiment with the variety of styles available to develop a unique look which truly makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

7. Read a map
GPS is amazing; there is no doubting that, but you need to be able to cope in the rare, but possible, situation that you may not have any modern technology to help you find your way around when you are lost. Maps aren’t actually all that complicated and sure, you’ll have to do the work yourself rather than relying on a helpful voice, but you can be proud of yourself afterward.

8. Cook
Cooking well is not only impressive, but it is also great for your health. Knowing exactly what is going into your meals rather than not giving a care as you dial for a Chinese for the third time this week is an important part of growing up. If you are lucky you will have been taught to cook by your parents, but, if you are clueless how to make a cake, a pie, or a few healthy side dishes, you may want to consider getting a recipe book or watching a few online cooking tutorials.

9. Being drunk is not cool
You are not in college anymore and partying until dawn and waking up with the mother of all hangovers should be a thing of the past once you enter your 20s. Not only is excess drinking perilous for your health, but it can also make you do and say things that you wouldn’t when sober. Put the days of waking up worrying about what happened last night behind you and appreciate drinking in moderation.

10. Be nice
Simple, but ever so important, being nice should be something you truly aim to be. Leave childish pranks and gossiping behind you and reveal what a mature, respectable adult you can be by treating everyone with respect. If people are willing to gossip with you, chances are they are going to gossip about you so if you find yourself being dragged into a negative conversation about people you know, be honest and say gossip is not for you. Open doors, help people with their bags and let that customer with just a few items go before you at the grocery store. It’s a cliché but being nice costs nothing and it can make you and the person you are nice to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Make adulthood so much easier by knowing what you need to do to “grow up.” These ten essential things every grown-up should know could help you ease into adulthood with minimum fuss. Give out tips ago, and who knows, you may even enjoy it!
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